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How long does it takes to be unbanned?

Banned for new good reason.

by Webbie sucksreply 2412/29/2012

I've got a deal with the Editor. You'll have to eat me to have your ban lifted.

by Webbie sucksreply 112/25/2012

There's a NEW good reason?

by Webbie sucksreply 212/25/2012

You were banned for your OCD interest in flatulence.

by Webbie sucksreply 312/25/2012

A while back the manager of the website asked not to be call "Webbie." He/she said it wounds.

by Webbie sucksreply 412/25/2012

I've been banned on my IP for making a controversial statement 2 weeks ago.

by Webbie sucksreply 512/25/2012

And that was, R5?

by Webbie sucksreply 612/25/2012

OP --- it's not whether YOU think you were banned for a good reason or not ........ freaks and flames is for OTHERS to use when they think you should be banned.

by Webbie sucksreply 712/25/2012

How do you know which of your invariably controversial statements got you banned?

by Webbie sucksreply 812/25/2012

It's in the Natalie Portman thread. Might've come across as anti-Semitic

by Webbie sucksreply 912/25/2012

R8 ... Seriously, I do roll my eyes at some of the anonymous posters on this board. They're just asking for it.

by Webbie sucksreply 1012/25/2012

OP, are you sure? I thought I'd been banned because I could read but not post. It was some weird glitch that happened because I use a laptop and a tablet to use DL. I think that I left the site open on the tablet, and when I would switch from the laptop to tablet to back again DL software got confused or something.

An email to DL owners got it cleared up in a day or so.

by Webbie sucksreply 1112/25/2012

OP, confess the error of your ways, apologize, and you might be forgiven.

by Webbie sucksreply 1212/25/2012

Or just pay your $ 18 again and that will clear it up too.

by Webbie sucksreply 1312/25/2012

"An email to DL owners got it cleared up in a day or so."

Who the hell did you blow at Mediaopolis?

by Webbie sucksreply 1412/25/2012

A lot of posters get FF for no good reason. It is up the Webmaster to decide if your post is truly egregious and warrants banning you. Since the DL has a very liberal policy of what warrants banning you must have really crossed the line. Harassing authenticated members is one of them.

by Webbie sucksreply 1512/25/2012

There should be a "things that get you banned" thread. I usually FF weirdos that come here to be homophobic. I imagine people with repeated unforgivable spelling mistakes get punished.

by Webbie sucksreply 1612/25/2012

Not nearly enough, R16.

by Webbie sucksreply 1712/25/2012

[quote]There should be a "things that get you banned" thread.

Better yet, a list that's posted with DL instructions and rules.

by Webbie sucksreply 1812/27/2012

You have to pick one of our Mediapolis overlords and do the deed. Have fun!

by Webbie sucksreply 1912/27/2012

Maybe you're not banned. Maybe your cookies got overloaded. Delete your cookies and see if that helps. Do you smell cookies, OP?

by Webbie sucksreply 2012/27/2012

If it really is true that you are banned, then how did you start this thread? I thought banned meant you can respond to threads but not start your own.

by Webbie sucksreply 2112/27/2012

I'm unbanned now. Sent a note to webbie

by Webbie sucksreply 2212/27/2012

Oh I was able to post from my cellphone,

by Webbie sucksreply 2312/27/2012


by Webbie sucksreply 2412/29/2012
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