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How to eat and drink healthily around the holidays?? Help...

I've been in a rut with eating and drinking too much. Parties a lot, work events, stuff where the wine is free flowing and the delicious, fattening food is free. Well it's beginning to show. I have gained weight, I feel lethargic and tired, and in general I don't feel my best.

However, I'm worried about giving my habits a makeover during the holiday season. I'm tempted: tempted by delicious sweets and dips, tempted by carbs, tempted by a nice robust red wine. Ugh. I dont know what to do...any ideas??

by Dr Oz's eyelashesreply 612/07/2012

Fill up with healthy food before you show up to events like that so you aren't tempted to eat. Much easier to say no to those desserts when you aren't actually hungry.

by Dr Oz's eyelashesreply 112/07/2012


by Dr Oz's eyelashesreply 212/07/2012

Um. Don't give in to temptation? If you're an addict, then abstain from the parties until the temptations don't own you, you own them. If you're not an addict (and it sounds like you aren't) just apply a little self-discipline.

by Dr Oz's eyelashesreply 312/07/2012

You won't be celebrating for three meals a day so, make sure everything you eat when you're not partying is healthy. Don't go to the party hungry or thirsty. Eat a healthy meal (or snack) before going out with plenty of water. If it's at a restaurant, eat a salad or a healthy soup. Alternate a glass of water between every drink.

Enjoy yourself or you'll regret it and make up for the regret by eating twice as bad and three times as much next time.

by Dr Oz's eyelashesreply 412/07/2012

This might help get you on the right track:

by Dr Oz's eyelashesreply 512/07/2012

what r4 said. I eat as few calories as possible for regular meals, as if I am dieting to lose weight. That way I can indulge when I go out and hope I don't gain over the next 3 weeks.

by Dr Oz's eyelashesreply 612/07/2012
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