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Can you tell if a naked woman is aroused?

Like are her nipples hard? Pussy juices squirting everywhere? A flushed vagina? It is so easy to tell with a man.

by Gold Star Gayreply 4912/06/2012

Shut up, you idiot. If you didn't bother to pay attention in class, don't insult women on the one hand and unsettle the rest of us on the other.

by Gold Star Gayreply 112/06/2012

Meaning, ask your mother, OP.

While you're at it, ask her if she felt like she was baby-raped when you were born.

by Gold Star Gayreply 212/06/2012

Are you unsettled, R1?

by Gold Star Gayreply 312/06/2012

Her face--the way she is looking at you.

by Gold Star Gayreply 412/06/2012

It might be subtler than penis-is-hard, but yes you can.

by Gold Star Gayreply 512/06/2012

If you could only see me without my clothes on, you would not be asking this question!

by Gold Star Gayreply 612/06/2012

I used to think that when a woman got horny her nipples got hard. I told this to a female friend once and she said nipples only get hard when it's cold, so...


by Gold Star Gayreply 712/06/2012

She asks for $20

by Gold Star Gayreply 812/06/2012

Under what circumstances are you in a room with a naked woman? Do you mean like in a sauna or a locker room?

Because if she is in your home and naked that is a pretty good indicator that she might be interested in having sex with you.

by Gold Star Gayreply 912/06/2012

Her chest will be flushed

Her vaginal lips will be puffy and flushed

by Gold Star Gayreply 1012/06/2012

OP? You can't. Hell, men can't even tell when a woman is faking orgasm, much less when she is simply aroused.

Give up.

by Gold Star Gayreply 1112/06/2012

It's like your looking through my bedroom window, R11!

by Gold Star Gayreply 1212/06/2012

(.) (.) ) ( ( v )

by Gold Star Gayreply 1312/06/2012

Um, not quite.

She lies down and asks you to suck her breasts and kiss her neck and rub her clit. THEN...

by Gold Star Gayreply 1412/06/2012

I bite my lips whenever I am horny. But that fag of a boyfriend of mine ... no, the other one ... doesn't get the hint sometimes.

by Gold Star Gayreply 1512/06/2012

[quote] I used to think that when a woman got horny her nipples got hard. I told this to a female friend once and she said nipples only get hard when it's cold, so...

SO not true

by Gold Star Gayreply 1612/06/2012

(.) (.)

) (

( v )

by Gold Star Gayreply 1712/06/2012

r17 is right. They also get hard when your hormones are surging. If you have large nipples this can be a bit embarrassing. In fact some women's nipples are always at some level of erectness and just go from erect to super erect.

But they are not an indication that a woman is horny.

by Gold Star Gayreply 1812/06/2012

F & F for this fool who keeps pimping his blog.

by Gold Star Gayreply 1912/06/2012

she's aroused

by Gold Star Gayreply 2012/06/2012

F&F the gashwound at R22.

by Gold Star Gayreply 2112/06/2012

F&F the gash-tard at R23.

by Gold Star Gayreply 2212/06/2012

Neurosis & phobia at R23

by Gold Star Gayreply 2312/06/2012

I presume r22's pussy lips clap once for not being horny and twice when they are horny.

by Gold Star Gayreply 2412/06/2012

I believe the nipples start turning rapidly counter clockwise and the vagina makes a loud, slurping sound.

I just pray that I'm never in a situation were I may prove that that's really what happens.

by Gold Star Gayreply 2512/06/2012

Gobble, Gobble!

by Gold Star Gayreply 2612/06/2012

Why do you care, OP? It's not like it's something you need to worry about.

If her vaginal teeth come out and snap at you like in Aliens, then it's too late. Just avoid women and you'll be fine.

by Gold Star Gayreply 2712/06/2012

R29, 95% of the gays here are interested in finding out. They're porn-addicted virgins. And I mean virgins in EVERY WAY.

by Gold Star Gayreply 2812/06/2012

Is R22 about to give birth?

by Gold Star Gayreply 2912/06/2012

Nope, R31. Just an "outtie" inner labia.

As for female arousal, it depends on what you're looking at. And it's not the same for all women. Some women can't hide the "aroused" sparkle in their eyes. If you have naked extreme-closeups, you might be able to detect a slight engorgement and/or moistening of the genitals. Nipples can stand up, too.

by Gold Star Gayreply 3012/06/2012

No, R26. That would turn the lights on and off.

by Gold Star Gayreply 3112/06/2012

R7 here.

[quote]In fact some women's nipples are always at some level of erectness and just go from erect to super erect. But they are not an indication that a woman is horny.

[quote]As for female arousal, it depends on what you're looking at... Nipples can stand up, too.

So which is it?

by Gold Star Gayreply 3212/06/2012

I heard that if a woman has breats implants her tits vibrate like maracas

by Gold Star Gayreply 3312/06/2012

R7....It's any combination, depending on the context. If you really wanted to know for sure, you'd have to ask the woman.

by Gold Star Gayreply 3412/06/2012

So if her nipples are hard, her chest is flushed, and her genitalia are engorged, she's probably horny?

by Gold Star Gayreply 3512/06/2012

Or R37,she came across a Jimmy Choo sample sale

by Gold Star Gayreply 3612/06/2012

Recovered FatAss ScrotumFace Baptist promoted his blog again. Very important.

by Gold Star Gayreply 3712/06/2012

[bold]Can you tell if a naked woman is aroused?[/bold]

I think I saw OP's question and first post in "Dear Abby."

by Gold Star Gayreply 3812/06/2012

Hi, I'm an idiot!!

by Gold Star Gayreply 3912/06/2012



by Gold Star Gayreply 4012/06/2012

Where does the whole pussy juices thing come in?

by Gold Star Gayreply 4112/06/2012

Women become aroused. Their external parts swell and become wet. Straight men and lesbians are in heaven -- they love the way it feels.

Deserves as much love and respect as ladyham, prelube, and man-mussy.

by Gold Star Gayreply 4212/06/2012

both r34 which is why nipples, by themselves, are not an indication of horniness. It could be she is horny and it could also be that she is cold, or maybe that is just the way her nipples are.

by Gold Star Gayreply 4312/06/2012

Usually shortly after the genital blood rush. May require additional (manual) stimulation.

by Gold Star Gayreply 4412/06/2012

LOL. Hard nipples mean nothing. And no, no squirting at least for me.

by Gold Star Gayreply 4512/06/2012

This thread is hilarious. Carry on, BOYS.

Also, as a woman I think THE BEST sign is panting/heavy breathing because that's something that is VERY hard to control or conceal (or fake) and depends on fast heartbeat (which is also impossible to control).

by Gold Star Gayreply 4612/06/2012


baby showers

engagement rings

SATC marathons on the Style Channel

by Gold Star Gayreply 4712/06/2012
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