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Great but Little-Known Christmas/Holiday Songs

"Winter Was Warm" by Jule Stein. Trapped in, of all things, "Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol." Sung by Jane Kean.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 6601/03/2015

"I Remember (Christmas)"

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 112/08/2012

"The Stowaway" by Murray Gold, BBC Orchestra of Wales with vocal by Yamit Mamo (from Doctor Who).

Really catchy and fun, in a great singalong/pub song kind of way.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 212/08/2012

Flaherty and Ahrens' "All Those Christmas Clichés". Here by the wonderful Nancy LaMott.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 312/08/2012

¿Dónde Está Santa Claus?

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 412/08/2012

On the other thread I posted-

"Still, Still, Still"

"In The Bleak Midwinter"

"Lo, How A Rose Ere Blooming"

"Bring A Torch, Jeanette Isabella"

Not completely unknown but people don't often think of them.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 512/08/2012

June Christy's "The Merriest"

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 612/08/2012

R5, "Bring a Torch" is one of my favorites, too--almost everyone knows the melody and recognizes it. There are some stunning versions of "Un Flambeau, Jeanette, Isabelle" available in the original French.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 712/08/2012

Jules Styne

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 812/08/2012

this by Eurovision Song Contest Winner Dana.

A 70's masterpiece.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 912/08/2012

The Gibb brothers wrote the super-catchy "All Our Christmases" but it's performed by The Majority.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 1012/08/2012

Peggy Lee, "The Christmas Waltz"

Absolutely lovely.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 1112/08/2012

Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol had several good songs in it.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 1212/08/2012

Sheena Easton "It's Christmas All Over the World"

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 1312/08/2012

Nancy LaMott's beautiful and joyous version of JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS, written by David Friedman and David Zippel.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 1412/08/2012

God. Styne. Of course. I had been reading a Toklas recipe book.

But it's Jule, R8.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 1512/10/2012

I'm not sure if it's the case in the US, but in the UK "The Perfect Year" from Sunset Boulevard is played a lot on radio/in supermarkets over the holidays.

It's by Dina Carroll. I wish they played the LuPone version so I could cling to some sanity doing xmas shopping.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 1612/10/2012

"Koppangem" by Anne Sofie Von Otter on her album "Home for Christmas"

First verse: There is silence around me in this peaceful winter night. // From the church down in the valley I can see the candlelight. // And I stopped for a moment in this winter paradise, // When I heard a choir singing through the darkness and the ice.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 1712/10/2012

Christmas is Here Donna Summer

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 1812/10/2012

"Country Carol" by the Sydney Philharmonia Motet Choir on their album "An Australian Christmas."

As you sit by your wide open window, // On that most blessed night of the year, // And you look at your slumbering oxen, // In the paddock the wind has burned sere.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 1912/10/2012

"Are You Burning Little Candle" - Jane Siberry

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 2012/10/2012

Pearl Bailey's "Five-Pound Box of Money".

Much prefer it to "Santa Baby".

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 2112/10/2012

"Christmas Choir" by Patti Page. It's a Christmas round where she sings all the parts.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 2212/10/2012

"I Will Survive"

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 2312/10/2012

"Put The Loot In The Boot" - Mae West

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 2412/11/2012

I need to find that Mae West song, R24. I love the song 'Lullay My Liking', especially the version in BLACK NARCISSUS in the link below. Skip to 2:13.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 2512/11/2012

no one ever speaks of "Percy, the Puny Poinsettia".....a true Christmas classic!

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 2612/11/2012

best thread ever

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 2712/11/2012

Not obscure, but the Pogues' "Fairytale of New York" is fun.

(Sorry for the ad, but you can skip it in 5 seconds.)

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 2812/11/2012

Interesting that an OP derails his own "Little-Known" thread with a "Not obscure" post. Did he run out of interesting "Little-Known" songs to post?

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 2912/11/2012

Chime Happy Christmas Bells Once More

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 3012/11/2012

From that Robin Williams movie "Toys"

Wendy & Lisa (featuring Seal), "The Closing of the Year"

Love it.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 3112/11/2012

Love this cute, cheesy song by The Roches: My Winter Coat.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 3212/11/2012

18 Cents (on one of those Christmas records that gas stations used to give away).

This obnoxious girl sings about how she only has 18 cents to buy Christmas gifts:

I'll get Daddy two big books of matches, when he wants to smoke

Mommy will get a new ashtray just like the one I kinda broke.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 3312/11/2012

R33 Probably not a good idea to be singing about matches and ashtrays at a gas station.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 3412/11/2012

Mariah's "Christmas Time Is In The Air" written about 2 years ago, sounds old school. Co-written with DL's own Marc Shaiman.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 3512/11/2012

For those of you feeling a bit blue, check out Christina singing "Things Fall Apart."

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 3612/11/2012

Ding! Dong! Merrily On High, sung by Chanticleer.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 3712/11/2012

All I Want for Christmas is You.

Vince Vance & the Valiants feat. Lisa Layne

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 3812/11/2012

r33: I had '18 Cents' on a Christmas LP when I was a tot. Nobody else I know has ever heard of it.

Good on you for remembering the lyrics. I only remember "18 cents! 18 cents! 18 cents is what I got! 18 cents! 18 cents! 18 cents is not a lot!" and the last line "I'll buy our tree a silver star!"

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 3912/12/2012

"One Night A Year" - Barbara Mandrell

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 4012/12/2012

"Born With These Sad Eyes" by Benford Klose and the Spikes

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 4112/12/2012

R40 Was that the story of her sex life?

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 4212/12/2012

Interesting that R29, a cunt, seems to think the OP must carry the load, and doesn't realize that for many people in the US the Pogues' number would be little-known. I was admitting that perhaps some posters were not as stupid as you are.

Merry Christmas, you ass! Not cut back on the egg nog. You're fat.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 4312/12/2012

[quote]Not cut back on the egg nog.

That makes as much sense as a moron who starts a thread and then tries to derail it, r43.

Nobody said OP "must carry the load" and there's no doubt OP doesn't have the intelligence to do so when the idiot posts that a song is "not obscure" and then twists around claiming it would be "little-known."

Can DL refund the addlepated OP's $18 so we don't have the fool starting any more threads?

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 4412/12/2012

Gawd, R29/R44, you're a bonafide asshole.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 4512/12/2012

It's a bit more well known, but few people know that "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" comes from the Meredith Willson Broadway flop "Here's Love" which was a musical version of "Miracle on 34th Street."

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 4612/12/2012

Thank you for posting that interesting piece of trivia, R46. I never knew that. Was the rest of the show any good?

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 4712/12/2012

Since when, R45, is it being an asshole to hold up a mirror to the OP - R43? His lie about "must carry the load" and his flip-flopping about the Pogues clearly indicate he's either drunk or not playing with a full deck.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 4812/12/2012

Not terribly, R47. The opening number was that song, and the show started at the Macy's where do you go from there? How do you top that?

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 4912/12/2012

A pretty sad song, but it's one of my favorite Prince songs: Another Lonely Christmas. It was the B-side of "I Would Die 4 U" Totally fantastic.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 5012/13/2012

"Riu Riu Chiu" is a beautiful medieval carol sung originally in Spanish.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 5112/13/2012

By the way OP, "Winter Was Warm" is a lovely ballad, but it is not a Christmas/Holiday song. It is a stand-alone love song whose only tangential relevance to the season is that it was written for a Christmas-themed TV show.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 5212/13/2012

[quote]it is not a Christmas/Holiday song.

Heh! OP is not going to take this very well, R52.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 5312/13/2012

While Wilson wrote "It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas" it was not for Here's Love. It was added later for productions after they changed the musicals name back to the movie title.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 5412/13/2012

Here's a little gem. Not the most uplifting song, but probably truer than most.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 5512/13/2012

I agree, r51. "Riu Chiu" is gorgeous. In whatever language.

I know it from the Monkees' revival on MTV in the late 80s--this a capella version was ending of their Christmas episode (December 1966 or '67?) See link. Merry Christmas!

(I'll add Reliant K's fast and funny version of "12 Days of Christmas" as a great but little-known take on a song we all know...)

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 5612/22/2012

Bumping in part to ask what became of the other thread revived this year.

Looking for a definitive French version of "Un flambeau, Jeanette, Isabelle"

Also, male vocals on Santa Baby

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 5711/28/2014

"Howdja' Like To Spend Christmas On Christmas Island?" Been covered by several singers, Leon Redbone among them. The original is still the best, unfortunately, cannot remember the artist.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 5811/28/2014

r29/r44, you are in desperate need of a Midol.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 5911/28/2014

christmas bump

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 6012/24/2014

"It Won't Be Long 'Till Christmas" was cut from [italic]The Happiest Millionaire[/italic] but put back in the 1990s. From a technical standpoint, this version by Diana Ross and the Supremes is better sung than the one in the film.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 6112/24/2014

One of the James Bond films had a nice Christmas song, but I don't recall which film. "Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown?" I think the singer was known by a single name, but don't remember that either.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 6212/29/2014

The US Air Force Symphonic Band has some excellent instrumental Christmas arrangements available for download.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 6312/30/2014

"Let's Start The New Year Right" - It used to be heard around Dec. 31 but I didn't hear it this year.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 6401/01/2015

R52, yes, yes, but it's about winter. By your silly standards "Jingle Bells" isn't a holiday song, which everyone would laugh at.

A holiday song is a song people sing at the holidays. I heard "Winter Was Warm" on stores this season.

And since it's New Year's Day, I won't even call you a cunt, you absurd and niggling cunt.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 6501/01/2015

"Transeamus" - a Latin-language carol from Germany.

by Cole "Stockings" Porkerreply 6601/03/2015
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