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“As The World Turns” Star Van Hansis Plays Gay Again In “Eastsiders”

In the new indie web series EastSiders, a gay couple tries to pick up the pieces after one of them has been unfaithful. The show stars writer-director Kit Williamson and Van Hansis, an Emmy nominee for his role as a young gay man on As The World Turns.

by Tyler Hanesreply 5510/19/2014

This weed isn't gonna pay for itself!

by Tyler Hanesreply 112/11/2012

That's one way for a former soap star who played a popular gay character to get publicity.

Another is to get arrested for trying to buy cocaine from an undercover cop.

by Tyler Hanesreply 212/13/2012

My how the mighty have fallen. Two years ago, this thread would have had 200+ replies.

by Tyler Hanesreply 312/15/2012

Total fiction. Gays don't live on the East Side.

by Tyler Hanesreply 412/16/2012

Well at least she's not escorting. Or working at American Apparel.

A girl's gotta eat!

by Tyler Hanesreply 512/16/2012

I bet this is based on a true story. Van's!

by Tyler Hanesreply 612/16/2012

Looks bad and Hansis looks awful in it. Like he needs a bath and a haircut.

by Tyler Hanesreply 712/16/2012

East side of where? I bet he thought he was going to be on Eastenders.

by Tyler Hanesreply 812/16/2012

I'm not a crazy fangurl, but I never believed that Van was gay, and this seals it for me. A desperately closeted actor would not take on a string of gay roles because of the fear of being labeled gay. He'd instead go for some bullshit macho roles. Only a hetero actor comfortable with his straight sexuality would take these gay roles. That pretty much confirms that Van is straight. Besides, I know for a fact that Van was dating a woman when he was on ATWT, and no it wasn't Liz Hendrickson LOLZ. I remember Soap Opera Weekly had pictures of them occasionally in their Seen Around Town section.

by Tyler Hanesreply 912/16/2012

r7, Van has a little problem where he perspires a more than normal people.

by Tyler Hanesreply 1012/16/2012

I think R9's logic is faulty. Van is clearly hiding in plain sight-- pretty much everyone knows he's gay even though he hasn't said it outright.

Doing a web series is less a sign of him being straight and more a sign that he's struggling to find work.

by Tyler Hanesreply 1112/16/2012

Van should have stayed in NYC and done theater and Indie film.

by Tyler Hanesreply 1212/16/2012

r12, this is another New York show shot in Hollywood? Good enough reason not to watch!

by Tyler Hanesreply 1312/16/2012

Van had so much more romantic/sexual chemistry with his female co-stars than with his male co-stars like that crappy actor Jake whatshisface. Van's a wonderful actor, and it's to his credit that he could play gay believably. BUt there was no denying his smoldering chem with the ladies.

by Tyler Hanesreply 1412/16/2012

R14 I agree about Jake but he had total chemistry with the doctor. And which lady did he have sexual chemistry with because I can't think of any?

by Tyler Hanesreply 1512/16/2012

Ignore r9/r14. Clearly a delusional fangirl despite their claims not to be. Van had no romantic or sexual chemistry with any woman on the show. He has never been linked with a woman and not gone to great effort to disguise his relationship with Tyler Hanes.

by Tyler Hanesreply 1612/16/2012

If he's straight, he's straight. If he's gay, he's reprehensibly closeted.

by Tyler Hanesreply 1712/16/2012

r9/r14 Perhaps if Van was getting back-to-back jobs, he might be picky about what roles he's playing.

But Van has barely worked since ATWT was canceled. So, he's not going to turn down a part offered to him simply because the character happens to be gay.

by Tyler Hanesreply 1812/16/2012

Is he still with Tyler? Does anyone know?

by Tyler Hanesreply 1912/16/2012

R19, I don't know if he's still with Tyler. Regardless, when he WAS with Tyler (if he still isn't), it was very much a glass closet kind of thing; they were obviously a couple when out and about, even if Van never made any official pronouncement about their relationship or his sexual orientation.

by Tyler Hanesreply 2012/16/2012

R7, it's supposed to be gritty, that's the whole point of it. They all look messy and dirty (not in a good way). It's about the apocalypse!

R9/R14 sounds like the Luke is straight fangirl troll. I'm not even sure why I'm bothering replying to this.. but I will. I agree that closeted actors would take on macho roles if they wanted to hide, BUT Van doesn't exactly have the option of choosing roles.. he has barely gotten any work since ATWT ended.. he would take whatever was handed to him, whether it means playing a gay or a straight man. Second.. it's not like Van Hansis is a new Tom Cruise or Luke Evans. Van Hansis hasn't commented on his private life. He's not ashamed of who he is and he's not covering up his sexuality. He just chooses not to talk about it.. and we can discuss if that's the right choice. I wish he could be open, but at the same time I understand his possible reasons for staying in the closet. I just admire the fact that he isn't bearding or claiming to be straight. Anyway.. Van is clearly not ashamed of who he is, which means he's not afraid to take on gay roles either. I admit that actors deep in the closet, claiming to be straight would think twice about gay roles, but Van is clearly not like that. He seems pretty open about his sexuality.. he's in a glass closet basically.

by Tyler Hanesreply 2112/16/2012

For the past year, Van has been in a helplessly heterosexual May-December romance with Victoria Wyndham. They share a love of horses, sculpting and crystal meth.

by Tyler Hanesreply 2212/16/2012

Actually Eastsiders (in L.A. geniuses) seems quite good. I liked it. Van looks great as do the other guys in it. The whole cast is good. Glad to see him again.

by Tyler Hanesreply 2312/16/2012

[R9] is a very delusional fangurl,LOL. Van is gay, gay, gay and publicity pictures in soap mags are just that. I have never heard that Van was involved with any girl, even as a front though. He has barely worked since he left ATWT which is why he is reduced to a webseries. Van has never pretended to be straight, or had a "beard" girlfriend, just doesn't come right out and say he is gay.

by Tyler Hanesreply 2412/16/2012

What R24 said. Everyone - EVERYONE - knows he's gay. He's not even remotely trying to be in.

by Tyler Hanesreply 2512/16/2012

And also, the GAY MALE ESCORTING suggests that he's slept with men before.

by Tyler Hanesreply 2612/16/2012

I understand Van has been seen carousing about town with Vicki Sleestack.

by Tyler Hanesreply 2712/16/2012

Wait, Van was an escort?

by Tyler Hanesreply 2812/16/2012

R15, clearly, you're not remembering Kathleen Widdoes!

by Tyler Hanesreply 2912/16/2012

LOL r29

by Tyler Hanesreply 3012/16/2012

Ham Hansis.

REID, I can't BELIEEEVE that you think NO-AH and IIIII are STILL together! WEEEE are just FRIENDS!!!

by Tyler Hanesreply 3112/16/2012

This thread is really dead; I guess Van's mystique has faded, LOL!

by Tyler Hanesreply 3212/18/2012

Hardly R32. The first ep is close to 20,000 views. It's gotten a lot of good buzz. Van looks great and the shot of his feet is hot, hot, hot. Seriously I'm thrilled to see him back in something regular. The writer/creator Kit Williamson plays Van's bf and imagine the scenarios Williamson can contoct with Van. Lucky, lucky guy.

As for Tyler, he's on the road touring in a musical . I doubt they are still together. Van seems to have made a lot of new acting pals in LA. Who wants to bet Jake Silberman is frothing at the mouth to guest star on this show?

by Tyler Hanesreply 3312/18/2012

R3, I love you

by Tyler Hanesreply 3412/18/2012

Bet the 20,000 views is from around 100 people who keep watching it over and over. He and Jake have always had a rather scary stalkerish fanbase.

by Tyler Hanesreply 3512/18/2012

Alert me with Billy Magnussen plays a gay character again.

by Tyler Hanesreply 3612/18/2012

Would it kill them to have a gay person play a gay part?

by Tyler Hanesreply 3712/18/2012

[quote] Total fiction. Gays don't live on the East Side

the mayor does

Do these web series pay the actors well? How do these web series make money?

by Tyler Hanesreply 3812/18/2012

New interview with Van about "Eastsiders." He also talks about the final days of ATWT.

by Tyler Hanesreply 3912/20/2012

R39 - Let me guess - this is an interview by someone in the soap press; who else interviews has been soap actors. When he is interviewed by Entertainment Tonight or someone of any substance, let us know!

by Tyler Hanesreply 4012/20/2012

I thought I would liven up this dead Van thread - if anyone is interested, the producer/writer etc. of Van's two episode new online series, is busy raising funds so they can get another bunch of episodes made. After two they ran out of money -for anyone who has a few bucks they might not need for food or something, you can go to the Kickstarter site to make a contribution. This is not a joke - apparently anyone who is an ex-soap star is reduced to begging.

by Tyler Hanesreply 4101/11/2013

I thought it was EastEnders. Don't care now.

by Tyler Hanesreply 4201/11/2013

He's so fat and hairy now. All he needs are some tacky earrings, and he could play Pat back from the dead.

by Tyler Hanesreply 4301/11/2013

Any updates on Van? Did his little websoap tank? I attempted to watch an episode but it was pretty painful. Are he a Tyler still together? Rumor was that he wanted the Jacob Young recast role on the new AMC, but was rejected. Seems to be the story of his career.

by Tyler Hanesreply 4403/02/2013

R44 Nope just got picked up by the logo network.

by Tyler Hanesreply 4504/17/2013

So here's an interview with Van Hansis where he says he's has a partner that he has been in a relationship with for years.

Is this his way of coming out and testing the waters, like when Anderson Cooper said bitch please on the plane.

His interview was carefully gender neutral.

by Tyler Hanesreply 4605/09/2013

Jesse Soffer, who played Will Munson, is playing Travis Alexander in the Jodi Arias TV movie.

by Tyler Hanesreply 4705/09/2013

Partner and gender neutral=GAY!!!!

by Tyler Hanesreply 4805/09/2013

Van Hansis and Tyler Hanes dancing

by Tyler Hanesreply 4905/10/2013

Happy 32nd Birthday, Van!

Born Sept. 25, 1981

by Tyler Hanesreply 5009/25/2013

What happened to the other one from that couple. Someone was posting something on here about him waving his dick around on stage.

by Tyler Hanesreply 5109/25/2013

Is he drugged out with Scott Evans and Chandler Massey yet?

by Tyler Hanesreply 5201/03/2014

Van just came out as gay in the latest issue of The Fight magazine, an LA based magazine.

Fight: You were out in your personal life, but you didn’t speak out about your sexual orientation at the start of your career. What was your hesitation?

Van Hansis: I guess it was a combination of a lot of things—It was my first job, it was a different time back then in regards to LGBT stories being told—I mean, the Luke story was groundbreaking at the time. Now, I think every remaining soap has a gay storyline. I was completely green, fresh out of college, and honestly, I was scared.

by Tyler Hanesreply 5305/05/2014

I started watching Eastsiders this morning. It's pretty good. Van's not even the cutest guy on the show, but he's the one I most want to fuck.

by Tyler Hanesreply 5405/09/2014

Van Hansis to star in new gay mystery Kiss Me Kill Me, with Queer As Folk Hunk Gale Harold. Kickstarting now!

by Tyler Hanesreply 5510/19/2014
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