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Who are the famous people on DL?



Marc Shaiman?


Well, who else?

by SF**erreply 7712/18/2012


by SF**erreply 112/10/2012

Taylor Lautner

by SF**erreply 212/10/2012

I guess you could best describe me as formerly semi-famous.

by SF**erreply 312/10/2012

Donna posts here?

by SF**erreply 412/11/2012


by SF**erreply 512/11/2012

Josh who?

by SF**erreply 612/14/2012

Mrs. Patsy Ramsey formerly of Boulder, CO.

by SF**erreply 712/15/2012

[quote]Josh who?


by SF**erreply 812/15/2012

Rosie may have been here a long time ago, but asked on her blog whether she comes here about 5 yrs ago she said "never!" That makes sense to me, most of the comments would piss her off. She's like Whoopi and thinks celebrities are sacred, while they get ripped apart here. If she ever comes here, it's as an anonymous troll, probably angrily defending herself and other celebs.

R6 & 8, it's my understanding Josh was a marginally famous drag queen who also wrote a few books. He had a following here 5 or more years ago and has thankfully disappeared.

by SF**erreply 912/15/2012

Everybody 'famous' here has moved on in short order because they've been cunted out. Either that or they don't identify.

by SF**erreply 1012/15/2012

R9 I take it you do not watch amazing race or the Beekman boys reality shows.

by SF**erreply 1112/15/2012

John Wesley Shipp actually responded to a thread that was devoted to him.

He confirmed this on his Facebook page

Thread at link below

by SF**erreply 1212/15/2012

Jimmy Carter

Angelina Jolie

Aung San Suu Kyi

Philip Roth

Nelson Mandela

Steven Spielberg

by SF**erreply 1312/15/2012

R12, JWS only came here because he stumbled across a link on Google whilst Googling himself. He's not a regular.

by SF**erreply 1412/15/2012

I am sure he's come back for more.

by SF**erreply 1512/15/2012

I am!

by SF**erreply 1612/15/2012

Nobody with an actual life would ever come here! Datalounge is just for bitter chaps with waaaaay too much time on their hands who still use words like "frau" and "Oh, Mary" all the time.

by SF**erreply 1712/15/2012

R13 is correct. You bitches made house arrest a little less...boring.

by SF**erreply 1812/15/2012

[quote]JWS only came here because he stumbled across a link on Google whilst Googling himself.

LOL! All actors, in a nutshell

by SF**erreply 1912/15/2012

You guys don't have google alerts set up for yourselves?

by SF**erreply 2012/15/2012

Not being an insane narcissist myself: no, I don't, r20.

by SF**erreply 2112/15/2012

I'm convinced Craig Ferguson is here. I've read things, odd phrases or expressions I've never heard before, and then hours later the same things pop out of Ferguson's mouth.

by SF**erreply 2212/15/2012

[quote]You guys don't have google alerts set up for yourselves?

Is that you kirker?

by SF**erreply 2312/15/2012

Joy Behar (or her writers) must read DL. I swear I've seen some of our obscure threads discussed as topics on her show. (She even discussed the M vs. G feud.)

by SF**erreply 2412/15/2012

[quote] Who are the famewhores on DL?

Fixed that for you.

by SF**erreply 2512/15/2012

Nikki Finke came by one night, and proved it was her by previewing something she was about to post.

by SF**erreply 2612/15/2012

I swear Brett Easton Ellis is on here. Sometimes late at night he'll be tweeting and there will simultaneously be posts in the film/Oscar threads that sound just like him. Sometimes I suspect he is the M troll.

by SF**erreply 2712/15/2012

I am somewhat famous, but would never tell you people who I am. One, you would never believe me, and two, it would be a waste of my time. I enjoy my anonymity on here. That is one of the best things about the internet. Being able to mingle with people without the usual sycophantic bullshit.

by SF**erreply 2812/15/2012

r 28, give up the dish... gossip please, who have you fucked that is somewhat equally as somewhat famous?

by SF**erreply 2912/15/2012

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

by SF**erreply 3012/15/2012

Hmmm you had sex with JTT? When?

by SF**erreply 3112/15/2012

Michael Musto used to post here occasionally. He probably still reads it to get a pulse on what people are gossiping about. Gossip is his job so I'm sure he's still reading DL regularly, and maybe posting anonymously sometimes, but I haven't seen him post with his name for many years.

I'm also sure Michelangelo Signorile reads it to get ideas for his radio show.

by SF**erreply 3212/16/2012

Well, I think we can narrow down our guesses @ R28 considerably just by considering only those "somewhat famous" people who would know how to use "sycophantic" in a sentence.

Let's play "What's My Line"

R28, are you male or female?

by SF**erreply 3312/16/2012

R28, what kind of career do you have? And if you're an entertainer, what medium do you typically work in?

by SF**erreply 3412/16/2012

R28, are you hot? Do you Skype?

by SF**erreply 3512/16/2012

You're right, R28. There sure aren't any sycophants here!

by SF**erreply 3612/16/2012

Do you work for Good Morning AMerica?

by SF**erreply 3712/16/2012

Larry Joo.

by SF**erreply 3812/16/2012

r28 = RDJ

by SF**erreply 3912/16/2012

Here are two of them together in infamy!

by SF**erreply 4012/16/2012

At least John Wesley Shipp signed his name here.

Has anyone else done that?

by SF**erreply 4112/16/2012

Jake Gyllenhaal here, any questions boys?

by SF**erreply 4212/16/2012

Yes, R42.

Who are you, again?

by SF**erreply 4312/16/2012

There is an actress friend of mine who posts here sometimes, I won't say her name because there is a possibility she'll come across this thread and while she wouldn't mind me saying this, she wouldnt be happy with me outing her (which id never do anyway)

She started posting here to whittle down the time between takes, first came here by google alerting her name. (never told her about it previously because I didn't think she'd like the bitchiness and dark humor, but she really took to it)

Anyway, she's one of us, but not out publicly. That's as much as I'll say because I love her and respect our friendship.

by SF**erreply 4412/16/2012

Marissa Berenson

by SF**erreply 4512/16/2012

Come back somewhat famous person! I was only joking.

by SF**erreply 4612/16/2012

Gyllenhaal, I want to be your sugar daddy. I don't want sex, I'm too old to besmirch your beautiful body, I just want to make you happy.

I am told I am doing that by leaving you alone, but....

by SF**erreply 4712/16/2012

Thomas Roberts posted here a couple of times five or six years ago.

Also, don't forget about D'Arcy, a.k.a. Jeannette Walls.

by SF**erreply 4812/16/2012

Oh wow, when did Jeannette post?

by SF**erreply 4912/16/2012

^ I think it was sometime in 2004 or 2005.

by SF**erreply 5012/16/2012

I will second the poster who thinks BEE is here. I wonder if he's ever gotten W&W.

r22, I'm surprised at Craig Ferguson - wouldn't it be more likely one of his writers is here? Or were you picking up on idiosyncratic things that would only come from Craig's mouth?

by SF**erreply 5112/16/2012

r22, I feel the same way. There are things, for example, I've laughed at on American Dad and Family Guy that were discussed on threads in DL (and more obscure references)

by SF**erreply 5212/16/2012

the radio folks at Sirius OutQ

by SF**erreply 5312/16/2012

[quote]I am somewhat famous, but would never tell [bold]you people[/bold] who I am. One, you would never believe me, and two, it would be a waste of my time. I enjoy my anonymity on here. That is one of the best things about the internet. Being able to mingle with people without the usual sycophantic bullshit.

Ann Romney, queen of google alerts being mailed to her BlackBerry.

by SF**erreply 5412/16/2012

The poster said [italic]somewhat famous.[/italic] It's probably just Rafalca.

by SF**erreply 5512/16/2012

Some of the old timers, now dead, were regulars in 2002-2005.

by SF**erreply 5612/16/2012

Why would ANYONE on DL be a sycophant to Ann Romney? To get a job at one of her husband's companies only to be fired months later? I mean, really.

by SF**erreply 5712/16/2012

[quote]I will second the poster who thinks BEE is here. I wonder if he's ever gotten W&W.

That would require him to have some wit or wisdom, so, not likely.

by SF**erreply 5812/16/2012

r56, care to name names?

by SF**erreply 5912/16/2012

I always suspected that Whoopi comes here.

by SF**erreply 6012/16/2012

r28 If you are RDJ, please answer why SJP likes to be with gay men?

by SF**erreply 6112/16/2012

I think Paul Theroux has been here and may check threads and posts regularly. I read one post on a thread about England and it sounded remarkably like the writing in his travel books. I also think Angus T. Jones at least read the threads about himself a few weeks ago when he was trying to discourage people from watching the show that made him rich at the tender age of 10 (I think he's 19 or 20 now). Someone mentioned Jimmy Carter reading and posting here but I would tend to doubt it--he's too much of a Christian to do that but I may be wrong. I definitely wonder if Obama or Biden or anyone in the government reads the stuff that is posted here and may even post something himself.

by SF**erreply 6212/16/2012

[quote]I think Paul Theroux has been here and may check threads and posts regularly.

Oh, that's my fault -- I quoted him in here and he followed from a google search.

by SF**erreply 6312/16/2012

our very own James Franco!

by SF**erreply 6412/16/2012

I used to love this place, back when it was interesting.

And when my career was flourishing.


by SF**erreply 6512/16/2012

A clue, especially for people like Paul Theroux, is a well thought out post, well written, with no misspellings and good grammar. Given the vast majority of poorly written posts here, it is sometimes easy to tell if someone "famous" has dropped by.

by SF**erreply 6612/16/2012

Actually, we can change this to which people steal their material from DL - I can think of two: Andy Towle and that Boy Culture dude.

by SF**erreply 6712/16/2012

Perez Hilton

by SF**erreply 6812/16/2012

Anyone Really famous or what???

by SF**erreply 6912/16/2012

Anne Hathaway MUST post here ... otherwise why would we have so many threads about her? She's obviously just trying to keep her name out there as much as possible.

by SF**erreply 7012/16/2012

you will NEVER know!

by SF**erreply 7112/16/2012


by SF**erreply 7212/16/2012

R61, how can you possibly not already know all about faghags like Sarah Jessica Parker? Haven't you been friends with many of them ever since elementary school? It would be a dull world, especially for us bisexuals, if it wasn't filled with beautiful faghags. But there will never be another like Elizabeth Taylor. She was married to, had affairs with, and friendships with so many homosexual and bisexual men that nobody could possibly name them all. But there are so many others---Liza Minelli, Eartha Kitt, Natalie Wood, Joanne Carson, Joanne Woodward, Cher Bono, etc.

by SF**erreply 7312/16/2012

A writer for the Simpsons used to come here, but I hesitate to mention it.

by SF**erreply 7412/18/2012

Sarah Jessica Parker: I think that it's hard to deny that there is this wonderful search, this endeavor, for love. There's an emotional ingredient that when I talk to people in the gay community -- the clothing is fun, it's the cherry on the sundae, it's the souffle -- but I really think it's this ability to articulate emotion, embarrassing and candid and intimate and a humorous way of observing our emotional journeys that a lot of my gay friends really, really love. And I think they're really comfortable saying that and I think it's taken maybe the straight community a little bit longer. At the luggage carrier they [straight men] used to say [under their breath], "I love your show." Or, "My girlfriend or my wife forces me [to watch]." They seem to volunteer more freely that occasionally they even watch it on their own

by SF**erreply 7512/18/2012

Does Grace Coddington post here? Princess von Furstenberg-Diller?

by SF**erreply 7612/18/2012

Josh Kilmer-Purcell is a regular poster here as he admitted in his first book.

by SF**erreply 7712/18/2012
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