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Questions + problems for house decor experts

First, please forgive my bad writing and grammar. I am only recently to learn English language in the last year and am not good for writing yet. I hope that I can explain this enough to you to understand to help me.

Second, please forgive that this is so long in writing. I want to explain as many parts to this to make you understand.

I have been reading here since 2011.12 and I could see that many people are good with giving decor advice so I am thinking and wishing for your advice for myself.

I have since the death of my grandmother in August inheriting her house. It is a very old house, building in 1932 and very old, but in unusual i think style. There is tall ceilings, many hanging lamp fixtures (candeleres?), fireplaces and decorated woodworkings on ceilings, in all the rooms there is marble floors in a pattern that is so very beautifull. The floors marble is cut so that it looks like wooden herrinbone floor. There is iron worked stair railings and art iron work glass doors too. I do not know the word for it but there are windows with many coloured glasses in them. They look like church windows but have flowers instead of church scenes. There are many beautifull things that are still here from when it is built in 1932. The kitcen and bathrooms have been remade to modern in the recent past time of three years as well as the water pipes and the electrical wires.. My grandmother said it was a very modern and in stylish home when it was built. It was built by the same architects group that made The Adler Planitarium at Chicago illinois. There is a word for the styl of building but I no longer remember.

This is my problems. I think that I own all enough furnisture to fill up the rooms to the house (and this is my problem) except that all my furnishings and belongings is very modern furnishings and I do not know if modern furnishing can look good in an old house. Is it possible to have two different styles, one in the home and one in the furnishings?

I have too, many modern paintings that I love very much. They maybe are not so beautifull to other persons but to myself they become so much beautifull because they were painted by my brother who is dead last year in a accident. I do not want to put these in a cabinette where no one can see them.

My father second wive, who is a wicked personality and does not like me (I think at the first because I am homosexual and mostly now because she wanted but would not get anything in the inheriting because my grandmother was my mothers mother, and not so much liked our father for walking away to marry his mistress) She has told me the house would be very ugly bad with my belongings in it. So because she haves a wicked personality and she does not like me and wants what I was given to by my grandmother so I think she would not be telling me correct advice.

I can not be able to move to the house for some time because of the legality of the inheriting and I aslo will not have my inheriting money for some months. So I can to try to start to sell my furnishing to buy furnishings that would be better fitting and looking into the house if you think.

One finality thing. If it would not be good looking to have only my modern furniture in the home, could I have combinations of modern and a older style furnishings amd modern painting? Is there a name for the style of olden furnishings I should buy?

I hope that I have not smashed up the English so bad that you don't understand my writting words.

Thank you and I will be very grateful for any guidance that you can give me.

by Jonreply 1312/10/2012

In which country is the house, Jon? And is the house in a city or in the countryside?

You might want to look at real estate listings in the area for houses of a similar value and similar age.

Different things work. Space can be important. Color can be important. Style can be important.

But I wouldn't be selling any of your current items, if you like them. There will be plenty of time for you to replace things, if and when you decide that some things don't work.

In the end, however, it's your home and it's how you feel about it that really matters.

by Jonreply 112/10/2012

Here's a house that was designed by Ernest Grunsfeld, but it doesn't look as grand as your grandmother's house.

by Jonreply 212/10/2012

Jon, where are you from originally?

First, modern furnishing are perfectly fine in older house. The French are masters at this. You will often see 17th century spaces with very modern furnishings.

Good modern art goes anywhere.

Second, yes, you can have a variety of styles in one room, but their needs to be a design. Far too much of what is called "eclectic" just looks like a junk store because there is no plan. Keep all of your major furniture in one style. You can add another style for the accessory pieces- end tables, coffee tables, etc. You can add a third style for the smaller pieces- vases, ashtrays, bookends etc. Don't try to add more than three styles to a room, particularly if you do not know what you are doing.

As to suggesting other styles, I would need to know more about you and your tastes. You should NEVER buy furnishings that you do not like because someone said the furnishings are "correct". Also, I do not know if you inherited anything other than the house. However, it would be possible to have the main furnishings modern, the accessory furnishings inherited family pieces, and the small accessories reflecting your home country. If your home country has a folk art tradition that appeals to you, modern and folk art make a very good combination.

by Jonreply 312/10/2012

Here's a grand house in Sydney, Australia that was built in 1901. It looks a bit like how you've described your grandmother's house.

Very classy (good taste) and it has a mixture of old furniture and new furniture. It's an example of leaving space in the rooms.

by Jonreply 412/10/2012

Jon, You did a superb job of writing your questions. You have not need to worry about your English. I wish I could express myself as well as you did. Personally I love modern furnishing and abstract art. They can be cold and unwelcoming along. I have always mixed antiques and modern. An antique table with modern chrome chairs for example. Before I spent a dime I would move into the house and try mixing them. You may want to tone down or eliminate some of each. Decorate the house for YOU, don't worry about what others think. I bet you have great taste, do your own thing. Bauhaus/abstract expressionism/antique

by Jonreply 512/10/2012

This is an Exceptional Story Translation, Jon. Right down to the wicked stepmother.

What country are you from? What is yor first language? There are people here from many countries -- perhaps one can converse with you in your native tongue, right here in this thread. How did you come to be named Jon, an Englsh name?

by Jonreply 612/10/2012

R2, that is a beautiful house.

by Jonreply 712/10/2012

Hard to believe R2's house is only $800,000 in Savannah.

by Jonreply 812/10/2012

OP, you like when man goes up in the man?

by Jonreply 912/10/2012

The sad, pathetic last gasp of this past weekend's Especially Specific Troll invasion. OP? *Please* get some sleep, hon. You were up all night crafting this post, weren't you?

by Jonreply 1012/10/2012

[quote] the same architects group that made The Adler Planitarium at Chicago illinois. There is a word for the styl of building but I no longer remember

If for only there was in this world some way of finding such information. One could look up the names of this groups of architects and then try to discover of which this style of decor could be.

by Jonreply 1112/10/2012

[R9] [R10] Too bad the OP did not figure out this is a bitch site where he will be mocked and disrespected. Welcome to gay land where we hate everybody.

by Jonreply 1212/10/2012

Work with a decorator. It can work, but you'll probably need someone to go through your stuff with you and pull it all together.

by Jonreply 1312/10/2012
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