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Bill Allowing Guns In Schools, Churches Moves Through Legislature

LANSING (WWJ) - It could soon be legal to carry concealed weapons into Michigan churches, schools, hospitals and sports arenas.

A bill that would wipe out most so-called “gun free zones” is speeding through the lame duck legislature, despite some vocal opposition.

Randy Block from the group Michigan Unitarian Universality says the fast-tracked legislation did not get the consideration it deserves.

Block was among several who testified before a House committee Monday morning.

“If it really had the chance to be seriously debated, they wouldn’t come out of committee, but they’re being railroaded through the legislative process this time — and I don’t think that that’s very good for democracy or our citizens,” Block told WWJ Newsradio 950.

“It violates our religious principles that you should try to resolve things with love not hate,” he said. “People believe in peaceful resolution — and bringing a piece is not what we had in mind, I guess you could say.”

The House committee passed the bill on Wednesday. The full House is expected to follow suit, even as clergy members presented lawmakers with thousands of petition signatures from those opposing the legislation.

WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick reports political opponents have called it ”another example of this legislature over-reaching,” while sponsors of the bill believe the law will make citizens safer.

Under the new law, people who concealed carry in gun-free zones would have to get enhanced training beyond basic requirements and spend additional time at the gun range. “Open carry” in those areas would remain prohibited.

The state Senate approved the bill last month. It’s not clear of Gov. Rick Snyder plans to sign it.

by Michigan reps are INSANEreply 812/14/2012

Next they'll pass a bill renaming the state "Nugentland."

by Michigan reps are INSANEreply 112/12/2012

A large percentage of Americans think this is a good thing.

by Michigan reps are INSANEreply 212/14/2012

[quote]“It violates our religious principles that you should try to resolve things with love not hate,” he said. “People believe in peaceful resolution — and bringing a piece is not what we had in mind, I guess you could say.”

Well, in that case nobody in your church is gonna be packin'. Problem solved!

by Michigan reps are INSANEreply 312/14/2012

Guns should also be allowed in government buildings - especially the state capitol. They have a tendency of keeping themselves out of the line of fire.

by Michigan reps are INSANEreply 412/14/2012

I can understand why the Church is worried. A hate group who now has to allow guns at its meetings??? It is a recipe for disaster.

by Michigan reps are INSANEreply 512/14/2012

A church can't demand that a weapon be left off their property?

by Michigan reps are INSANEreply 612/14/2012

The Koch brothers are backing all this stuff, and this is part of a move all across the country in other states as well. Just because they lost the White House doesn't mean they will stop putting their agenda in place.

The Right to Work law didn't happen overnight or in a vacuum. The State Supreme Court is dominated by Republicans, the legislature is majority Republicans in both houses, and the Secretary of State and the state Attorney General are Republicans. Conservative, reactionary Republicans. (are there any other kind.)

The Democratic Party in Michigan is a joke. The rank & file union members were called Reagan Democrats, union members who didn't give a damn about the leadership endorsement of Carter, or Mondale, but went against their own interests voting for the GOP.

Shortly after Reagan won in 1980, he cut the supplemental benefit pay for autoworkers, then broke the air traffic controllers union. They voted for him again in 1984, after Reagan crushed the air traffic controllers. So they knew what they were getting.

The power in the state shifted with the population, to the western end of the state which is heavily GOP and conservative. That's the backstory.

The Rove/Koch agenda is going to be implemented state by state whether we want it to or not. If there ever was a time for action, and a complete full on mobilization by "community organizers, it's now.

Legislative redistricting has screwed up opportunities to get rid of people. The only possible way the GOP can be defeated is for the union households and the non-union households in the eastern part of the lower peninsula stop fighting with each other, stop listening to Glenn Beck, Rush & Ted Nugent, and give up their gay-hating, racist ways. Good luck with that.

The leadership of the Michigan Democratic party is a joke. It is made up of hacks who squabble among themselves for private opportunities. They are probably arguing as we speak about how they're going to demonstrate, and jump up and down.

Now that they were "ambushed" by this governor who "gave his word." The Koch brothers had they people at that rally. They even stage a fight for the TV cameras.

Think about this. The most powerful Democratic elected officials in the state, three Democratic Congressmen and a U. S. senator, are all over the age of 75. The three congressmen are over 80. That's right. Dingell, Conyers, and Sander Levin. Over 80 yrs old.

by Michigan reps are INSANEreply 712/14/2012

Sorry for the typos. It reads as if English is my second language. Wanted to add that the news media aids and abets by giving scant coverage to what goes on in the state legislatures.

Most people don't even know who represents them or what these idiots propose. The GOP bakcers benefit from things that happen when no one is paying attention. That's why they can win these damned elections.

People need to wake up in Michigan. The Right to Work law was a huge humiliation. This is the home of Organized Labor. Maybe people will wake up.

by Michigan reps are INSANEreply 812/14/2012
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