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Les Miz FAILS: Part 89

Unable to maintain its #1 spot due to heavy fangurl front loading, it falls to #3 after only two days, beaten (as expected) by Hobbit and Django.

by Lynn Faildisaster reply 1912/29/2012

And the kaWEENS have nothing to say. Quelle surprise.

by Lynn Faildisaster reply 112/29/2012

Number 3...oh what a failure.

by Lynn Faildisaster reply 212/29/2012

I hate musicals about dirty, sad poor people. Yuck.

by Lynn Faildisaster reply 312/29/2012

But it has exceeded it's production cost, adding in foreign markets so it ought earn back it's marketing expense soon enough. Not a massive hit but no one expected it to be did they?

Django is doing really well considering it's R rating, that one may have staying power.

by Lynn Faildisaster reply 412/29/2012

It hasn't been released in all foreign markets yet, including the UK.

Macintosh was expecting it to do brilliantly- he said he would go forward with a Miss Saigon film is Les Mis does 500 million...

by Lynn Faildisaster reply 512/29/2012

Is this a surprise? The movie sucked and Ann Hathaway is insufferable. Maybe people are smarter than I thought and got sick of Ann's holier than thou attitude and decided they didn't even want to see it with her in it.

by Lynn Faildisaster reply 612/29/2012

The UK market won't equal much less exceed the US market plus the numbers fell off quickly. But it'll do alright in dvd sales.

by Lynn Faildisaster reply 712/29/2012

I don't think a "Miss Saigon" film is a good idea.

by Lynn Faildisaster reply 812/29/2012

Are you nuts? You personally may loathe Anne but she is the only one in the movie that got consistent raves even when they were less than thrilled with other cast members & the film in general.

by Lynn Faildisaster reply 912/29/2012

According to Box Office Mojo: "Through four days, the movie has grossed $48.8 million, which is a record pace for a musical."

by Lynn Faildisaster reply 1012/29/2012

If anyone was paying half attention to Ann, they'd see what she did wasn't great. It was self-indulgent. Her motive was obvious... she wasn't acting the part... she was acting for an Oscar. Transparent. She's terrible.

by Lynn Faildisaster reply 1112/29/2012

Have it your way. No one was paying attention to Anne.

by Lynn Faildisaster reply 1212/29/2012

Thank you for staring this thread. We now have 80 les miz threads.

by Lynn Faildisaster reply 1312/29/2012

If Anne Hathaway is the best thing I can't begin to imagine how shit the rest of it is.

by Lynn Faildisaster reply 1412/29/2012

hahaha. Ann getting constant raves while the rest of the cast gets panned doesn't make her great. It's like saying having a partial amputation is better than a full amputation.

If anyone thinks Ann was great then they obviously haven't gotten out enough.

by Lynn Faildisaster reply 1512/29/2012

Don't tell us about tell it to the critics. I haven't seen it and it doesn't sound like a number of other people here, including you, have either.

by Lynn Faildisaster reply 1612/29/2012

AH was criticized in many reviews. The people saying differently are oddly insistent on their lies.

by Lynn Faildisaster reply 1712/29/2012


Since you're not clear as to who you're responding to...

I've seen it. It was terrible. Ann was self-indulgent and all you could see was her portraying that.

The only good thing about that film is Colm Wilkinson.

by Lynn Faildisaster reply 1812/29/2012



by Lynn Faildisaster reply 1912/29/2012
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