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"All My Children" and "Caroline, Or Change" star Tonya Pinkins's Bizarre Conspiracy Theory About Midtown Murder

Oh, Livia.


Yesterday afternoon, on a busy street in midtown Manhattan, a law student named Brandon Woodard (above, left) was shot once in the head by an unknown assailant, who hopped into a waiting car and quickly melted into traffic. Woodard died of his wound in a nearby hospital; police are still looking for his killer and the getaway driver.

As if the case wasn't mysterious enough, it got weirder today, as Tony award-winning former soap star Tonya Pinkins (above, right) advanced the beginnings of an odd conspiracy theory involving Woodard, his parents, and Pinkins' ex-boyfriend. "We've been waiting for something like this," she told Showbiz411 columnist Roger Friedman. "Their enemies list is huge."

Pinkins, who might be known as much for the extended custody battle she waged throughout the 90s (in which she eventually represented herself, and from which she emerged nearly $100,000 in debt) as for her role as Livia Frye on All My Children or her Tony award for Jelly's Last Jam, has apparently been locked in a feud with Woodard's mother, Sandra McBeth Reynolds, for years.

According to Pinkins, Reynolds is a "big Black Collar criminal... connected to judges" who forged documents and engaged in real estate scams with Woodard:

Pinkins says murdered Brandon Woodard's name is on documents created by his mother on various loans and mortgages. "She would sell properties to Brandon and then he would default on them." Pinkins says she has a mound of paperwork with McBeth and Woodard's names, a complicated paper trail. "The number of people they burned, and people who lost their homes, is huge. Their enemies list is huge."

In 2009, to bolster her accusations against Reynolds, Pinkins created a website, Legally Proven Facts About Sandra McBeth, with links to court cases in which Reynolds had been involved; Reynolds sued over the website, lost, and in response created her own site, The Official Blog of Sandra Kay McBeth.

Reynolds is no longer married to Woodard's father, James Reynolds (the two are, according to Pinkins, fighting over $30 million that disappeared). She's now hitched to — surprise, surprise — Pinkins' ex-boyfriend, the disbarred lawyer Rodney David Wellington, whom Pinkins told Friedman has "legal and substance abuse problems." Wellington and McBeth Reynolds have custody of Pinkins and Wellington's 16-year-old daughter. Here is a chart I have made to help keep this all straight.

Pinkins says that she wasn't surprised that Woodard, who'd been arrested for stealing food and wine from supermarkets in 2008 and 2009, was killed like this. Neither, it seems, were his friends:

Mr. Woodard had been a fixture on the party and club scene in Los Angeles, a world of expensive alcohol and private tables where, friends said, people from elite pedigrees, like Mr. Woodard, might be seated next to those with seamier backgrounds. A friend in Los Angeles, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of being targeted by those who killed Mr. Woodard, said he had drifted into a rougher crowd. "It's a tragic ending," the friend said.

A friend of Mr. Woodard's in New York said, "It's funny to me that he didn't say he was coming here." The friend, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the suspects in the killing were still at large, last spoke to Mr. Woodard earlier this year when he was staying at a Park Avenue hotel. The friend said Mr. Woodard felt comfortable hobnobbing with well-known athletes or other stars at clubs. "He could go anywhere and know people — L.A. or Vegas or New York," the friend said. "He was one of those guys."

And yet police don't seem to have locked on his family as the cause for his death, and Pinkins is the only person selling this particular connection. This afternoon, NYPD released surveillance video of the shooting; they've also linked the gun to a 2009 shooting in Queens. If you know anything about Woodard's family or death, email us:

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by Anonymousreply 812/11/2012

She is on the top-ten list of the biggest dead-beat parents who don't pay child support,

by Anonymousreply 112/11/2012

This what comes of working with Jeanine Tesori?

by Anonymousreply 212/11/2012

She trained with Willim Esper.....that'll do it. (Those bitches be crazy!!!!)

by Anonymousreply 312/11/2012

How long until we're seeing this on SVU. With Tonya playing herself?

by Anonymousreply 412/11/2012

She's just a fucking hot mess herself...

by Anonymousreply 512/11/2012

So Brandon's last name was Woodard, but his mom and dad's last names were Reynolds?

by Anonymousreply 612/11/2012

Mystery surrounds New York slaying of L.A. man

December 11, 2012 | 6:00 pm

Brandon Woodard checked out of his Midtown Manhattan hotel room Monday afternoon and emerged onto 58th Street a block from Columbus Circle.

As the 31-year-old Playa Vista man walked down the street, a man standing near a Lincoln sedan pulled a hood over his head as Woodard passed by.

A short time later, the two passed each other a second time. The man turned, pulled out a gun and shot Woodard at close range in the back of the head with a .9-mm pistol. He then got back into the Lincoln, which pulled away.

The shooting has riveted New York and made for tabloid headlines. New York police have described the killing as an assassination-style attack. But it has also reverberated in Los Angeles, where Woodard was raised and made his home.

Woodard grew up in Ladera Heights, played basketball at the exclusive Campbell Hall private high school in Studio City and graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2003. His stepfather, Rod Wellington, said in an interview Tuesday that Woodard was pursuing a law degree at West Los Angeles College (school officials would not confirm if he was enrolled).

His stepfather described Woodard as a “loving son, a loving father and a loving brother.” Woodard had a 4-year-old daughter and had a “great relationship” with the girl and her mother, he said. “He was a good young man,” Wellington said.

But court records revealed a more complex picture. Woodard has been arrested at least 20 times, according to New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly. In 2004, Woodard was cited by Las Vegas police and summoned to court after a backstage scuffle with a security guard at an Usher concert at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino.

Police said Woodard had entered a restricted area and refused orders to leave. He failed to appear in court in connection with the citation, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was arrested in 2008 on that bench warrant, but police could not immediately say how the matter was resolved.

In February 2008, Los Angeles authorities allege that he stole items from a Whole Foods Market and a Gelson's. He was sentenced to nine days in County Jail and 200 hours of community service. In December 2009, he pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor hit-and-run driving charge in Torrance. He received three years and a day in County Jail.

Prosecutors said that he came back to court in 2010 and 2011 for probation violation hearings related to arrests for grand theft and battery against a former spouse as well as a spousal battery arrest in January 2012. In April, prosecutors said his probation was completed.

The Los Angeles city attorney's office said there was a hearing related to the September 2010 spousal abuse allegation and noted that a bench warrant had been issued for Woodard's arrest as recently as July 3, 2012. It was not immediately clear how the warrant was resolved.

Officials with the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office said Woodard was due in Beverly Hills Superior Court on Jan. 22, 2013, for a hearing in connection with a single charge of cocaine possession. He was originally charged last June.

Court records also indicted that Woodard's mother had been involved in multiple civil lawsuits related to her real estate business dealings. When Woodard was arrested in January 2012, he listed his occupation as real estate.

by Anonymousreply 712/11/2012


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by Anonymousreply 812/11/2012
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