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Galloping Gourmet here: What should I name my catering co.?

Crowd-sourcing a bit here from the wits on DL! I am going to inc. my catering company in the new year and need some thoughts on names. I have a few:

Olives & Figs

Three Men & A Bacon (three of us run the company)

Put Some Pepper in Your Step

The Village Gourmets

Any ideas? Thanks!!

by GGreply 16109/18/2013

How about "Three Men and A Brisket"?

by GGreply 112/29/2012

Butter, Fish, & Loo

by GGreply 212/29/2012

Patty the Pony.

by GGreply 312/29/2012

3 Bottoms and a Brisket

by GGreply 412/29/2012

Pretentious Preparations

by GGreply 512/29/2012

Food Fabulous

by GGreply 612/29/2012

Eat me.

by GGreply 712/29/2012

Three Queens Kitchen.

by GGreply 812/29/2012

A Chowder of Heads

by GGreply 912/29/2012

The Toad's Hole

by GGreply 1012/29/2012

Soup Effeminazis

by GGreply 1112/29/2012

Smith Brothers

by GGreply 1212/29/2012

La Mange du Chien

by GGreply 1312/29/2012

Food, Food, Food.

by GGreply 1412/29/2012


by GGreply 1512/29/2012

No Refunds Catering

by GGreply 1612/29/2012

Perhaps this IS a troll post, but I'll play. The Village Gourmets actually sounds pretty good!

But always remember to do a search/have an attorney do a search for you; avoid copyright infringement (or whatever the correct description is for a company name.)

by GGreply 1712/29/2012

The Phatted Pig

by GGreply 1812/29/2012

Lies Lies Lies

by GGreply 1912/29/2012

Ladles and Gentlemen

by GGreply 2012/29/2012

I'm starting a business catering to college cafeterias: Pimentos in Everything.

by GGreply 2112/29/2012

I Can't Believe It's Not Crap!

by GGreply 2212/29/2012

The three caballeros

3's company

Galloping gourmet and Co. ( with Rafalca as your mascot )

by GGreply 2312/29/2012

Piggybacking on R23 s reply

The Galloping Gourmet and Co.

logo should be GG dressed in Edwardian finery astride Rafalca, one arm holding a tray of FLAMING hors d'ouerves aloft

by GGreply 2412/29/2012

Yep, I Made That

Old Family Recipes

No, Let Me Do it

Obviously, I latched on to a theme here.

by GGreply 2512/29/2012

Food That Smothers

by GGreply 2612/29/2012

Good one!

by GGreply 2712/29/2012

R24 Flaming hors d' ouevers, brilliant!

by GGreply 2812/29/2012

The Mincing Prisspots

This thread is now officially closed.

by GGreply 2912/29/2012

How Now Frau Chow

by GGreply 3012/29/2012

Le Trough

by GGreply 3112/29/2012

Hell to the No

by GGreply 3212/29/2012

3's Company is actually pretty good.

by GGreply 3312/29/2012

Strap on the feed bag!

by GGreply 3412/29/2012

Some Like It Hot

Bottoms Up!

Have a drawing of a huge penis with the caption: Put a Ring On It!

by GGreply 3512/29/2012

Two Guys and a Nut!

by GGreply 3612/29/2012

You've Had Worse Things in Your Mouth

by GGreply 3712/29/2012

From you, considering your record of noxious menus and preening personality:


Cow Cakes and More

Porkers' Pork and Stuff

The Gore-Manned Table

Sooey for Youey

by GGreply 3812/29/2012

Hot To Trot

by GGreply 3912/29/2012

r37, I have that cookbook!

by GGreply 4012/29/2012

Todd English will probably sue you if you used Olives and Figs.

by GGreply 4112/29/2012

Cash only, No Refunds (A Family Company)

by GGreply 4212/29/2012

Out of Business

by GGreply 4312/29/2012

Elaborate Scenario Catering.

by GGreply 4412/29/2012

R44 excellent.

by GGreply 4512/29/2012

Mrs. Lovett's

by GGreply 4612/29/2012

Yum, Yum, Eat You Some

by GGreply 4712/29/2012

And I Helped.

by GGreply 4812/29/2012

Tiny Meat Pie Company.

by GGreply 4912/29/2012

The Three Marys.

by GGreply 5012/29/2012

[quote]The Galloping Gourmet and Co.

You can't use "Galloping Gourmet" because that name belongs to Graham Kerr. Don't know whether he's got legal rights to it, but he'll always be the [bold][italic]real[/italic][/bold] Galloping Gourmet in our hearts!

How about "Katering Kweens"?

by GGreply 5112/29/2012

Queer Quicheketeers!

by GGreply 5212/29/2012

Nose Pimple Catering

by GGreply 5312/29/2012

Christ! I seriously almost shot my drink out of my nose when I read

[quote]3 Bottoms and a Brisket

My votes:

* The Village Gourmets * Hors d'ouerves * Whores d'ouerves

by GGreply 5412/29/2012

Nasty Pigs in a Blanket

by GGreply 5512/29/2012

Milk and Honey Catering. food of the gods!

by GGreply 5612/29/2012

Three Men and a Grill.

by GGreply 5712/29/2012

Caterers in the Rye

by GGreply 5812/29/2012

You'll Shit Your Insides Out!

by GGreply 5912/29/2012

"Oh Throw Up!"

by GGreply 6012/29/2012

The Bodacious Baking Boys or just Bakers.

by GGreply 6112/29/2012

Make that the Bodacious Bakers.

by GGreply 6212/29/2012

3 Coli

by GGreply 6312/29/2012

Three Hungry Holes

by GGreply 6412/29/2012

Bitch Tits Catering

by GGreply 6512/29/2012

3 Guys' American Kitchen and Bar

by GGreply 6612/29/2012

Find The Rat Feces (And The Catering's Free!)

by GGreply 6712/29/2012

Mice Droppings, Bugs, And Bullshit!

by GGreply 6812/29/2012

Delicious & Done Catering. Call it ,"The Double D" amongst yourselves. Drop the idea of calling it "The 3 ????.". Chances are that a year from now it won't be 3 of you working together.

by GGreply 6912/29/2012

[quote]Chances are that a year from now it won't be 3 of you working together.

Chances are the other two will treat GG to the same heave-ho he got from a whole string of exes.

by GGreply 7012/29/2012

The Pretentious Piehole

by GGreply 7112/29/2012

If you want to be truthful, you should call it "My food sucks"

by GGreply 7212/29/2012

How about "The Faggots"!?

by GGreply 7312/29/2012

If You Have to Ask, You Can't Afford Us

by GGreply 7412/29/2012

'3 Coli' got my vote.

by GGreply 7512/30/2012

Man-She, 'Mo & Hack's

by GGreply 7612/30/2012

How about

Fruits to Nuts

by GGreply 7712/30/2012

Pro Catering.

by GGreply 7812/30/2012

Cast Your Fat to the Wind

by GGreply 7912/30/2012

Three Little Scullery Maids Are We

by GGreply 8012/30/2012

I like the GG. He's not mean, obnoxious, or cruel like every other DL personality. He has a passion for cooking. What's wrong with that? Yes, some of his menus are a bit out there, but it's better than the trolls who post here about their disgusting dietary habits or gym cruisin'. Good luck GG!

by GGreply 8112/30/2012

Eats a la Widebottom

3 Hefty Sisters

Fusspot Foods

by GGreply 8212/30/2012

Summeecha Good catering

by GGreply 8312/30/2012

Barefoot Cuntessas

by GGreply 8412/30/2012

LOL @ Fusspot Foods. I kind of like that one.

by GGreply 8512/30/2012

[quote]He has a passion for cooking.

Really? Are you sure it's not all pretend R81? The menu items posted in dozens of GG threads since 2011 indicate that it's simply a list of food gathered by google searches instead of what a knowledgeable cook would know and combine.

Have you ever noticed that his dinners have never been a success? People order take-out instead, party was cancelled, boyfriend kicks him out, bad weather, etc., etc. This thread is one more episode in GG's DL culinary soap opera.

by GGreply 8612/30/2012

The Village Idiots

by GGreply 8712/30/2012

If you already have a catering company, it should already have a name.

by GGreply 8812/30/2012

Food, Glorious Food

by GGreply 8912/30/2012

Mincing Queens.

by GGreply 9012/30/2012

Cash Bars r Us

by GGreply 9112/30/2012

Not The Bore Worms!

by GGreply 9212/30/2012

Thanks so much for all the (serious) suggestions. And I will take the mean ones in stride. :) We actually had a pow-wow this morning over brunch--yum!--and we're calling it: Stir the Pot. Get it? Stirring the pot, ie shaking things up, and also actually stirring sauces and the like.

I'm so excited to launch the business and actually begin COOKING every day!! I'm doing some recipe development today. First up: appetizers! Trying out some hot relish dumplings and pastrami belly sliders. Woop woop! Thanks again!

by GGreply 9312/30/2012

Of course we get it...God you are a a fucking Moron. Watch your fat ass crossing the street GG. You're an say target.

by GGreply 9412/30/2012

Doomed To Fail.

by GGreply 9512/30/2012


by GGreply 9612/30/2012


I love the name, but can't decide whether it makes a better drag name or a better porn name!

by GGreply 9712/30/2012

Why not "Galloping Gourmet?"

Have food, will travel.

by GGreply 9812/30/2012

I think calling it the Galloping Gourmet might bring on problems with the real GG and, more-likely with customers who are expect him to be somehow involved with the enterprise.

by GGreply 9912/30/2012

Mussy Riot

by GGreply 10012/30/2012

R90. They might also be expecting quality food. The panda express garbage DL's GG cooks up on his motel room hot plate would surely sully the name of the real GG.

Go drink your cough syrup GG. All of it. You are a pathetic liar and horribly untalented as a troll. You at not good at anything. Die already

by GGreply 10112/30/2012

Once Around The Garden

Not Without My Frosting!

My Vegan Girlfriend

Cooked Non-Event Toast

by GGreply 10212/30/2012

maybe too late, but I think Stir the Pot is incredibly dull and unappetizing. Not that these are great, but I hope you're still taking suggestions (not just mine) - I liked 3 Men & a Bacon but like

3 Men & a Bayleaf better


Third Helpings



Savory Kitchen

Yum-yum Trio (tho there's probably about 2 of us *eldergays* who would get the yum-yum tree reference, even less who care)

Still, said & done, MRS. LOVETT'S was genius!

by GGreply 10312/30/2012

Once saw a sign in a Ukranian cafe that read:


so i went right in. ba dum bum. (true story)

by GGreply 10412/30/2012

The Butcher, The Baker and the Candlestick Maker

by GGreply 10512/30/2012

Surprise Fennel

by GGreply 10612/30/2012

The Aristocrats!

by GGreply 10712/30/2012

Stir the Pot can mean to cause trouble. I'd stay away from it.

by GGreply 10812/31/2012

Food Fraus

by GGreply 10912/31/2012

[quote]three of us run the company

That was this past Saturday, GG. Now that several days have passed, do you still have the same three or has that changed?

You seem to change boyfriends faster than most people change their underwear, so it's easy to figure that you've already changed business partners.

by GGreply 11012/31/2012

Have you found new business partners, GG, or are you going to do this on your own?

by GGreply 11101/22/2013

The Bee and The Bear Catering

by GGreply 11201/22/2013

I've resisted posting because people seemed annoyed. I am still working on my business and haven't changed plans. I'm hoping to launch this spring and have already booked several exciting summer events.

by GGreply 11301/22/2013

The Pantastiks

The Three Stew-ges

Magical Mix-Stirry Tour

by GGreply 11401/22/2013

Just because some people seem annoyed doesn't mean that you don't have dozens of fans waiting to hear your plans.

by GGreply 11501/22/2013

Fanning the flame^

by GGreply 11601/22/2013

I'm suing your ass, you irritating mincing fettifogger. Call your shithole the Shithole for all I care. That's what you'll be living in, after my lawyers are done with you.

by GGreply 11701/22/2013

I am not THE Galloping Gourmet! I am just a Gourmet who loves to Gallop around the kitchen!! Sheesh.

by GGreply 11801/22/2013

Luke's Warm Food

Chafing Amy

Three Queens Cuisine

by GGreply 11901/22/2013

Flame Thrower

by GGreply 12001/22/2013

The Fussy Menu

by GGreply 12101/22/2013

Immodium Melee

by GGreply 12201/22/2013

Who Cares???

by GGreply 12301/22/2013

"Put Some Pepper in Your Step"

I think it should be this, since it's by far the queeniest suggested so far.

by GGreply 12401/22/2013

Flouncery Bakeages

by GGreply 12501/22/2013

Fat Ass, Fucktard & Fissure

by GGreply 12601/22/2013

Beefsteak Charlie's

by GGreply 12701/22/2013

Bai Ling's Beef Curtains!

by GGreply 12801/22/2013

You're a fucking fool GG. Answering yourself...

by GGreply 12901/22/2013

Les Bean's Tuna Cafe

by GGreply 13001/22/2013

Pretentious Twat

by GGreply 13101/22/2013

Heinous Hipster Hangout

by GGreply 13201/22/2013


Fisting Foodies

Busta' Nut

Nut Crackers

P90 My Ass

Condoleezza's Rice

Caftan Catering

by GGreply 13301/22/2013

Tossed Salads

by GGreply 13401/22/2013

We Love You Diner Please Get Up

by GGreply 13501/23/2013

Chicken Lady's Cafe

"Right From My Body To Your Plate!"

by GGreply 13601/23/2013

Somewhere among all these names, there may be a hint of one that will really work.

by GGreply 13701/24/2013

[quote]We actually had a pow-wow this morning over brunch--yum!--and we're calling it: Stir the Pot. Get it? Stirring the pot, ie shaking things up, and also actually stirring sauces and the like.

Awful name. Sure to fail.

by GGreply 13801/26/2013

I fucking hate you

by GGreply 13903/06/2013

Stir the Pot - bound to fail

by GGreply 14003/08/2013

Are you getting ready for the opening, OP?

by GGreply 14104/14/2013

Still in business GG?

by GGreply 14204/14/2013

Come back, GG!

by GGreply 14304/14/2013

Hey GG, I think you need to get laid. How fat r u? I'm horny. Which state do you live?

by GGreply 14404/14/2013

How's business, GG?

by GGreply 14504/16/2013

Prepare to Meet Cod

by GGreply 14604/16/2013


by GGreply 14704/18/2013


Trust me,it's a winner!

by GGreply 14804/19/2013

Do you cater parties in Boston?

by GGreply 14904/21/2013


by GGreply 15004/21/2013

The Village Whoremet

by GGreply 15104/21/2013

One or two people are answering these posts (or each other, or themselves) because no one else thinks it's even remotely important, clever or funny or STILL GIVES A FUCKING FUCK.

by GGreply 15204/21/2013

The Happy Gullet

by GGreply 15304/21/2013

What is the name of your business, GG?

by GGreply 15407/11/2013

Catering On A Hot Tin Plate

by GGreply 15509/16/2013

Did Galloping Gourmet start off as Gumpy/Rumpy, etc. and then move on to become the nutcase who moved to Europe, or is that a different DL "personality"?

by GGreply 15609/16/2013

Come back GG. We need to hear more of your fabulous banquet ideas.

by GGreply 15709/17/2013

Slop and flop.

by GGreply 15809/17/2013

"We Serve!"

by GGreply 15909/17/2013

Glazed & Confused

by GGreply 16009/18/2013

Offer rural exercise as well as catering, and call yourselves A Pant in the Country.

by GGreply 16109/18/2013
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