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MTF - Is There Enough Room For The Vaginal Canal?

Since women develop hip expansion for child-bearing as they develop, do males have the exact same amount of space/structure to create a vaginal canal through surgery?

The skin/nerves are turned inwards, correct, through surgery? How deep does the surgical vagina go, and is the structure natural, or do they have to create a slope for the penis to slide into? I mean, can you develop vaginal muscles if you weren't born a woman?"

I was thinking that you also keep your prostate gland. That's a nice touch.

by Ignoramus reply 812/27/2012

The prostate gland has to be removed to make room.

by Ignoramus reply 112/25/2012


by Ignoramus reply 212/25/2012

just enough expansion to wear a caftan well

by Ignoramus reply 312/25/2012

They remove the prostate gland, otherwise it will get battered when giving birth.

by Ignoramus reply 412/25/2012


by Ignoramus reply 512/26/2012

The page at the link tells you just about everything you'd want to know.

As far as depth, that varies depending on the size of the original equipment. Although the leading surgeons claim they can provide good depth even for someone who wasn't well hung as a guy, some MTFs end up needing skin grafts. (Some surgeons even throw in a tummy tuck with SRS and use the excess abdominal skin as a graft.)

Less commonly, a colon segment is used, although it reportedly requires a lot of daily upkeep to keep it from smelling, well, like a colon.

(The above applies mainly to MTFs who plan on having sex with men; for lesbian transwomen, depth generally isn't a priority.)

by Ignoramus reply 612/26/2012

[quote]If you are in doubt about someone's size, be sure to carefully "feel the width" of your date before indicating a desire for intercourse. That way you can see if he's likely fit into you. If he's definitely too wide, you can decide that you are "too tired" that night. Then find someone else to date.

by Ignoramus reply 712/26/2012


by Ignoramus reply 812/27/2012
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