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Princess Anne of Hathaway was quite something on Letterman last night

Prissy, entitled, and an outright cunt.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 6212/16/2012

What did she say?

by your Hathaway troll.reply 112/11/2012

Hope he asked about her ex, Raffaello Follieri.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 412/11/2012

Hathaway troll I was wondering when you'd pop up tonight so I could post this little gem.

Princess indeed!

by your Hathaway troll.reply 512/11/2012

Izzat her COOCH?!


by your Hathaway troll.reply 612/11/2012

I love Anne Hathaway but do we really think she, or anyone, has a chance against the great Sally Field for her Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her superb work in LINCOLN.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 712/11/2012

I'll never forget a Barbara Walters interview she did when Barbara (weirdly) asked Anne if she ever did drugs.

Anne goes into this story of how she was at some Hollywood house party and everyone was passing around a mirror with lines of coke on it. Anne, being ever the perfect princess, simply said "No thank you" and passed the mirror along when it came to her.

Bitch, please. You snorted that shit down like an aardvark going for ants.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 812/11/2012

Sally will have to flash some serious hoochie at this point to win over Princess.

Ampas members love the pubes.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 912/11/2012

Anne Hathaway obviously hasn't learned a thing about Oscar-campaign interviews. If she wanted to be the frontrunner, she should have studied Sally Field's LINCOLN interviews with Oprah and the ladies of The View as hard as she claims she studied voice for LES MIZ. Sally's were brilliant on every level, as was her Mary Todd, and coaxed undecided voters her way.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 1012/11/2012

Annie was a cokehead especially around the time of Alice in Wonderland. She was likely truthful in that she wouldn't do it in public due to her prissy image, but in private it was another story. Like a lot of her peers got hooked for weight control purposes.

There were rumors then that her unemployed bf (now husband) was actually her PA-dealer.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 1112/11/2012

R11 - How do you know this?

by your Hathaway troll.reply 1312/11/2012

You're kidding, R11. Adam Shulman, dealing drugs is laughable. Never happened. He was an actor, doing commercial work and quirky indies. Were talking about do it yourself indies with no distributor.

He & his brother were and probably still are geeks. Nerds. He's a very sweet guy and was a decent enough comedic actor if he could ever get a break.

But once he started dating Anne, he went everywhere with her. Every press junket, there he was bringing up the rear. At some point she began telling people he designed jewelry. Now she's telling Letterman he's a "producer?"

I hope this works for them. Maybe it will. He is "there" for her and non competitve. He's in his 30's, so maybe he's given up on his dreams. Maybe not. Maybe he'll write and direct and act in his own projects. Bet he can get financing now.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 1412/11/2012

I think Anne is the coolest actress in Hollywood.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 1512/11/2012

Seeing her great performance in Havoc (lots of actors were great in this film)I'd say she knows how to snort some Peruvian flake.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 1812/11/2012

R2 is correct, she was "false and phony through the whole thing and seems to think she is Princess Diana."

R3 is also correct and I too thought she "was annoying as hell"

I watched the interview because she boycotted Letterman's show for several years because of jokes he made about her now-convicted criminal bf. He discussed it widely on his show, and if you noticed he asked her permission prior to discussing the marriage.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 1912/11/2012

She calls her husband a jewelry designer because he does in fact design jewelry. Really cheap-looking jewelry too:

by your Hathaway troll.reply 2012/12/2012

Jessica Biel "fuming" over losing plum movie roles to Anne Hathaway as her newest rom-com misfires:

by your Hathaway troll.reply 2212/12/2012

Biel has aged quickly and has a limited range.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 2312/12/2012

Biel and Butler looked like a father-daughter duo. It's hard to imagine why anyone thought that would work as a romantic comedy.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 2412/12/2012

She is on jimmy Fallon and he is going bonkers over her.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 2512/12/2012

Anne Hathaway is a whore. She deserved to be thrown out of that workhouse!

by your Hathaway troll.reply 2612/12/2012

OP, that clip should come with a barf bag.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 2712/12/2012

Missy showed her mussy. Missy pretended to be emberrassed over and over again. But na gnagbleeb it an donchoo eder.Missy tank dat ussy git her a prize.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 2812/12/2012

She's a CUNT.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 2912/12/2012

Is that what you call the stroke vids you post, R14? Quirky Indies?

by your Hathaway troll.reply 3012/12/2012

Sorry Kerry Washington is the coolest actress in Hollywood.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 3112/12/2012

I don't get why everyone on here hates her so vehemently. It's not like Gwyneth where the whole internet hates her, this is just DL.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 3212/12/2012

I don't get it either, R32.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 3312/12/2012

I hate her because she lived up the high life with her ex and turned state's on him.

I also find her incredibly overrated and wonder why so many people find her compelling.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 3412/12/2012

The backlash against her and her waaay over-the-top Oscar campaign isn't contained to just this board. I've been surprised to read negative comments at other spots that were previously kind.

There's over 600 comments on a DM post today, almost all negative. And they weren't trolls, were regular posters who were usually positive about her in the past.

Don't know what's happened. She always used to be a bit grating but also had a quirky self-deprecating charm that diffused the irritability factor. Her ego has grown tenfold this past year, I find her insufferable to watch now.

And I say this as a longtime fan.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 3612/12/2012

Wrong R32, I know of at least a few devoted communities of awards prognosticators outside of DL who don't care much for Hathaway either. It's her Oscar whoring that they find off putting. I personally, don't hate her, but I don't really get her appeal either. She'll probably win the Oscar though.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 3712/12/2012

R35 is the type who demands PROOF, PROOF POSITIVE of any claimed infraction of manners by her favorite celebrities, but is perfectly willing to accept them as perfect without having knowledge of them other than they make her curtains swell and get sticky.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 3812/12/2012

R38 fingers his urethra.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 3912/12/2012

I don’t know who the hell is advising her this media go round but it’s terrible to watch. She’s beyond off-putting.

I know her publicist is famous in Hollywood and handles other high-profile actresses but he’s doing her no favors. It’s as if she’s been coached or told to appear self-confident to the point of brittle and grating. I don’t recognize her.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 4012/12/2012

Here's the part about Anne and her family giving the paps the finger during her wedding. I would have done the same.

I love Anne's dress, but think the makeup made her look clownish.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 4112/12/2012

Didn't she end up selling her wedding pictures anyway? I mean give me a break with this victim shit.

You know she's calling the paps half the time anyway. I swear there's a picture of her on JustJared every time her dog takes a shit. But now she's all boo hooing because they took a picture of her pussy on the red carpet (when she should have just worn panties for fuck's sake) and took some snaps of her wedding.

She's overexposed already which is insane when you think you'll be reading about her non-stop from here til February.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 4212/12/2012

I refuse to go see Anna Karenina because I loathe her so much.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 4312/12/2012

I refuse to see Gone with the Wind because I loathe her so much.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 4412/12/2012

Also, I won't bath because I loathe her so much.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 4512/12/2012

Anne is cool and so are her parents. They have another child, a son and he is gay. They got sick of the Catholics bashing them, and after a lifetime of churchgoing they quit and told everyone there why they could not support a place that had so much contempt for their son. I think it is a loyal and valuable loving thing to do for your kids. They're a nice family. I think Anne's mom is jealous, but she's an actress to, why shouldn't she be?

by your Hathaway troll.reply 4912/13/2012

Everyone who's worked with Anne hates her. Regardless of OP, she is really an entitled cunt. She is not a nice person.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 5112/13/2012

[quote]Sally will have to flash some serious hoochie

Oh, dear.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 5212/13/2012

[quote]Anne is cool and so are her parents. They have another child, a son and he is gay. They got sick of the Catholics bashing them, and after a lifetime of churchgoing they quit and told everyone there why they could not support a place that had so much contempt for their son. I think it is a loyal and valuable loving thing to do for your kids. They're a nice family. I think Anne's mom is jealous, but she's an actress to, why shouldn't she be?

Yes, and Oprah's black. We know about her 'gay brother' dear, as Anne refers to him.

Anne left Catholicism. Her parents have nothing to do with it.

Anne is a nasty piece of work.

Get going, Pollyanna Mary.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 5312/13/2012

[quote]outright cunt.

Well she really should learn how to exit a vehicle more gracefully if she's going to go commando.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 5412/13/2012

Lena Dunham, Angie Jolie, and Anne Hathaway have joined forces to form the Mercurial Mavens, a group of Super Villains whose mission it is to make DL a dark, moist vagine-like landscape, devoid of male privilege, a clean shaven and bathed Brad Pitt, and properly sung musical movie adaptations. These sorceresses will stop at nothing to make the DL a land full of hate and jealousy and ire.

Where's your hot, male gods now DL? Where goddamn it?

by your Hathaway troll.reply 5512/13/2012

"prissy entitled out right cunt" That is why the OP watched.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 5612/13/2012


by your Hathaway troll.reply 5712/13/2012

She could learn a thing from Jennifer Lawerence.

She's even more of a front runner in her category than Anne and she seemingly couldn't give a fuck. To be fair, she's probably busy counting all that Hunger Games money.

Jennifer will show up at the Oscars with her giant boobs looking gorgeous and hot, while Anne will show up looking gorgeous and cold.

by your Hathaway troll.reply 5812/14/2012

Um!? Ya'll old hags better realize. Ms Hathaway has been entertaining us since Princess Diaries. We have been the ones who have really appreciated her for acting chops. Havok, The Devil Wears Prada, Love & Other Drugs, The Dark Knight Rises. None of these movies are the same! She's one of our "It" Girls! She has all the right to be as bitchy as she wants because when It comes to versitility! Anne Delivers Bitches!

by your Hathaway troll.reply 5912/14/2012

LOL R59 it's Havoc

by your Hathaway troll.reply 6012/16/2012

She was best dressed on Fashion Police this week. (Although it wasnt the vagine smock.)

by your Hathaway troll.reply 6112/16/2012

Thanks for the SPOILER ALERT, R61!!

by your Hathaway troll.reply 6212/16/2012
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