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Discovery Channel prepares you for the zombie apocalypse

"It's scientifically plausible for humans to contract a virus that changes them into a Zombie."

"Prepare yourself with 'Zombie Apocalypse Tuesday' on Discovery."

Are you ready for doomsday? Or a zombie apocalypse? Discovery Channel introduces a group of ordinary people prepping for a zombie takeover and examines the science behind this end-of-the-world scenario in the new one-hour special documentary Zombie Apocalypse, premiering Tuesday, December 18th at 10PM ET/PT as part of Discovery Channel’s “Apocalypse Tuesday”.

Ivy League professors and scientists speak out in this special to give evidence for this scenario.

Diseases can move very quickly thanks to our global infrastructure – cars, trains, subways and if such a virus were to become a pandemic, the results would be immediate and devastating.

This event isn’t all imagination. Dr. Steven Scholzman of Harvard Medical School explains that it is indeed plausible for humans to contract a virus that changes them into something resembling a Zombie.

A zombie-like virus passed on by human contact could infect every person in a city the size of New York in just 8-9 days.

The 1918 Spanish Influenza killed 100 million people worldwide, and something similar could kill a staggering 250 million today.

Some people imagine what it would be like to win the lottery, but Zombie Preppers spend their time planning for Zombie attacks. Meet the everyday individuals who can’t stop thinking through all the scenarios for their own demise.

· Patti Heffernan: A mother of two who’s teaching her children to fight Zombies, she spends time fortifying her home and thinking through worst case scenarios.

· Alfredo Carbajel: Founder of the Kansas Anti-Zombie militia, he has a secret location stockpiled with all the supplies necessary to keep him alive during the apocalypse.

· Matthew Oakey: An ex-military firearms instructor who wouldn’t hesitate to kill a Zombie, he’s loading up on firearms and preparing an escape route in The Event of an attack.

· Shawn Beatty: This Wisconsin-based teacher doesn’t expect Zombies to rise from their graves, but believes that the end is near and wants to be prepared when disaster strikes.

Tune in to Discovery Channel’s “Apocalypse Tuesday” on December 18th kicking off with HOW THE WORLD WILL END at 8PM ET/PT, followed by APOCALYPSE 2012 REVELATIONS at 9PM ET/PT and concluding with the premiere of ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE at 10PM ET/PT.

by Zombie Flandersreply 312/07/2012

Zombie Ants!

Of course Human zombies are not far away.

by Zombie Flandersreply 112/07/2012

The end is near. AHHHHH!!!!

No, seriously, this happened this morning and I missed it, darn it.

by Zombie Flandersreply 212/07/2012

I'd buy a rage virus (nearly what rabies is anyway), but no virus is going to animate a corpse, hold it together against decomp, or allow it to continue to function without nourishment. The whole human body, including conscious and unconscious motion is a complex system of electrical and chemical messaging that no virus or army of virus cells, is going to be able to control or duplicate.

by Zombie Flandersreply 312/07/2012
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