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Anne Hathaway = Charlie Brown

Isn't it kind of funny how Anne Hathaway is always about to kick the football, and fate yanks it away?

She got the lead in The Devil Wears Prada, only to be overshadowed by a previously unknown British actress (Emily Blunt).

Then she's selected to host the Oscars, and bad writing/James Franco turned the ceremony into an infamous joke.

Then she's cast as Catwoman in a film that's destined to become the highest grossing film of the year, but a mass shooting kills the film's early momentum.

Then she's cast in an Oscar bait role, in an Oacar bait film, and the lukewarm reception has diminished the odds of her winning a once-inevitable Oscar.

Will she ever win?

by Piling Onreply 6002/26/2013

You forgot Love and Other Drugs, where she got a disease movie, but it was also a rom-com.

by Piling Onreply 112/17/2012

But unlike Charlie Brown, she evokes no sympathy.

by Piling Onreply 212/17/2012

It's the Great Pumpkin, Annie Hathaway!

by Piling Onreply 312/17/2012

Thanks for your concern, OP, but I'm alright.

by Piling Onreply 412/17/2012

I don't think about much more than I think about any other not particularly deserving actress winning an Academy Award. When she turns in a performance in a good movie that merits an award, that will be another story perhaps. Not rocket science, right?

I guess Les Mis is only B- and she and Jackman strain a bit according to reviews- perhaps Golden Globes in the Musical and Comedy catagory but not in the major acting awards.

by Piling Onreply 512/17/2012

OP, Anne Hathaway is doing quite well. And, no, I'm not an Anne Hathaway troll. I don't even particularly like her. But she's having a very successful career and your post is quite silly.

by Piling Onreply 612/17/2012

I think OP was funny, and spot on.

OP, you forgot this: when she was nominated for best actress a while ago, it was the year Kate Winslet decided to break with her tradition of not campaigning, and went all-out begging the Academy to award her.

And they did.

Poor Anne with a critically acclaimed performance up against perennial loser Winslet in a not-so acclaimed performance, and yet Anne lost!

Poor thing.

by Piling Onreply 712/18/2012

I'm not a fan of her performance in LES MIZ. But I'd bet good money she wins the Oscar this year.

by Piling Onreply 812/18/2012

Water reaches its own level. She's not winning because she doesn't belong where she is. Doesn't deserve the chances afforded to her. Time will tell this tale.

by Piling Onreply 912/18/2012

She's won several critics awards and is still the front-runner for the Oscar. I'm not a fan, I think she's pretty but not sexy and boring, but the obvious stretching Datalounge has been doing to make her the new Gwyneth is yawn-worthy. I get it, Gwyneth isn't relevant anymore so you need a new Princess Snob, but it's not fun when you have to exaggerate your material so much.

by Piling Onreply 1012/18/2012

The Oscars wasn't any more poorly written and clunkier the year Anne hosted it than it is every year it was just she and James had zero charisma, likability or comic timing to carry it off.

Still Hollywood will never stop trying to make her happen and convince us that she's some great beauty.

by Piling Onreply 1112/18/2012

I think I've told this here before, but because of mutual friends, I hung out with Annie one weekend in a group. She was only 18 at the time, but she was very fun and kinda goofy, The girl has a huge heart and I am glad she is getting whatever success comes her way.

by Piling Onreply 1212/18/2012

Anne will likely do the remake of GYPSY with Barbra Streisand.

She was suppose to play Judy Garland in GET HAPPY. I assume that project fell apart?

And of course there is the movie version of WICKED playing Elphaba

by Piling Onreply 1312/18/2012

R13 what planet are you on? Hathaway as Elphaba? Late teens/early twenties Elphaba?

I would have been interested in a big screen Judy biopic, but Anne in Wicked is just wrong.

by Piling Onreply 1412/18/2012

She was fantastic in Brokeback Mountain.

by Piling Onreply 1512/18/2012

"What are you waitin' for cowboy--the matin' call?"

by Piling Onreply 1612/18/2012

In my opinion Anne has warranted the Oscar because of buzz and the fact that she has paid her dues, particularly in a year of weak female lead performances.

by Piling Onreply 1712/18/2012

R15 Yes, and in Havoc.

by Piling Onreply 1812/18/2012

If Jennifer Hudson can win an Oscar. Than Anne is more than deserving. Even if the director didn't give her a line reading for her entire part like Jen got

Bill condon should have won best supporting actress

by Piling Onreply 1912/18/2012

R13 Streisand herself said she wants Lady Gaga for the role.

I like Anne as an actress, and she does seem like a nice person, but I'm mystified as to how she could still be declared the front runner at this point. She has not won one major critics award and her performance (and the film) have received mixed reviews.

Other than a ridiculous PR campaign, which is completely beneath her, I can't fathom as to how she could still be such a sure bet. And really, if I have to hear one more time about her cutting her fucking hair, I'm going to scream.

by Piling Onreply 2012/18/2012

R19 Jennifer Hudson won the National Board of Review AND the New York Film critics awards before going on to the Globes and the oscar. You may not like her performance, but it was greeted far better than LES MIS.

by Piling Onreply 2112/18/2012

She is still the frontrunner, it's all about the buzz and big televised awards. No one in the Academy votes for someone just because they won the Florida critics circle award. The critics awards are good for building buzz and that's not a problem for Hathaway, and she was definitely in contention for most of the big critics awards, since according to the tweets she came in second in most of them.

I can't see the Globes awarding Sally Field over Hathaway, maaaaaaybe SAG but I doubt it. Les Miserables is getting mixed reviews but her performance is not. Unless she loses the Critics choice, the Globe or the SAG she is still the one to beat for the Oscar.

by Piling Onreply 2212/18/2012

Sally Hawkins swept the critics awards and won the GG for "Happy Go Lucky" and still didn't get an Oscar nom. Same with Albert Brooks last year. Tilda Swinton failed to get an Oscar nom last year after being nominated for every other award. How many of the big critics awards did Natalie Portman won for "Black Swan"? Then came the Golden Globes and she was unstoppable.

Don't let your hate for Anne Hathaway fool you. Even with the reviews she is still the favorite.

by Piling Onreply 2312/18/2012

[quote]Kate Winslet decided to break with her tradition of not campaigning, and went all-out begging the Academy to award her.

What exactly did she do that was so different?

by Piling Onreply 2412/18/2012

R23 Hawkins and Brooks weren't being touted as the favorite to win the oscar.

"Don't let your hate for Anne Hathaway fool you."

I already said I liked Hathaway.

But if you want to be an ass over this, then I can keep it real. This has to be the most desperate and transparent attempt to win an award I've seen. And that's saying a lot after Melissa Leo posed for those stupid ads. If she doesn't want to appear like she's just doing press to win an oscar, then I would suggest talking about something other than how horrible it was to have to cut your hair. Perhaps the movie and the cast

And FYI, most actresses who are considered "locks" at this point have already won at least one major critics award at this point. Anne hasn't. And it was predicted that she would clean up at the critics awards. So in my estimation, it would seem like her buzz has certainly decreased.

by Piling Onreply 2512/18/2012

It would be cool if Anne got "Kate Hudsoned" on Oscar night

by Piling Onreply 2612/18/2012

well we will find out Oscar nomination nite and Oscar nite but I am telling you that if Patty Duke was give the chance to play Mary Todd Lincoln then no body would be wondering who was going to win all the supporting awards, it would be PATTY DUKE!!!!!!

by Piling Onreply 2712/18/2012

[quote]Hawkins and Brooks weren't being touted as the favorite to win the oscar

Brooks was, especially after Waltz, Bardem and Ledger won for playing villains. Some were at least expecting a nomination for Hawkins, I wasn't, not after her Golden Globes speech.

It's hard for a musical to sweep anything with the critics nowadays. Hudson was the exception and that was a weak year for the category (who were her strongest competitors? A 9 year old girl and a recent oscar winner). If she loses the Globe or the SAG then OK, she is not the favorite anymore, but the media is already giving her the Oscar and the movie only opens next week. Hype/Buzz is everything at this stage.

I agree that her campaign has been obnoxious, but after following the awards race for years I can't call her anything but the favorite at this moment, no matter how many critics awards she has lost.

by Piling Onreply 2812/18/2012

[quote]Hudson was the exception and that was a weak year for the category (who were her strongest competitors? A 9 year old girl and a recent oscar winner).

She was also a black woman, which these days usually means a win.

by Piling Onreply 2912/18/2012

Remember the 2010 race? Anette Bening was supposed to finally win for "The Kids Are Alright", that was the early buzz. The "Black Swan" trailer hits the web and it ends with a Red-eye Portman pulling a feather out of her shoulder, it didn't scream Best Actress Oscar.

When "Black Swan" premiered in Venice everything changed. Portman was now the favorite and Bening was just catching up. Despite winning several important critics awards, there was no chance for Bening, not against a young Natalie Portman in a demanding role. Portman rode the hype to a sweep of every industry award. A similar scenario will happen with Hathaway, only that she is even more lucky because the main competition are already oscar winners.

The critics didn't hurt Portman because the media was all over her. She's young! She dances! She's pregnant! just like Hathaway this year: She got married! She sings! She's also catwoman! She cut her hair!

by Piling Onreply 3012/18/2012

Anne Hathaway was the front runner until people actually saw the film and realised it was Les Miserables Terribles!

by Piling Onreply 3112/18/2012

[quote]She was also a black woman, which these days usually means a win.

if only

by Piling Onreply 3212/18/2012

R32, the black woman rule only works supporting actress.

by Piling Onreply 3312/18/2012

Streep Troll you’re logic is flawed– Winslet’s performance was acclaimed, and campaigning aside she was long overdue for an Oscar (what was it her 4th or 5th nomination?). Anne was only 26 when she was nominated for the 1st time in a role in a small-budget indie no one saw; her nom for RGM was her reward, she was never a serious contender for the top prize.

That being said I agree her campaign has veered into out-of-control territory, both her and Jackman (crying on tv about his wife’s miscarriages, ugh). Totally pretentious and off-putting; are Academy members really positively swayed by this? I’d be completely turned off.

by Piling Onreply 3412/18/2012

[quote]She was fantastic in Brokeback Mountain.

I thought she gave, by far, the worst performance in the film. It was the first time I saw her in anything and I thought to myself: How did this no talent slip under Lee's radar?

by Piling Onreply 3512/18/2012

I've heard that Hathaway is insufferable in real life and was so even back in high school. Her classmates all loathed her. I'm sure more than one hopes she goes home empty handed, especially after her crowing about how she nailed the Les Miz audition and shut everyone else out.

by Piling Onreply 3612/18/2012

At least Charlie Brown has a penis.

by Piling Onreply 3712/18/2012

It was Kate's 6th nomination, r34. She was better in "The Reader" than "Revolutionary Road" but it didn't matter, she would have won for either movie. It was her time.

by Piling Onreply 3812/18/2012

I figured out why I liked her so much in the Dark Knight Rises but just can’t stand listening to her now. In real life she talks like a 10 year old girl on speed with the most annoying high-pitched voice. They lowered her voice about 7 octaves and deliberately slowed down her speech for the film. She sounded normal then.

by Piling Onreply 3912/18/2012


by Piling Onreply 4012/18/2012

She's really not like Charlie Brown at all.

by Piling Onreply 4112/18/2012

After that dirty snatch picture she's more like Pigpen.

by Piling Onreply 4212/19/2012


by Piling Onreply 4312/19/2012

The truth is, Hathaway is residing in another's position. That "other" maybe is working in HW as a bit player, waiting for their break...or gave it up to raise a family. It's really all about who you know with thousands of celebs who made it. Always remember, there's a much more talented and deserving actor out there but because of nepotism or luck, they've never gotten their chance to shine. We can term this phenom the Paltrow or Hathaway syndrome. Both will prove their un-greatness. History repeats itself.

by Piling Onreply 4412/19/2012

R44 sounds creepy and old.

by Piling Onreply 4512/19/2012

She was on Chelsea and looked gorgeous and was very funny. As Lauren Bacall would say, "She's a terrific gal and a wonderful sculpter and I like her!!"

by Piling Onreply 4612/19/2012

You are fucking joking r46? Cause I watched and she was wacko beyond belief. Thought "wtf is this chick on?". So hyper and forced it was weird. Her story about Daniel Craig at the party was totally embarrassing. I seriously wonder if it even happened and she made it all up.

by Piling Onreply 4712/19/2012

Anne was on Chelesa a couople years ago - talking about Anne getting naked for Love and Other Drugs.

by Piling Onreply 4812/19/2012

Hathaway fears Oscar snub:

by Piling Onreply 4912/19/2012

Shit happens.

by Piling Onreply 5012/19/2012

[quote]'Can you imagine how embarrassing it'll be if it doesn't happen if I don't get nominated?'

I can't believe she said that? She thinks REALLY highly of herself.

by Piling Onreply 5112/19/2012

Oh, when will this monster's reign of evil be over?

by Piling Onreply 5212/19/2012

Shit r48 thanks for posting. That must be the old pre-obnoxious Hathaway. What a fucking difference! She actually appears calm and halfway humble in that appearance. No hypermania, kooky facial expressions or exaggerated stories. I sat thru the entire clip and wasn’t annoyed once. And she actually looked dare I say, cute. Pretty almost not hyper thin and acting like she’s on speed.

by Piling Onreply 5312/19/2012

This thread isn't gay enough. It needs a mention of a Travis Banton bugled beaded gown worn by Claudette Colbert to the Oscars in 1938, or a detailed analysis about how Streisand should have won for Yentl.

by Piling Onreply 5412/19/2012

R53 - That was only two years ago.

by Piling Onreply 5512/20/2012

She seems like she’s on speed because she likely is. I have a friend who’s hooked on Adderall and she has the same signs. Aggressive ego jazz hands and weight loss. would explain the personality change.

by Piling Onreply 5612/20/2012

I remember her appearance right on Letterman after her Italian ex was arrested. Besides taking a mild hit or two from him (asked if she checked her purse to see if stuff was gone), she discussed that she'd recently decided to stop smoking and drinking for health reasons. She does seem like someone who needs something to take the edge off.

by Piling Onreply 5712/21/2012


by Piling Onreply 5802/24/2013

I guess Anne has kicked that football, since she won an Oscar! Sorry, DL!

by Piling Onreply 5902/26/2013

Even her Oscar win has turned into a liability. Joan Rivers was all over her last night even announced how happy she was that Anne won't work again until fall so we don't have to see her.

It ain't just DL that makes fun of AnnE.

by Piling Onreply 6002/26/2013
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