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Anne Hathaway wows the NY crowd at Les Mis premiere!

The Oscar front runner wear gladiator styled strap on shoes that SLAYS the crowd outside the theater!!

by Anne's publicist.reply 512/16/2012

She also showed some pubic hair

by Anne's publicist.reply 112/11/2012

I'm simply F&F the Anne Hathaway troll because you're just a bore.

by Anne's publicist.reply 212/11/2012

This is my first Anne post and I'm not the troll. Just reporting what the NY Post article said.

by Anne's publicist.reply 312/11/2012

I'm sure she is a nice person and good in the film- but she does not look good in this getup and makeup etc.

by Anne's publicist.reply 412/11/2012

At SAG screening

by Anne's publicist.reply 512/16/2012
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