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JUDY GARLAND -- every Garland film in 14 minutes.

Miss Show Biz!

by I know... MARY!reply 412/10/2012

Nice stereo separation on a few of these.

by I know... MARY!reply 112/10/2012

Wow, i like less than 6 years she went from looking like a reasonably good looking young woman to some haggard old skag.

by I know... MARY!reply 212/10/2012

Pills that did it. And the liquor.

by I know... MARY!reply 312/10/2012

She looked like a child thru singing Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart.

Then a pretty teenager (excepting Wizard of Oz)thru the first Mickey Rooney collaborations til Ziegfeld Girl.

After Ziegfeld Girl, she really got the MGM glamour treatment in Lily Mars and the Minnelli films.

By Easter Parade she looked middle-aged and 10 years older than she really was.

With Annie Get Your Gun and Summer Stock, she was hopelessly haggard, either too thin or too heavy.

After that....well, you know the rest.

by I know... MARY!reply 412/10/2012
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