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**BREAKING NEWS** Facebook is DOWN across the world

Internet explorer cannot display the web page!

by MARY!reply 4612/11/2012

I thought it was just me!

by MARY!reply 112/10/2012

It's not just IE. Photos aren't displaying in Firefox either.

by MARY!reply 212/10/2012

a friend says he can get it.

by MARY!reply 312/10/2012

works for me

by MARY!reply 412/10/2012

I'm going to cut the fuck out of someone if facebook doesn't load soon. What is going ON?!?!

by MARY!reply 512/10/2012

works for me too

by MARY!reply 612/10/2012

one part of me hopes that it will never be back up

by MARY!reply 712/10/2012

The system is down: Facebook crashes in wake of epic Gmail failure

by MARY!reply 812/10/2012

Not working for me on Chrome. Facebook is usually the go-to site I go to when I log onto the Internet. When it didn't work, I just assumed Comcast's shitty service was down.

by MARY!reply 912/10/2012

Haven't used IE in years

by MARY!reply 1012/10/2012

This is so unacceptable.

by MARY!reply 1112/10/2012

Doesn't work with Chrome either.

by MARY!reply 1212/10/2012

What ISP do you guys use? I use Time Warner Cable - wonder if it's a TWC issue.

by MARY!reply 1312/10/2012

doesn't work in Safari either

by MARY!reply 1412/10/2012

What is Facebook?

by MARY!reply 1512/10/2012

LOL I was JUST trying to log onto FB (unsuccessfully) when I saw this thread. I thought maybe my internet had cut out.

by MARY!reply 1612/10/2012

It works for me on Safari.

by MARY!reply 1712/10/2012

Just call telephone works just fine.

by MARY!reply 1812/10/2012

It was fine until an hour or so ago.

by MARY!reply 1912/10/2012

no with Rockmelt, Firefox, and IE..Comcast

by MARY!reply 2012/10/2012

Is this it? We're the Mayans right? Is this the beginning of the end?

by MARY!reply 2112/10/2012

Not working on safari here.

by MARY!reply 2212/10/2012

DNS error?

by MARY!reply 2312/10/2012

I can't log into my Facebook, and I have important things to write, HELP ME!

by MARY!reply 2412/10/2012

How the fuck am I supposed to brag now?

by MARY!reply 2512/10/2012

Someone help me log in NOW!

by MARY!reply 2612/10/2012

Working on Android

by MARY!reply 2712/10/2012

The Facebook Experiment is over. RIP.

by MARY!reply 2812/10/2012

I have some new pictures of Madesyn's birthday party to post!!!!! Please hurry up and fix it!

by MARY!reply 2912/10/2012

Oh God, NO!!! How am I going to send all my friends the "holiday greetings" photo I took of me and my kitty wearing matching elf costumes? And what am I possibly going to do with all my free time? This is the beginning of the Apocalypse isn't it!?

by MARY!reply 3012/10/2012

I need to 'like' something! I'm jonesing!

by MARY!reply 3112/10/2012

I'm an idiotic eldergay with no friends!


by MARY!reply 3212/10/2012


by MARY!reply 3312/10/2012

Mark Zuckerberg promised us this would never happen!!!

by MARY!reply 3412/10/2012

Works for me on IE.

by MARY!reply 3512/10/2012

it's up and running now

by MARY!reply 3612/10/2012

Fine now.

by MARY!reply 3712/10/2012


by MARY!reply 3812/10/2012

When are they going to come out with Assbook? Or Dickbook?

by MARY!reply 3912/10/2012

Neither FB nor Gmail ever went down for me today. Weird.

by MARY!reply 4012/10/2012

I was rebooting the server...sorry.

by MARY!reply 4112/10/2012

Whats new.

by MARY!reply 4212/10/2012

The website or the stock?

by MARY!reply 4312/10/2012

There is no Facebook. There is only ZUUL.

by MARY!reply 4412/10/2012

This is working out quite well for me. I'm not on Facebook. Never have been.

by MARY!reply 4512/11/2012

Send a letter, MARIA!

by MARY!reply 4612/11/2012
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