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SEX-ON-A-STICK stud, NAKED and high on meth, and covered head-to-toe in a "greasy substance," arrested for DUI

...and the chase started outside of a sleazy motel room, where he was seated nekkid in his Jeep. What, praytell, do we think was going on? EXTREME-kink sex party in one of the rooms? Did anyone investigate his ass for signs of fisting???

"Police arrested a man who led them on a car chase through parts of Williamson County while high on methamphetamines, naked and covered in a “greasy substance,” according to arrest records.

Scott MacFarland, 41, was in the Williamson County Jail Monday and facing felony charges for possession of methamphetamines, driving while intoxicated and evading arrest, according to jail records. According to arrest records, police received two calls on Dec. 5 about a man sitting in a Jeep in the nude outside of the Value Place Hotel near the intersection of U.S. 183 and Texas 45. The second caller told police the man was either intoxicated or high on drugs and that he had been violent in the past, arrest records said.

When police arrived around 7 p.m., they were told MacFarland had left in the Jeep and headed onto Hymeadow Drive, arrest records said. When one officer went after MacFarland, he saw the Jeep coming back toward the hotel, put his lights on and began to follow the Jeep, which did not stop and headed north on the U.S. 183 frontage road, according to arrest records.

According to arrest records, MacFarland was initially not speeding and traffic was heavy in the area. However, he eventually reached speeds as high as 80 mph and ran a red light during the lengthy chase, according to arrest records. He initially avoided Stop Sticks, which puncture tires to stop the fleeing vehicle, according to arrest records. However, Stop Sticks at Amherst Drive caught MacFarland’s Jeep, which rolled off the road into a ditch, according to arrest records.

MacFarland opened his door but refused officers’ orders to get out of the Jeep, arrest records said. Police heard him make a comment wondering “if it was him (police) were chasing,” arrest records said. Police pulled MacFarland out of the vehicle, but had a difficult time because he was naked and “covered in a greasy substance and it was very hard to get ahold of him,” arrest records said.

Once handcuffed, MacFarland appeared to be confused and would not answer simple questions, such as telling police his name, arrest records said. Police believed him to be under the influence because “he was acting in such an odd manner,” according to arrest records. MacFarland was taken to the hospital on the recommendation of emergency medical services personnel, arrest records said. While searching the Jeep, police found a large bag of syringes in the cup holder and a small bag of methamphetamine, according to arrest records."

by Anonymousreply 212/10/2012

He is definitely hot OP. He would SOOOOOO make Mama's mussy moist! She'd be hoisting her caftan in no time.

by Anonymousreply 112/10/2012

Uh, you two elderly cunts can have him.

by Anonymousreply 212/10/2012
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