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Garrett Hedlund

His ass is a little on the flat side, yes?

Possibly NSFW

by Tom Sturridgereply 703/18/2013


by Tom Sturridgereply 112/28/2012


by Tom Sturridgereply 212/28/2012

No. That is a very satisfying three-second clip.

by Tom Sturridgereply 312/28/2012

Who is he?

by Tom Sturridgereply 412/28/2012

R4, he's a 28-year old American actor who has been in several movies over the past decade. He was one of the four brothers in "Four Brothers", but more people probably remember him as Brad Pitt's cousin Patroclus in "Troy" or in the lead role in "Tron" last year.

by Tom Sturridgereply 512/28/2012

Very, very, very close with Andrew "Spiderman" McQueen. Nuff said.

by Tom Sturridgereply 612/28/2012

yeah how close

by Tom Sturridgereply 703/18/2013
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