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I ate some refried beans, please pray for me!

Oh Jesus it hurts. I've been low carbing for two months and couldn't resist eating about a cup - just a cup - of lardy, carby refried beans at lunch. With cheese on them. I have passed up chocolate, pies, cupcakes, you name it...but I lose it on some damn BEANS?

I'm just desperately waiting for a visit from the fart fairy, anything, HELL, I expect a sales rep from Montezuma's Revenge to stop by and give me a full demo of their services and it will be GREATLY appreciated!

by No more beans, essereply 512/10/2012

slow carbs. Not a problem OP.

by No more beans, essereply 112/10/2012

What are slow carbs?

by No more beans, essereply 212/10/2012

OP, you have an eating disorder.

by No more beans, essereply 312/10/2012

Thoughts and prayers.

by No more beans, essereply 412/10/2012

I bought a box of Whitman's sugar-free chocolates on sale at CVS. Whatever they replaced the sugar with gave me excrutiating, stanky gas.

by No more beans, essereply 512/10/2012
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