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Advice Please, DL

The following is one of almost daily emails I've been sent. Does signing petitions do any good or just get you on more lists?

"President Obama has an executive order on his desk that could protect millions of LGBT Americans from discrimination in the workplace -- but only if he signs it.

The order in question would require all federal contractors to extend non-discrimination and harassment protections for their LGBT employees. The order would cover about 16 million workers who don’t currently receive any discrimination or harassment protections for sexual orientation or gender identity.

As an employment rights attorney, Tico Almeida knows all too well how badly this order is needed. So Tico started a petition on asking President Obama to sign the executive order that would extend non-discrimination protections to all LGBT employees of federal contractors. Click here to sign Tico’s petition.

Tico also knows that online petitions can make a big difference in cases like these: After a former employee of a major defense contractor, DynCorp, received a six-figure settlement for being called “f*ggot” and other slurs at work, Tico started a petition on urging DynCorp to adopt non-discrimination protections for LGBT employees. After more than 50,000 folks signed, DynCorp came through.

The executive order on President Obama’s desk has already cleared key hurdles at the Departments of Labor and Justice. President Obama has already made great strides on issues like “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” -- now he could do so much more with just one stroke of his pen, and he needs to know how many people are counting on him.

Click here to sign Tico’s petition asking President Obama to sign the executive order that would require federal contractors to protect their LGBT employees from discrimination and harassment.

Thanks for being a change-maker,

- Eden and the team"

by Anonymousreply 012/28/2012
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