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Wendy Williams throws shade at Beyoncé

I am a Beyoncé fan… I’m gonna watch her upcoming documentary because fortunately one of the TVs in our kitchen has closed captioning so I’ll be able to understand what she says.

You know Beyoncé can’t talk. She sounds like she has a fifth grade education.

by Boom!reply 8312/10/2012

I agree with Wendy. She's dumb as a box of rocks and not half as 'sweet' as she wants the public to believe.

by Boom!reply 112/07/2012

Wendy is correct.

by Boom!reply 212/07/2012

I agree - I've always disliked hearing Beyonce talk - now Wendy Williams confirms that others feel the same way about listening to Beyonce talk.

She not only speaks like someone with a 5th grade education, but it is also annoying to hear her talk.

She is slightly better than listening to someone speaking ebonics, but just barely.

I cannot stand listening to black people who speak black-english and ebonics.

by Boom!reply 312/07/2012

Throwing Shade! Ha Ha Ha!

Wendy is right about a lot of things including Beyonce.

by Boom!reply 412/07/2012

I see...

by Boom!reply 512/07/2012

Beyonce (fuck the accent mark) sounds really country when she speaks as well as really stupid.

Sheryl Underwood, the comedian, is country as heck but at least she sounds like the intelligent lady that she is. She has a masters degree.

Beyonce obviously hasn't any schooling.

by Boom!reply 612/07/2012

What makes me sad are all these young gays who think she's a DIVA therefore supports gays. She is NOT on our side. She's still a fundie who doesn't support gays rights. She's just using young gays.

by Boom!reply 712/07/2012

Well, Wendy Williams went nude for PETA, but she was wearing a human hair wig at the time.

by Boom!reply 812/07/2012

I sometimes wonder if Beyonce talks that way on purpose so she can hide behind a veneer of vapidity. But then I'm like, I don't know, she seems too good at it to be faking it.

by Boom!reply 912/07/2012

Her parents cared more about pimping her out to the entertainment industry than in educating her.

by Boom!reply 1012/07/2012

"Well, Wendy Williams went nude for PETA, but she was wearing a human hair wig at the time."

Why is that a problem? People sell their luxurious hair for people who need to wear wigs and for cancer patients who also need wigs.

Wendy has thyroid related hair issues, she is not wearing her wigs for fashion!

My 23 year old sister has alopecia, her hair suddenly started falling out about two years go. She's had every test known to man and several scalp biopsies, she doesn't have illness related hairloss, it's simply diffuse alopecia areata.

Whatever you want to call it, an attractive 23 year old is slowly going bald. Of course, the latest hair loss research has only been for male pattern baldness.

Hair loss has devastated my sister, especially coming from a family with tons of thick gorgeous hair, even our old geezer uncles still have their hair, they are in their 70s and 80s!

by Boom!reply 1112/07/2012

Solange's material is infinitely more interesting than almost anything Beyonce has come up on her own.

by Boom!reply 1212/07/2012

I wouldn't know about Solange as I have never heard her stuff. I can say that she's like a double threat. She talks like she's brain damaged, but she's a total cunt too.

At least Beyonce tries to be kind.

by Boom!reply 1312/07/2012

I'm sorry. I was under the impression that people were killed for their hair. Hopefully Wendy used the cruelty free method of getting the hairshe uses.

by Boom!reply 1412/07/2012

I love how r6 finds some black country chick with a masters degree to hide his obvious race baiting.

by Boom!reply 1512/07/2012

Wait, what R14??? People are killed for their hair?? Why is this making me laugh so hard?

by Boom!reply 1612/07/2012

I like Wendy, but she is just mad that Beyonce will NEVER EVER be sitting on her couch. And dont you worry, Wendy would be kissing Beyonce's ass if she took the high road and decided to make an appearance on the show, like Star Jones and Whoopi Goldberg. Wendy talked about them like dogs and now she kisses their ass because they came on the show.

Im not even a Beyonce stan, but I doubt the woman cares about sounding like a fifth grader. Mariah Carey doesnt either. They spent their formative years preparing to be super stars and are now rich beyond belief and have better things to do than watch a second rate talk show.

by Boom!reply 1712/08/2012

Houstonian here - Bewigged went to the High School of Performing Arts briefly, but couldn't hack it. And her sister Throat Lozenge or whatever the fuck she's called is well-known for being a bitch--she gets extremely pissed when anyone asks about her sister BeWeaved instead of asking about her own non-career (which consists of hanging at the Galleria, mostly).

by Boom!reply 1812/08/2012

And the people who sit and watch Wendy have the same level of intelligence as Beyonce.Her show is beyond pathetic. Sitting up there reading from the National Enquirer and talking about The Real Housewives Of Atlanta every damn day. Bitter and jealous looking tranny mad because Beyonce wouldn't step foot on that horrible show. I wonder why this shit is still on the air?

by Boom!reply 1912/08/2012

I don't watch her show either because it is undeniably a piece of crap. Still, Wendy is a FIERCE BITCH. I would not want to get into a verbal tangle with her. No way.

by Boom!reply 2012/08/2012

I saw the promo for that documentary and it was gag-inducing. Beyonce standing there in a statue pose or some shit thinking she's Michael fucking Jackson while her STUPID fucking fans scream and reach for her. I can honestly say I don't like a single one of her songs, and I've hated her as a person ever since I saw her on MTV's Punk'd back in the day. They made her think she knocked over this giant Christmas tree and ruined Xmas for all these little kids, but you could clearly see she was unfazed by the mishap and didn't give a fuck. She's a sociopath.

by Boom!reply 2112/08/2012

At least Beyonce is smart enough not to come on that ridiculous show.

by Boom!reply 2212/08/2012

Wendy Williams is most certainly a man who wants to fuck BeWeaved. They are all money grubbing black star fuckers.

I don't like listening to people of any race speaking improperly. Listening to some of this music and then hearing them on TV I wonder where they learned to speak. It's louche. They should die.

There is nothing about them that contributes to a healthy society.

by Boom!reply 2312/08/2012

I agree with Wen. I was never a big Beyonce fan, but I enjoyed DREAMGIRLS. Comparing the way she speaks in the film to the way she speaks in interviews, she sounds like an uneducated ghetto dolt. Does she hear herself? Please, just act like Deena Jones for the rest of your life, hon.

by Boom!reply 2412/08/2012

Isn't Beyonce from Texas? I have a hard time understanding Southerners sometimes.

by Boom!reply 2512/08/2012

[quote]She sounds like she has a fifth grade education.

Oh Hell to the no!

by Boom!reply 2612/08/2012


by Boom!reply 2712/08/2012

Listen to white South Philly Italians talk; trust me, you'll be grateful to hear Beyonce. And I don't even like her that much.

by Boom!reply 2812/08/2012

Wendy's right. Beyonce is a moron. And the people in her posse are morons too. A friend interviewed her former personal assistant for an administrative assistant position and on the girl's resume, under her work for Beyonce, she listed, 'helped collect bubble bees for Beyonce.' Didn't know they were BUMBLE bees. I have never understood the hype around Beyonce. Not only is she dumb as a box of rocks, she has NO personality at all. People compare her to Whitney and obviously Whitney had her issues, but she was a STAR, like when you saw her, you paid attention. Beyonce is so bland and stupid. Probably took her weeks to learn how to spell Deréon

by Boom!reply 2912/08/2012

R23 Is a stupid asshole! One word for your dumb white ass HONEY BOO BOO about a worthless white stereo type. Black culture is not something you need to fucking concern your bigoted self with. BURN IN A FIRE ...SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY DIE...THEN BURN IN HELL BITCH!

by Boom!reply 3012/08/2012

Many unintellectual people - unintelligent, at that - have been wonderful performers and decent people.

This bitch isn't. She is as processed as Velveeta and as inauthentic as wax lips. Mean-spirited, envious, willing to whore herself out, and a mediocre singer, she takes attention from many other good performers.

And that thing she's "dating"...

by Boom!reply 3112/08/2012

Why on earth would her assistant need to collect "bubble" bees for Beyonce? What the fuck was she going to do with them? Utterly bizarre.

by Boom!reply 3212/08/2012

[quote]And that thing she's "dating"...

Jay-Z? They've been married for a long time.

by Boom!reply 3312/08/2012

Beyonce needs to spend time at the liberry.

by Boom!reply 3412/08/2012

The fact of the matter is, Wendy tells some hard truths under the veneer of sticky candy sweet gossip and bullshit. So, when she calls you out, it means something.

by Boom!reply 3512/08/2012

R35, That is so true, she tells it as she sees it. Most people can't handle hard truths.

by Boom!reply 3612/08/2012

Beyonce is an empty vessel. Wendy is too kind.

by Boom!reply 3712/08/2012

I've never seen the "Wendy Williams Show" but she's certainly right about Beyonce Knowles.

That girl is dumb and dumber and she probably does have about a fifth grade education. I'm sure her father had her busily "performing" rather than spending time in school or studying. Poor thing, she's probably too ignorant to even know how stupid she is and why it's such a shame that she has no education.

by Boom!reply 3812/08/2012

If she was so dumb why on earth would Jay-Z be with her? They are practically joined at the hip 24/7. Your racism and sexism are showing.

by Boom!reply 3912/08/2012

But Beyonce hurts women with that bimbo imagery and Wendy fucking knows it.

by Boom!reply 4012/08/2012

Don't you know the DL hates black women something fierce up in here? Instead of blaming Beyonce for her bad education, the mighty DL homos should be blaming her parents for turning her into an entertainment machine. Does Britney get the same ire as Beyonce around here? Probably not.

by Boom!reply 4112/08/2012

thetz whaz shez sazs aboatz mez

by Boom!reply 4212/08/2012

R41 is too stupid to own a keyboard.

by Boom!reply 4312/08/2012

I can't believe Wendy dissed Beyonce and then said, "We have to call a spade a spade."

Surely, she knows not to use that expression.

by Boom!reply 4412/08/2012

Hey R41, your hero Beyonce is full retard and it has nothing to do with race.

by Boom!reply 4512/08/2012

Actually she knows more than you do, r44. The expression is thousands of years old and doesn't have a racist etymology. People avoid using it now, but only because it's commonly mistaken as racist.

by Boom!reply 4612/08/2012

'Throwing shade.' Funny expression.

by Boom!reply 4712/08/2012

R3 probably just hates black people period, no matter how they speak.

by Boom!reply 4812/08/2012

Wendy is throwing shade, but she's right. Beweaved does sound like a country-ass runaway slave from the plantations of East Texas. It's embarrassing to hear her talk. Too bad Wendy is going to receive the wrath of Beyonce's stans with these comments - many of whom are ignorant and highly emotional in their defense of their queen. They're not as stupid as Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown's fans - many of whom I think are crack babies - but the Beehive is fucking crazy, irrational and unreasonable in their fanaticism.

Whitney Houston did get in Wendy's ass in that now infamous radio interview back in 2003. Say what you will about Whitney, but even when she was higher than a girsffe's ass, she was pretty quick and sharp-witted and read Wendy for filth the whole time. Beyonce would probably just have a vacant expression on her face while Wendy got her digs in. Wendy knows who to fuck with and who not to fuck with, believe that. When Chaka Khan was on her show, Wendy was veeeeerrrrrry careful with her and the questions she asked.

by Boom!reply 4912/08/2012

Beyonce really wants us to believe she actually carried Blue Ivy. Wendy showed the trailer for her documentary. It had a moment of her supposed pregnant stomach. It didn't looke pregnant to me. Looked like she was arching her back to push out her stomach more.

by Boom!reply 5012/08/2012

R41 is right. R43 is a freeper cunt. R3 hates all black people period.

by Boom!reply 5112/08/2012

Why are there so many racists on this board? It's a mental illness. Get help.

by Boom!reply 5212/08/2012

I read that Beyonce had home schooling.

by Boom!reply 5312/08/2012

Beyonce is like the most inoffensive celebrity I can think of. Even taking into account that the average DL'er is probably kind of racist and definitely an inveterate hater these threads always baffle me.

by Boom!reply 5412/08/2012

[quote]Beyonce really wants us to believe she actually carried Blue Ivy. Wendy showed the trailer for her documentary. It had a moment of her supposed pregnant stomach. It didn't looke pregnant to me. Looked like she was arching her back to push out her stomach more.

I thought the same thing. Show us the late-term stomach picture or GTFO.

by Boom!reply 5512/08/2012

41 they hate beautiful black women. Look at how they despise Halle Berry.

by Boom!reply 5612/08/2012

I find Beyonce HIGHLY offensive. People harp on the fact that Britney is manufactured but a great deal about Beyonce is manufactured as well.

Let's dispel a couple of myths. She may be hard-working but she's not talented. She's a very average singer. Forget about the jingles like Ring on It or whatever it's called but take her Today Show performance of Etta James' classic "At Last." No dancing, there Beyonce was in a pantsuit that looked painted on with that weave of hers and she sang terribly. She is not even a good singer let alone a great one.

She seems to love her role-model persona. She has worked hard to get where she is, that is all she should be admired for. Her performances are highly sexualized, just mute her videos. She can say I'm a Christian woman 'til the cows come home. I get she wouldn't dance spread-eagled for the Pope.

Her image, nose-job aside...... think about it. This is a woman who accepts millions of dollars a year for a hair dye company when she wears weaves 99.99% of the time. Unless I'm mistaken, L'oreal does not produce dye for weaves.

She pretends to be proud of being black but she's not. She's a bleacher. She okays magazine spreads where she's photoshopped very light. That's black and proud. I don't think so. Her L'oreal ad saying she's african american, native american and french. GMAFB! If you're black in America, chances you're mixed. Beyonce is black.

She doesn't give interviews that often because they reveal how poorly educated she is. It doesn't matter that she got her GED this year. Lots of people who have never graduated are smart people but she's never tried to better herself this way. She sounds dumb and when she speaks, it's obvious there's not much between her ears.

She's had people saying publicly, Hey Bey could you not take writing credit when I wrote that song. Beyonce doesn't compose music. Someone writes it for her. She pays them to say she co-wrote it because she thinks this makes her look more legitimate as an artist. This happened with Irreplaceable which she tried to take credit for.

Her dancing is not much different than you'd get from a stripper. She recently boasted that she could sing and do cartwheels and doesn't need backup vocals. Basically, she said she's in better shape than the pro dancers on DwTS. Yeah right. She must eat a helluva lot to have those thunder thighs then if she's in such grrrrreat shape.

She didn't carry her baby but tried to convince the public she did. She was seen a week before her so-called delivery looking just about the same as she does now yet she claimed she gained 60 lbs. 60 lbs? Where? We saw her in tight pants, tight jeans so where was the weight gain?

Beyonce is a manufactured artist. The only real difference between her and a Rihanna or Katy Perry is that she sings better and dances better than they do.

Her 16 Grammy wins are a joke. She's not talented and she's a self-loathing black woman and the latter is what makes her so highly-offensive.

by Boom!reply 5712/08/2012

what do you mean she read Wendy to filth R49? Wendy read her: patiently, respectfully, but she read her all the same. She knew when Whitney was lying and called her out every time. It's a great interview.

by Boom!reply 5812/08/2012

She may be a sista, but sources say our blind item is the first to tell entertainment execs how dumb and silly she believes Afro-American entertainers are. Know why? Because our talking blind item is said to be jealous of other entertainers who have more money and fame than she does. Don’t believe me.. Ask Diddy. According to one insider, our big-mouth blind item displays the most envy when it comes to Beyonce. We’re told our mystery lady is filled with so much jealously for Bey that she simple can’t hide the hate anymore. That’s why sources say her hate for Mrs. Hova was revealed, during a recent episode of our blind item’s talk television show. Here’s what our blind item had to say about Beyonce: "I am a Beyonce fan. I’m gonna be watching this documentary cause fortunately one of the TVs in our kitchen has closed captioning so I’ll be able to understand what she says. You know Beyonce can’t talk. Beyonce sounds like she has a fifth grade education. She can’t talk. Honestly. We really do have the closed captioning for times like that."

Here’s what our industry insider had to say about our blind item: "She’s a hater, she’s the type of bitch who dances to ‘Single Ladies’ in her living room when she’s home alone. Beyonce doesn’t have to cover up stretch marks with tattoos, but your blind item does! She jealous of Bey, that’s why she’s taking PETA ads with her manly features. Bey is from Houston, she has a Texan accent. What’s wrong with that? Does she use closed caption when someone from Tennessee speaks on television? Cause she’s the first to kiss Dolly Parton’s ass."

by Boom!reply 5912/08/2012

You know someone like Wendy totally knows all about the secret lives of these celebrities, so if she doesn't think much of you it's probably cuse she knows how you roll.

by Boom!reply 6012/08/2012

R58 speaks the truth! Thank you.

by Boom!reply 6112/08/2012

I assume the hate happens because Wendy Williams wishes she had decided to live her life freely as a man, and my song "If I Were A Boy" causes her such deep pain.

by Boom!reply 6212/08/2012

It is not racist at all to state that Beyonce does not speak well, does not have much education, and does not have a well-developed mind.

by Boom!reply 6312/08/2012

I've always been very suspicious as to why bey has never hosted SNL. I suspect she cannot read the cue cards.

by Boom!reply 6412/08/2012

[quote]It is not racist at all to state that Beyonce does not speak well

It is *very* racist to state that the *reason* she doesn't "speak well" is because she's speaking "black English" or "ebonics." Also, as noted, Beyonce has a Texas twang, which some of you racist cunts seem to think is impossible for anyone but a Caucasian to possess.

by Boom!reply 6512/08/2012

Speaking well does not encompass black english and ebonics.

When one speaks black english or ebonics, one is definitely not speaking well - and it is definitely not racist to point this out.

by Boom!reply 6612/09/2012

Beyonce was fairly good or at least passably adequate in a somewhat recent called Obsessed.

I think that was the title. Need to google to check.

So given a script, she was able to do passably well.

by Boom!reply 6712/09/2012

[quote]If she was so dumb why on earth would Jay-Z be with her? They are practically joined at the hip 24/7. Your racism and sexism are showing.

Do you sincerely believe that intelligence and education top the list of qualities that attract Jay-Z to a woman? ?uestlove said in a Rolling Stone interview that he tried to persuade Jay-Z to go to college and get a degree for years, and Jay-Z told him, 'You go to college to get a job. I got a job'. That's how much education means to him.

He wanted a hot bimbo who would would give him even more status and be amenable to being led around by the nose. Beyonce, who was led around by the nose by her father all her life, fit the bill perfectly. Her brain was never a factor.

by Boom!reply 6812/09/2012

I read in a magazine an article featuring Solange Knowles (Beyonce's sister) and I found one of her comments to be very telling. I'm paraphrasing here but she talked about how her parents initially did not want her to sing because they feared the comparisons to her sister would hurt her self-esteem. She talked about how her mother once told her that that she was so smart and didnt need singing. I got the impression that the parents obviously knew that the only thing Beyonce could thrive in is music which is why the entertainment business was prioritized more than education.

by Boom!reply 6912/09/2012

It won rack oh ravitch ma hayah!

by Boom!reply 7012/09/2012

It's not only the twang, she's a mumbling marbled-mouth illiterate. She sounds mentally retarded.

by Boom!reply 7112/09/2012

Robert DeNiro is probably the most inarticulate celebrity I ever heard speak.Its painful to watch when he does interviews.The man seems mildly retarded. He makes Beyonce look like a Rhodes Scholar. But of course because he is white he won't get bashed the same way Beyonce is on this site.

by Boom!reply 7212/09/2012

[quote]But of course because he is white he won't get bashed the same way Beyonce is on this site.

Wendy Williams didn't throw shade at Robert de Niro. The thread is about WW saying B can't speak. Stay on subject.

by Boom!reply 7312/09/2012

[quote]He wanted a hot bimbo who would would give him even more status and be amenable to being led around by the nose. Beyonce, who was led around by the nose by her father all her life, fit the bill perfectly. Her brain was never a factor.

I'm not saying that this isn't a possibility. We all know Beyonce's dad pushed her very hard to make it in the industry. I guess what I'm saying is to flat out REFUSE to admit that she could be shrewder than she comes across is problematic to me.

by Boom!reply 7412/09/2012

R71 is correct. It's not her twang that's the problem, it's her lack of enunciation. What I also find odd is that she comes from an upper middle class home - father was supposedly a 6 figure a year exec at Xerox, mom ran a sucessful hair salon. Yet the way she pronounces things, Beyonce sounds like she's from the backwoods. Usually children pick up speech patterns from the home, so it's strange (read, obvious) why Solange can speak but Bey can't.

by Boom!reply 7512/09/2012

Its funny because I never heard of Beyonce coming out and proclaiming herself to be some kind of intellectual genius.

by Boom!reply 7612/09/2012

R76, can you not read? The problem is her lack of enunciation, being marble-mouthed, and inability to pronouce correctly.

by Boom!reply 7712/09/2012

So what the fuck do you want her to do? She can't help it if she speaks that way. Barbara Walters has been on the air for fucking 40 years and can't pronouce words correctly.Anderson Cooper can't speak one sentence without stuttering.

by Boom!reply 7812/09/2012

It is speaking ignorant sounding black english and ignorant ebonics which is the problem.

by Boom!reply 7912/09/2012

I'm not a Beyonce follower, but I have heard her speak a few times. I didn't notice especially bad grammar or ebonics, just a lack of diction.

by Boom!reply 8012/09/2012

Are you demonstrating?

by Boom!reply 8112/09/2012

PS My post makes no sense. Reading comprehension fail.

by Boom!reply 8212/10/2012

Jealousy thrives here. I love the way she talks. Why do any of you care what she has to say? She is a dumb bitch after all.

by Boom!reply 8312/10/2012
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