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ASPCA To Pay $9.3 Million in Lawsuit

Paid handler to say elephants were abused by Ringling Brothers.

by ringling aspcareply 601/05/2013

Fuck my life!

by ringling aspcareply 112/29/2012

It's dispiriting.

I think there *is* abuse of animals in circuses, and lord knows, by humans in general. The ASPCA should be able to keep its hands clean and make its point.

by ringling aspcareply 212/29/2012

Don't give money to the ASPCA or The Humane Society, they're both rolling in money. Donate to local shelters.

by ringling aspcareply 301/05/2013


by ringling aspcareply 401/05/2013

Free Willy!

by ringling aspcareply 501/05/2013

ASPCA is A SHAM organization. what a bunch of liars.

by ringling aspcareply 601/05/2013
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