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Have you ever submitted a naked picture of yourself to be posted online

I follow a number of Tumblrs that post naked pictures of masculine and hairy men, and I myself fit that description. Most will post pictures submitted by users, and I'm thinking of doing so myself. Just get very turned on thinking about showing off this way, to guys who look like me and/or like guys who do. I wouldn't send anything that reveals my face or identity, but am wondering if I might come to regret it anyway.

Anyone do this? Any ramifications, repercussions or regrets?

by X. Hibitionistreply 1612/30/2012

Show us what you got, we can decide what you should do.

by X. Hibitionistreply 112/26/2012

What would be the point of having an 8" dick if no one knows about it? Of course I post naked pics of myself online.

by X. Hibitionistreply 212/26/2012

Yeah if you have a nice body why not show it off to people who will appreciate it? As you said you can just hide your face to keep your privacy.

by X. Hibitionistreply 312/26/2012

Post it here please...I love hairy.

by X. Hibitionistreply 412/26/2012

[quote]What would be the point of having an 8" dick if no one knows about it?

I imagine someone else has seen it.

by X. Hibitionistreply 512/26/2012

R5 You mean besides his cat?

by X. Hibitionistreply 612/26/2012

I did over at the other site and no one knew it was me.

by X. Hibitionistreply 712/26/2012

Your friend has a friend, and your friend's friend has a friend; be discreet!

by X. Hibitionistreply 812/27/2012

Absolutely do it. Do whatever you're comfortable with.

I've had several pics that were on Tumblr sites, they got 100s of reposts, nothing bad ever happened to me. I mean, not if you're a judge or something but other than those considerations, I think if you live in a major city, it should be fine.

by X. Hibitionistreply 912/27/2012

I have hundreds of pictures of me naked online on various sites including dudesnude. I' in a few tumblr collections also.

It is a confidence builder when others find you hot.

by X. Hibitionistreply 1012/27/2012

Woe be to anyone who wants any sort of longevity with you, R10.

People addicted to the ego boost -- oh pardon me, "confidence builder" -- are never satisfied.

And when your looks leave you for good and no amount of time in the gym, no face lift, no hair dye, when nothing you try does anything to stop the March of Time -- what then?

You will have nothing .. and no one.

Good luck to you, because you will surely need it.

by X. Hibitionistreply 1112/27/2012

There is no R10

by X. Hibitionistreply 1212/27/2012

Um, r12, you are not r7, I am.

by X. Hibitionistreply 1312/28/2012

I think this would be the perfect thread for DLers to post their naked pics. Then we could see what our hotties look like.

by X. Hibitionistreply 1412/28/2012

You'd have no way of knowing which ones were true, R14.

by X. Hibitionistreply 1512/28/2012

Ten years ago a bf took a picture of naked on a bed in a motel last year that picture was linked here on dl from a tumblr site

by X. Hibitionistreply 1612/30/2012
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