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When a major news story breaks

Do you rush online and log onto DL to be the first person to create a "BREAKING NEWS" thread?

by I think some of you do.reply 712/08/2012

No, because I'm a cheap bastard who won't pay $18.

by I think some of you do.reply 112/08/2012

What R1 said

by I think some of you do.reply 212/08/2012

Well OP, I guess the only other option for that person is to grab a gun and end it all.

by I think some of you do.reply 312/08/2012

I dont, but Im glad posters here do. Its a little embarrassing how much breaking news I find out from DL.

by I think some of you do.reply 412/08/2012

I tried it once and the grief wasn't worth it.

Apparently there is strict format one must follow, including the number of *** and what's in caps, and God forbid you link to Fox, the Daily Mail, Drudge, or Huffington Post (to name but a few).

And then some idiot comes along 30 minutes later and starts another thread anyway, and that's the one that gets 200 replies.

by I think some of you do.reply 512/08/2012

No, I seek the truth first

by I think some of you do.reply 612/08/2012

The internet is where I get my news.

If it's an update to a previous story, I'll search for the older thread and add it there.

If it's brand new, I'll control+F to see if it exists already. If not, I'll link to the original source.

The snark directed at R5 is caused by linking to news aggregators or shitty sources. If Huffpo or Drudge caries a news item, it's sourced from another news outlet. When linking up, use the original source - not the aggregator.

Timing on posting a news story is everything. I can't post a thread before 8am ET and expect any responses. Afterwards, 5pm ET seems to be a good time for posting stories.

Oh, and I'm a self-appointed OP troll; the vast majority of my threads get zero, three or four responses tops.

by I think some of you do.reply 712/08/2012
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