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Demi Moore's new boyfriend on the beach ...

"Hey, everyone ...he's young, young, YOUNG. Okay, well he has no body definition (biceps ? abs ? what are those ??)

But when I was his age, HE WAS BARELY EVEN BORN YET, so .........Whoo Hoo !!"

Eat it, Mila !!! And you too, Ashton.

by Demi reply 2601/02/2014

Wow. I had no idea how unpretty he is. What is wrong with her?

by Demi reply 112/08/2012

Demi, we are all happy you have finally found happiness with Alice the Goon.

by Demi reply 212/08/2012

This woman is the definition of pathetic.

by Demi reply 312/08/2012

Eat it, Mila and Ashton? Why? Because he's young? Just because he's young?

by Demi reply 412/08/2012

R4 .... well, duh.

by Demi reply 512/08/2012

He reminds me of the alcoholic boyfriend/baby daddy of one of them Kartrashian sisters.

by Demi reply 612/08/2012

That's called the "I'm very rich" body type. Not a fat slob, has a good foundation under the layer of flab from too much alcohol and appetizers.

by Demi reply 712/08/2012

See, R4 ?? Young AND RICH !! What a combo for me ! I am one lucky young lady !!!

by Demi reply 812/08/2012

Maybe he has inner beauty?

by Demi reply 912/08/2012

She has another new boyfriend. He looks a little bit like Michael Rappaport?

Demi looks absolutely fantastic. She must have the best plastic surgeon in town.

by Demi reply 1001/01/2014

[quote]This woman is the definition of pathetic.

But, according to DataLounge Dustin Lance Black is the definition of the ideal gay man for doing the exact same thing. Go over to the Tom Daley threads and bring your sick bag.

by Demi reply 1101/01/2014

She looks fantastic? That saggy, crepey stomach is horrifying.

by Demi reply 1201/01/2014

She LOOOOOOVES dick that stays hard.

by Demi reply 1301/01/2014

gosh, that's so embarrassing. she appears extremely needy. the guy is cringing.

by Demi reply 1401/01/2014

Time for Demi to cover it up.

by Demi reply 1501/01/2014

He looks like a busboy.

by Demi reply 1601/01/2014

Sadly there are more than enough older guys out there at her age that could satisfy her but she would miss the teacher/pupil dominant thing which is a little creepy Maybe her and SB should hook up and troll the local high schools for young meat they can tap into. Very pathetic.

by Demi reply 1701/01/2014

Are there such things as male "beards?"

by Demi reply 1801/01/2014

r17 Do you think men that date younger women to also be pathetic??

by Demi reply 1901/01/2014

Well Mia is a jew and a russian one at that, so you should expect her to steal things. I am surprised because Demi doesn't look Palestinian.

by Demi reply 2001/02/2014

She doesn't work, why in the public eye?

by Demi reply 2101/02/2014

R19 Yes I think that is even more pathetic. I'm a mid 50s guy and have no desire to date someone my daughters age even though I look young enough to get away with it.

When your in your 20s you can't see the end of life. In your 50s you know you're likely have less years ahead than behind. Philosophically an ocean apart.

by Demi reply 2201/02/2014

Christ her bf not only has horrible, fanged teeth, but he looks like white trash. How embarrassing for her kids.

I don't care what anyone says-once you have kids, you don't date too much younger. Nothing more uncomfortable than when mommy or daddy is dating someone in your age group. I know someone who became seriously messed up over this. It's selfish on the parent's part.

by Demi reply 2301/02/2014

Who would have thought the belly button is the aging weakpoint.

by Demi reply 2401/02/2014

Can we talk about her couch dancing and posing with Lenny Kravitz and Stacy Keibler? Really?

by Demi reply 2501/02/2014

He looks (rather unfortunately) like his father.

by Demi reply 2601/02/2014
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