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"I Screamed A Scream As Time Went By" - Guess What The New Yorker Hates?

Anthony Lane (predictably at this point, since no critic has given this movie a pass without major caveats) SLAMS Les Miz hard, including Hathaway's grotesque performance of Fantine, calling it "something that even she would lampoon on Saturday Night Live."

Is there anyone in this business that likes this movie?

by Lynn Faildisasterreply 1112/27/2012

[quote]Valjean (Hugh Jackman) serves nineteen years for stealing a loaf of bread: a punishment that he regards as unjust, though in fact it reflects well on the status of French baking. Had he taken a croissant, it would have meant the guillotine.

Not to defend Les Miserables, but this is exactly the kind of limp, facile joke that makes me dislike Anthony Lane an awful lot.

by Lynn Faildisasterreply 112/26/2012

I agree that Redmayne is the stand out. Nice arc and well acted/sung. The rest, as you bitches would say, was meh.

by Lynn Faildisasterreply 212/26/2012

I didn't like the movie, but this silly review.

by Lynn Faildisasterreply 312/26/2012

This review is dead on.

by Lynn Faildisasterreply 412/27/2012

How can it be good when it's based on such maudlin, bombastic, overripe silliness as the stage play version. I am shocked how many people are able to sit through such tripe and then report that they loved it!

by Lynn Faildisasterreply 512/27/2012

It's like he started with "I screamed a scream" and worked backwards. Gerard Alessandrini he ain't.

by Lynn Faildisasterreply 612/27/2012

I love the dig about Hathaway giving precisely the kind of performance she'd be the first to lampoon on SNL! Maybe Fishsticks will beat her to it!

by Lynn Faildisasterreply 712/27/2012

[quote]Is there anyone in this business that likes this movie?

Unfortunately the geezers who make up the majority of the Oscar voters will heap awards on it in a lame effort to appear "hip".

by Lynn Faildisasterreply 812/27/2012

No, they will do that with The Master, r8.

by Lynn Faildisasterreply 912/27/2012

The Les Miz/Anne Hathaway troll is one of the most bizarre trolls on Datalounge yet.

by Lynn Faildisasterreply 1012/27/2012

R10? There's more than one. We are legion.

by Lynn Faildisasterreply 1112/27/2012
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