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Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Adopt a Dog Together

It's true love for Emma Stone and her beau Andrew Garfield!

The pair have fallen hard for a 2-year-old golden retriever they met just before Christmas at an L.A. rescue.

"She was one of the dogs they first saw, but they weren't sure," a source tells PEOPLE of the pup the pair visited last week at the Spot! Dog Rescue of Los Angeles. "They left and they couldn't stop thinking about her, so they came back for her. And it's true love."

The couple of more than a year initially brought the dog home as a foster pet on Saturday, but officially adopted the purebred on Christmas Eve. The pup, who they've named Ren, came from a high-kill Downey, Calif., shelter where she was surrendered by her previous owner. On Monday, Garfield was spotted showing off their adorable addition on a stroll through the Hollywood Hills.

"She won the doggie lottery," adds the source, who describes the already house-trained pup as "a typical golden puppy. Very, very sweet and loving. They totally fell in love with her."

by PR Pattyreply 2606/27/2014

Sort of the same PR effect as a kid, but Andrew doesn't have to have sex with a female.

by PR Pattyreply 112/27/2012

Is there really any reason whatsoever to think he's gay? I don't see it.

by PR Pattyreply 212/27/2012

Ah, the reliable "Andrew has never had sex with a female" troll.

He has. Don't make yourself look sillier than necessary.

by PR Pattyreply 312/27/2012

I know a guy that used to be friends with her in time I'm going to ask him if he remembers Emma ever dating guys cuz I'm suspecting that she's maybe only into girls. He might lie to cover for her but I think I'll get my answer when I see the look on his face when I ask him. Unlike Emma, he's not a good actor or good liar.

by PR Pattyreply 412/27/2012

No way Emma is only into girls. She does have a strong emotional attachment to her mom, and thus might shy away from the really masculine men. And a gay girl wouldn't date a Culkin. That lo-pro relationship was completely unnecessary for her at the time (or any time, really).

by PR Pattyreply 512/27/2012

Are we still plugging this bullshit

by PR Pattyreply 612/28/2012

Who will the dog live with? Surely they don't live together?

by PR Pattyreply 712/28/2012

Most female beards are not Lesbian, they are just wannabe actresses who find career commonality with closeted gay male actors.

by PR Pattyreply 812/28/2012

Interesting, R8.

by PR Pattyreply 912/28/2012

I so wish Emma was bearding for Ryan Gosling. They're a much more attractive couple.

by PR Pattyreply 1012/28/2012

Is Gosling gay, R10?

by PR Pattyreply 1112/28/2012

No, Gosling is not gay. Garfield= likely bi, possibly very closeted gay.

by PR Pattyreply 1212/28/2012

[quote]No, Gosling is not gay.

How do you know?

by PR Pattyreply 1312/28/2012

Oh, and Andrew and Emma actually are (at least for now) a domestic couple.

by PR Pattyreply 1412/28/2012

It's ridiculous, R14.

by PR Pattyreply 1512/28/2012

R13, You're probably never going to believe anything other than what you want. But by all accounts (crew who have worked with him multiple times) he's "flirtatious" exclusively with women. In the straight male way.

by PR Pattyreply 1612/28/2012

R16, the poster at R10 seemed to imply that Gosling might need a beard.

by PR Pattyreply 1712/28/2012

Well, she's got the Golden rescue dog, does she drive a Subaru?

by PR Pattyreply 1812/28/2012

R17 trollfish, I don't see what you're talking about, but if the poster at R10 is who you insist on trusting, go for it. However, he'd need a false or exaggerated LTR with a order to cover up unpretty womanizing...before he would ever need a beard.

by PR Pattyreply 1912/28/2012

R19, you seem somewhat hostile.

by PR Pattyreply 2012/28/2012

R20, I wouldn't say hostile. Your post at R17 was legitimately dumb, and we've all experienced your tedious type before. What you're feeling is my eyeroll.

by PR Pattyreply 2112/28/2012

Andrew Garfield is the worst case example of closeting a Gay actor in Hollywood today.

It would be more believable matching up k d Lang and Richard Simmons.

Andrew should fire his publicist and hire somebody who knows what the f*uck they are doing.

by PR Pattyreply 2212/28/2012

Oh, I don't think he's the worst. He's just kind of a more feminine guy, and has seemed to become more so with the passage of time. Publicists can't really fix that. But he was pretty cute with the girlfriend he dumped in 2011.

by PR Pattyreply 2312/28/2012

or in other words....Andrew Garfield's (or Emma Stone's)personal assistant just got a dog

by PR Pattyreply 2412/28/2012

R24 Lol

by PR Pattyreply 2512/28/2012

I hear horrible things about Emma Stone. She's a big time starfucker. She was with a Culkin in a low key "real" relationship, left him as soon as she got a break.

by PR Pattyreply 2606/27/2014
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