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The Galloping Gourmet here, posting about a holiday dinner I'm throwing tonight

HELLO! GG here. I've been gone for awhile because i am in the throes of a new romance. I haven't been so happy and carefree in a long time. We're throwing our first dinner party as a couple tonight and inviting ten people!! AH! So much fun. I am doing a dim-sum themed menu complete with carts and bamboo cartons. Here are my choices:

*barbecue pork buns

*clams in black bean sauce

*salt-and-pepper shrimp

*shrimp noodle in XO sauce

*scallop dumplings

*faux sharkfin dumplings

*baby bok choy

*broccoli in scallion sauce

*lomein pockets

*shrimp-and-chive dumplings


Dips: soy (regular and low-sodium), sriracha, hot chili oil, xo sauce and fish sauce.

To drink: Jasmine tea, bubble tea, and lemon water!!

AHHH!H I am so ready for this night to begin!!

by GGreply 5505/20/2013

Jesus, are you 'entertaining' or trying to make people throw up?! Good Lord! Tone it down a little, why dontcha? Overcompensating much? Trying waaa-aaaaaay too hard. Pass the Tums, for Chrisssake!

by GGreply 112/16/2012

Carts?!? (LMFAO)

by GGreply 212/16/2012

You're having fun,aren't you, Galgo?

by GGreply 312/16/2012

The Galloping Gourmet's meals are like Patrick Bateman's outfits in the book American Psycho.

by GGreply 412/16/2012

"I'm allergic to shellfish. Do you mind if I just order some pizzas?"

by GGreply 512/16/2012

I thought we got rid of you.

by GGreply 612/16/2012

Have you notified the local paramedics to be on call yet?

by GGreply 712/16/2012

Let's see how many tards take this thread seriously and actually believe this person throws dinner parties for anything other than his beanie baby collection.

by GGreply 812/16/2012

Are you going to have a cute little basket full of EpiPens? Better think ahead.

by GGreply 912/16/2012

When you serve from the dim sum cart, be sure to wear your most elegant and colorful cheongsam, and do your hair up in a bun with two chopsticks sticking from it.

by GGreply 1012/16/2012

Why are people being so mean to GG?

by GGreply 1112/16/2012

Why so much seafood, GG?

by GGreply 1212/16/2012

GG is an institution. Respect his love of cock, listen to his insecurities, and revel in the profundity of his menus.

by GGreply 1312/16/2012

Is there a McDonald's nearby ?

by GGreply 1412/16/2012

This bitch is the new Noodles but it arrives on a cart instead of shifty-eyed in an ABS.

by GGreply 1512/16/2012

Hon, you're ovah. Get a new schtick.

by GGreply 1612/16/2012

Wait. I thought he was madly in love not two months ago. Could the GG be that Palm Springs old queen photographer who's always finding new soulmates?

by GGreply 1712/16/2012

I'll just have a Tab.

by GGreply 1812/16/2012

I can only imagine the tragedy that will ensue when OP drunkenly attempts "Un bel di, vedremo" after tripping on her beloved Lhasa Apsos and all the floaty curtains ignite.

by GGreply 1912/16/2012

Sorry OP, this would be the holiday dinner I'm throwing up.

by GGreply 2012/16/2012

Where is the cream of sum yung guy?

by GGreply 2112/16/2012

It's going to be a disaster without booze.

by GGreply 2212/16/2012

Who is the new boytoy GG?

by GGreply 2312/16/2012

I'm kind of growing to like GG. He's a troll that doesn't go all psycho!

by GGreply 2412/16/2012

Holy Fuck I Hate You

by GGreply 2512/16/2012

I don't get the point of recreating a restaurant meal at home - unless you used to work in a dim sum kitchen (and there's a reasonable hope itbwill taste like dim sum.

If you want dim sum, why not go out for dim sum.

This us as cinfusing to me the people who get pizza stones and then insist on making their own pizza at home.

by GGreply 2612/16/2012

What a liar! I doubt the Galloping Gourmet knows how to make any of these dishes.

He probably doesn't even know how to boil water.


by GGreply 2712/16/2012

OP, can I come to your party? I'm rather fetching and who knows you might drop your boy toy for me.

by GGreply 2812/16/2012

Just make sure you have a Sandra Lee-like tablescape, stick a pair of chopsticks up your nose, overcook all of the seafood and I'm sure your party will be a roaring success.

by GGreply 2912/17/2012

Anyone remember the Frugal Gourmet on TV? Whatever happened to him?

by GGreply 3012/17/2012

You and your guest are one in the same. Get better at this.

by GGreply 3112/17/2012

If I was invited to a party that was the menu, I would have to excuse my self after every course to hit the bathroom.

If there is any truth to the OP actually trying to cook. Girl, that menu is too specific to your tastes. I hope you know, some people don't like Asian food at all.

by GGreply 3212/17/2012

r30 Jeffrey L. Smith (January 22, 1939 – July 7, 2004) was the author of a dozen best-selling cookbooks and the host of The Frugal Gourmet

In 1997 seven men filed suit against Smith alleging that he sexually abused them when they were teens. Six of the plaintiffs alleged that the abuse occurred in the 1970s while they were working for Smith at the Chaplain's Pantry; the seventh plaintiff alleged that he was sexually assaulted in 1992 at age 15 while hitchhiking. Smith denied the accusations but his alleged actions had been the subject of much talk around the city of Tacoma for years. Smith was never charged with a crime but in 1998 he and his insurance company settled with the plaintiffs out of court a few days before the trial was to occur.

by GGreply 3312/17/2012

Much more interested in GG's new romance. Just how did this loon find a man?

by GGreply 3412/17/2012

I would like a photo of the dinner party, please. Faces can be blurred out. Otherwise I think this is bullshit.

I know damned well that IF this dinner party took place SOMEONE took a pic with their phone.


Thank you and god bless. :)

by GGreply 3512/17/2012

[quote]Otherwise I think this is bullshit.

GEE, do ya THINK?!?

by GGreply 3612/17/2012

[all posts by right wing shit-stain # a removed.]

by GGreply 3712/18/2012

Dear Galloping Gourmet:

While your guests are smoking pot and eating your exotic food, I hope you've chosen good pornos to show on your 50-inch flatscreen TV!

by GGreply 3812/18/2012

Too much starch in this menu. Too many dumplings and buns. Not enough interesting vegetables. Try lotus root, bamboo shoots, black mushrooms, long beans, or snow peas.

by GGreply 3912/18/2012

[quote] Not enough interesting vegetables

GG doesn't do vegetables!

by GGreply 4012/18/2012

Several weeks ago, he made lobster bisque and chocolate mousse and brought it to a shelter for storm victims. Three people ended up in the ER. The rest had milder symptoms. It was the cream he used that went bad during a power outtage.

by GGreply 4112/18/2012

It was the final entry on this menu that convinced me GG is an EST: congee.

by GGreply 4212/18/2012

Did you read about Dim Sum in W, Tess?

by GGreply 4312/18/2012

Is this the same person that served an appetizer that included pita bread with a main course of goulash? Where was this dude when one of our lesbian posters was planning the infamous potluck wedding?

by GGreply 4412/18/2012

No dessert?

by GGreply 4512/19/2012

You are one of the weirdest trolls ever, OP.

by GGreply 4612/19/2012

R37, he's not a nasty troll, but he's a frequent offender and never really varies his routine. He's also self-named (and not very original about it), so he's trolling at a different level by trying to create a "persona" and pretending anyone cares.

It's always the same schtick: insanely upbeat about touting his latest "menu", which is always some vaguely OCD listing of complicated and/or exotic dishes that exist within the same cuisine niche but don't really work together. He'll list 4 starchy side dishes for example. Or 5 courses where any one of them would work as the main course. Or a recent thanksgiving post where he was serving 5 different pies for dessert but nothing else (hope you like pie! A LOT!). It's always foods that are a bit...much, especially in relation to each other. It's like he's trying to impress us with these extravagant dishes, but failing to recognize that it's all too heavy, fussy and similar, all at once.

It's very weird and clearly designed to provoke head-scratching responses. Like the idea of serving a starch-and-seafood heavy dim sum menu at home, carts included. No one does this and anyone who designs a menu with 2 different shrimp dishes, starch galore and cheesy props like dim sum carts (but little in the way of culinary balance or variety) is clearly a bit...odd. To do this repeatedly when the same tired criticisms I've listed ALWAYS follow is clearly the mark of a troll.

by GGreply 4712/19/2012

I can't wait to smear this all over the Disney store.

by GGreply 4812/19/2012

Excuse me, 3 shrimp dishes.

Good lord.

by GGreply 4912/19/2012

Die you fat cow

by GGreply 5003/06/2013


I thought you were dead but Wikipedia says you aren't.

How the hell are you doing? Still digging the wine, I imagine.

by GGreply 5103/06/2013

[quote]i am in the throes of a new romance.

This was begun in December. That's four or five new romances ago.

by GGreply 5203/06/2013

Fascinating menu. Sure to get plenty of raves.

by GGreply 5303/08/2013

What happened to that Underground banquet you were putting together? Do you have a new beau?

by GGreply 5405/17/2013

What's going on GG?

by GGreply 5505/20/2013
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