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Mark Harris at EW writes another shameless, tone-deaf article on celebrity coming outs

This time, he writes: "In 2012, when celebrities came out of the closet, nobody yelled 'Stop the presses!'"

Except for EW, who in June took these celebrities, who chose not to come out on a magazine cover, and put their heads on a magazine cover with the big words "COMING OUT".

He claims that their coming outs were accomplished "hand in hand with a friendly media who downplayed the news."

Anderson Cooper's coming out made the New York Times.

He says "Nobody followed up with long think pieces on the potential damage that was being wrought."

Except any time some idiot says Matt Bomer lost or can't do a role because he is gay, and it makes 100 news sites - including EW's.

(Speaking of Bomer, it's worth noting that EW omits him from this article as it did from their summer cover. By the act of excluding him, aren't they are in fact admitting there is something undesirable about being written about being gay? Perhaps if the other four boys had publicist-husbands - "husbandcists?" - we'd be spared this nonsense.)

Finally, Harris appears to be impressed that several of these men who came out were not fired from their jobs.

I can't believe this idiot is married to Tony Kushner.

by 312/28/2012

Sorry, here is link.

by 112/28/2012

Because Matt Bomer is not famous and hardly a 'star?"

by 212/28/2012

EW is a shithouse rag.

by 312/28/2012
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