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Cory Booker Will Run for U.S. Senate in 2014: Sources

Thursday, Dec 20, 2012 | Updated 10:24 AM EST

Newark Mayor Cory Booker will not challenge New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in next year's gubernatorial race and will instead run for U.S. Senate in 2014, political sources familiar with his decision tell NBC 4 New York.

Booker will seek the U.S. Senate seat held by fellow Democrat Frank Lautenberg when his term is up in 2014, political sources tell NBC 4 New York. Lautenberg, 88, is the oldest current senator. He first served in the U.S. Senate from 1982 to 2001 and has served since his re-election in 2003.

Booker's decision not to challenge Christie comes as the Republican incumbent enjoys record-high approval ratings in polls taken since Sandy hit the Garden State.

Many Democrats considered Booker, the two-term mayor of Newark, to be their best chance to take on the popular Christie. Booker is expected to tweet his decision to his more than 1 million followers some time Thursday.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 4701/24/2013

I think that's an excellent idea! I think Corey will make a fine senator. Unless something completely unexpected and terrible happens, Christie will get re-elected. I'm talking Act of God stuff.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 112/20/2012

He's a corrupt right winger. Bain Capital bought him off. We need a genuine progressive, and don't tell me New Jersey doesn't have any.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 212/20/2012

Uh, there's already a Democratic senator in the seat (although admittedly Lautenberg is 88 or something). It takes some chutzpah to just muscle the old guy out of the way.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 312/20/2012

Not living in NJ, I have no strong opinion on whether or not he should run, but it's time for Lautenberg to move on and bring on some new blood - whoever that may be. He'd be 96 when if he finishes his term IF he makes it that long. If he dies in office, Christie can appoint some crazy repug and change the balance of power in the senate.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 412/20/2012

It is a jerk move to announce before Lautenberg has said if he will run for reelection.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 512/20/2012

Sen. Frank Lautenberg's (D-NJ) office issued a statement on Thursday beating back some speculation after Newark Mayor Cory Booker announced he intends to challenge Lautenberg in 2014.

"Senator Lautenberg is focused on passing a critical disaster relief bill for New Jersey and addressing America's broken gun laws," emailed Caley Gray, a spokesman. "The last several months and weeks have been a painful time for New Jersey and America, and the Senator is working on the tough issues we face. This is not the time for political distractions and the Senator will address politics next year."

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 612/20/2012

Do we think his opponents will start the gay rumors former Mayor Sharpe James did when Cory wanted his job?

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 712/20/2012

I thought the latest was that Cory would be running for President in 2016. His assistant registered a web domain for him indicating it was for his future campaign.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 812/20/2012

How is it a "jerk move"? These are anonymous sources citing his intent to run for the Senate. How do we not know that Sen. Lautenberg hasn't given him his blessing? And even if he hasn't, he hasn't formally announced he's running. Plus, there is this thing called a primary.

This is the best case scenario for Booker as we can all admit that Christie was not vulnerable at all before Sandy and after the way he handled the situation, he has now become unbeatable. No Dem was/is going to defeat him.

I'm still pissed about the way he threw Obama under the bus earlier this year with the Bain shit -- and the way the GOP pounced on his comments -- but Booker apologized to Obama and made amends with him.

Booker is genuinely a nice guy and I'm all for him running for the Senate. Considering that 2014 will be a tough year for the Dems in the Senate, if Booker runs, it'll be a safe Dem seat hold.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 912/20/2012

Good. Lautenberg's not going to run again and I don't want Booker to throw himself away on a sure to fail run at Christie.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 1012/20/2012

Ignore my entire first paragraph. He has apparently announced his run via Twitter today.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 1112/20/2012

r9, it is a jerk move because the decent thing to do would to wait for Lautenberg to announce he is not running again or coax him to announce it early. It is obvious from a lot of Democratic and liberal boards today that Booker's manner of announcing is not being taken well. Also, Lautenberg's chilly response to his announcement reflects that he doesn't appreciate it either.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 1212/20/2012

Booker just got destroyed in The Times (one of the best hatchet jobs I've read). It's desperate move. In NJ politics, this is handled behind closed doors.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 1312/20/2012

The progressives - and I include myself in that category - hate Booker. He's too corporate for us, and he betrayed Obama during the Bain discussion.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 1412/20/2012

Yeah, what's the story with that ridiculously over the top Times piece? It didn't even try to camouflage its bias. Who is really behind it?

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 1512/20/2012

Fuck Booker. I hope he goes down in flames in the primary and we get a Senator who doesn't suck Wall Street cock all day.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 1612/20/2012

Progressives are really ticked off with his announcement and how disrespectful to Lautenberg it is.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 1712/20/2012

Progressives don't give a flying fuck about Frank Lautenberg.

They're just having another of their impotent tantrums because they don't understand politics. Let's see now, what are the chances of a New Jersey Democrat getting elected if he/she attacks the richest and most powerful constituency in New Jersey?

(No, I'm not a freeper - I'm a liberal Democrat who understands both the electoral and the legislative process.)

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 1812/20/2012

Progressives need to get over themselves and acquaint themselves with actual progress. Launtenberg is 90 fucking years old.

It's time to get younger at that position and not fuck around with the guy thisclose to being a centenarian because all that's going to happen is fuckface Christie is going to get to appoint another freeper to the seat.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 1912/20/2012

I think Booker would make a really good U.S. Senator.

[quote]How do we not know that Sen. Lautenberg hasn't given him his blessing?

Having said what I said in my first sentence, Lautenberg, who's about 187 years old now, loves his job and not long ago said he has no interest in this being his last term in office. Give Booker "his blessing"? If I'm not mistaken, the guy can't stand Booker. The fact that Booker thinks he can get together with the old geezer and talk about a possible senate run is downright [italic]laughable[/italic].

Another thing: Booker doesn't really have a power base. The closer you get to the city of Newark, the less popular the guy is. I believe he would lose the election if he were to decide to run for a third mayoral term - especially if Anibal Ramos were to run against him. A lot of city officials who once were huge supporters of his have not only gotten off the bandwagon, they're ferociously flinging it with stones.

And Booker should not be in the governor's office because he's a LOUSY administrator.

The Senate is a more appropriate place for the guy - even though I find his politics too centrist.

BTW, the pople who complain about the NY Times piece are people who probably either don't know Newark very well or never deal with its city's residents.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 2012/20/2012

I am super excited!

Could he be our first GAY senator? I hope he comes out before he runs. I think it will help him win votes.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 2112/20/2012

R18 = R19 = eldergay

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 2212/20/2012

A 'mo who likes vanilla pudding, if you know what I mean.

Can't wait to hear what the bros and sistas say.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 2312/20/2012

r22 Are you even literate? Because no one who is could follow whatever it is you possibly have in mind by reading those posts and yours.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 2412/20/2012

You don't understand squat, R18. It's 2 years until the election. He doesn't need to do it this week. He should show Lautenberg some respect and, if he doesn't, someone should put him in line. Looks like the NYT just wanted to teach him some manners.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 2512/20/2012

Do you know what '=' means, R24?

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 2612/20/2012

R25, I was replying to R17 who wrote:

[quote]Progressives are really ticked off with his announcement and how disrespectful to Lautenberg it is.

I'll reiterate, progressives don't give a flying fuck about Lautenberg and they never have. They (and you) are pissed off because Booker covered his New Jersey ass and criticized the President during the campaign. That he criticized him on behalf of his Wall St. New Jersey constituency just makes it worse to "progressives" who are still whining about this.

I think you're being weirdly macho and breathtakingly stupid. In fact, you're far too stupid to honestly call yourself progressive.

[quote] Someone should put him in line.

Shut the fuck up. When the Democratic Party needs you to be in charge of protocol, they'll send you an engraved invitation. t

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 2712/20/2012

CB is gay. His bf lives outside the city. CB will "come out" next year and the black community will have a "symbol" of gay pride.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 2812/20/2012

If I had to pick any political office to run for it would be U.S. Senator. Six year terms are nice to begin with. And no term limits either.

All you have to to is basically score a few bucks for the important shit in your district, and make public appearances every now and again.

It's a $174,000 a year job - and that's just what they pay you. There are all sorts of little perks to be had too.

Governor of a state, blech!

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 2912/20/2012

I'm pessimistic about Cory's chances in 2014. He will face incumbent Democrat Robert Menendez. He's won every election he's entered. He's fairly popular right now. Cory did improve Newark when he entered office however it's been sliding backward in the last two years. Menendez will have a record to attack.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 3012/20/2012

He's running against Menendez? I thought he was taking Lautenberg's seat because Lautenberg's 112 years old and retiring.

Well if Booker's planning on running a primary challenge against Menendez, fuck him.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 3112/20/2012

Uh, R30? Menendez just got re-elected to a six year term last month.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 3212/20/2012

[quote] I'm pessimistic about Cory's chances in 2014. He will face incumbent Democrat Robert Menendez.

Oh my God.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 3312/20/2012

Well it's nice to see he's finally over the death of his BFF Cory Heim.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 3412/20/2012

Lautenberg is up for reelection in 2014. Sorry for the confusion.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 3512/20/2012

Doesn't look like Cory lost any weight on his Food Stamp diet.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 3612/21/2012

"CB is gay. His bf lives outside the city. CB will "come out" next year and the black community will have a "symbol" of gay pride."

I'm confused; in the last discussion about this subject, someone said he had a white girlfriend outside the city.

Be consistent people!

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 3712/21/2012

Menendez was just reelection despite swirling scandals.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 3812/21/2012

It still doesn't make sense r26.

1. r18 and r19 are two different people

2. I'm not even 30 years old yet

3. Why would the eldergays be arguing AGAINST letting the 90 year old stay until he croaks and FOR the 40 year old taking his place?

Better luck next time.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 3912/21/2012

Why is zee baldy and have zee ass wit is, ow you say, fat? NO?

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 4012/21/2012

The Menendez seat is not the Lautenberg seat. Menendez was just re-elected last month. Booker is running for the Lautenberg seat that will be up in 2014.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 4112/21/2012

Frank Lautenberg is 88 years old. It's doubtful he planned to run again. He had previously retired and was asked come out of retirement to run again last time.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 4212/22/2012

Also, if Booker waited for a formal announcement by Lautenberg, then he would be one of several candidates to announce all at once. Now he's a "stand alone" candidate, and he probably will discourage others from throwing their hats in the ring.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 4312/22/2012

Here he is shirtless

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 4412/23/2012

Looks like cory booker is dating a chick from the west wing TV show from the looks of this photo- who are the others?

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 4501/24/2013

What makes you think he's dating her?

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 4601/24/2013

Cory Booker pings to me.

by 2012 Poll Trollreply 4701/24/2013
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