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Bathhouses - are they for eldergays, sort of like square dancing?

Are there any bathhouses in South Carolina?

by Anonymousreply 2501/30/2013

No, gayling. It's like Grinder, only inside.


by Anonymousreply 112/25/2012

Are there any in Charleston?

by Anonymousreply 212/25/2012

It's where the eldergays rub their waxy breasts.

by Anonymousreply 312/25/2012

At least in a bathhouse, you actually meet someone instead of spending the night chatting and texting accomplishing nothing.

by Anonymousreply 412/25/2012

[quote]Are there any bathhouses in South Carolina?

If there were, do you think I'd be spending all of my time in Washington?

by Anonymousreply 512/26/2012

Not necessarily so, R4.

I went to one last week (before Xmas), as I was out of town visiting relatives and needed an escape from both them and the ice-cold. At 48, I was easily the youngest person there. And everyone was very stand-offish. I'm not bad looking at all, but any move I made was quickly brushed aside. I left after an hour of nothing, and not even witnessing anything going on with anyone (even in the steam room and dry sauna). Nobody ever got in the hot-tub. It was really weird.

...except for the fact that I've experienced that same scenario the last two times I've been to a bath house (I go maybe once or twice a year if I travel).

Such places used to be hot and active. Now they're most definitely not.

Boring and dull.

by Anonymousreply 612/30/2012

Hot and young guys hook up with Grindr or the internet or other ways.

Bathhouses are now just for dying old men.

by Anonymousreply 701/01/2013

Younger guys (and by younger I mean under 40) rarely if even go to bathhouses. That is definitely something for the older generation.

by Anonymousreply 801/01/2013

Yes, OP. Eldergays leave their nacreous layers of permacum and then depart.

by Anonymousreply 901/01/2013

So amusing, OP!

by Anonymousreply 1001/01/2013

r6 sums up my experience as well. However, when I've gone to the bathhouses in Europe I've had good times. I'm about 15 pounds overweight, but always found some Europe sex. I think it's an American thing where bathhouse patrons only want someone that looks like they stepped out of a porn movie.

by Anonymousreply 1101/01/2013

It depends on the bathhouse.

I was at Steamworks Chicago last night. There were groups of extremely handsome, built young guys that were fooling around in public either because there was a waiting list to get a room or they didn't care about being watched. Actually, they probably liked it. I saw all kinds of very hot things going on all night long.

And of course, there was every other type of guy there too.

by Anonymousreply 1201/01/2013

in south carolina we just use the cement pond

by Anonymousreply 1301/02/2013

They can be fun or boring - depends on day, time, etc. - and, like anything, can be hit or miss. We have a couple of them in Dallas and guys of all ages go, not just "eldergays." Seems like mainly older guys go during work hours during the week and young guys go on weekend nights. You have to go a few times to figure it all out.

by Anonymousreply 1401/02/2013

An idiotic mean spirited post by a clueless OP on so many levels

by Anonymousreply 1501/02/2013

Eldergays die so elegantly! Their last gasps are so graceful...

by Anonymousreply 1601/02/2013

It's sad. They used to be so fun.

I think Steamworks in Chicago is an exception that pretty much proves the rule.

by Anonymousreply 1701/02/2013

In 1977 I lived at cbc houston for two weeks. It was hot, I was hot, those were the days

by Anonymousreply 1801/02/2013

Do most of the guys wear condoms at bath houses? I pass by the Westside Club on 20th a lot. I've never gone in, but the guys I see coming and going look poz.

by Anonymousreply 1901/02/2013

I think they are more for eldergays. I would never go to one at any age. Not clean.

by Anonymousreply 2001/02/2013

Do they have bedbugs? I know they replace the sheets after each visitor.

by Anonymousreply 2101/02/2013

Not quite the same thing but I got scabies fromSteamworks once. Thank God that's all I ever got.

by Anonymousreply 2201/05/2013

I haven't been in years, but Bathhouses were made for someone like me. Skip the chit chat, strip down, wrap a towel around your waist and start cruising the halls. I met my hottest romance in a batthouse. I'm an eldergay now so, yeah, I think Grindr and CL is the thing for younger guys. But I have a feeling you can still find evenings where there's a bunch of hot guys on hand just for the taking. Try going late on a weekend. I've even sat in my car and watched who was going in.

by Anonymousreply 2301/05/2013

the eldergay troll is such a bore.

by Anonymousreply 2401/30/2013

OP, we love having the built, good-looking young guys come in. So, no not just for eldergays.

by Anonymousreply 2501/30/2013
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