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Look! I'm a Freeper!

These are the things I post about and on. . . . . .

by post insidereply 9910/03/2013

the article calls Applebee's a "fast food server," which it is most assuredly not.

by post insidereply 112/05/2012

the quality of health care will drop, fast, because I'm a freeper!

by post insidereply 212/05/2012

I had my hours cut! I was forced to have my hair cut! My legs were cut! I'm too stupid to do anything but cut!

by post insidereply 312/05/2012

Abolish the FDA, AMA, and DEA and health care would become more affordable, more advanced, and more innovative, at that point you should simply abolish the central governement entirely, why deal with all of those pesky bureaucrats and taxes! I'd rather just keep it all for myself anyway!

by post insidereply 412/05/2012

Why can't you see that all these things end up costing more, at a poorer quality, and with more hassle when "The Government" is in control? They should be drowned at birth!

by post insidereply 512/06/2012


by post insidereply 612/06/2012

Hillary is the one to beat in 2016!

by post insidereply 712/06/2012

Gay wedding at West Point? Sacrilege!

And leave the Salvation Army alone you diseased freaks!

by post insidereply 812/06/2012


by post insidereply 912/06/2012

'Mos! Welfare! Free stuff! Obama! AIDS medications!

by post insidereply 1012/06/2012

Clinton's penis!

by post insidereply 1112/06/2012

The media is made up entirely of liberals and the liberal media is out to get us.

by post insidereply 1212/06/2012


(Oh, no, wait, that was a couple of years ago and I've completely forgotten I was OUTRAGED by it...)

by post insidereply 1312/06/2012

Obamacare is fascism! Look guys, it's nothing but a diabolical government takeover! He will be enstating Sharia law next! Our nation is gone! We are practically a welfare state! The liberals, commies, and infidels have taken over!

by post insidereply 1412/06/2012


the central banks.

Nancy pelosi



welfare "entitlements"

the global warming "hoax"

clean coal

the national debt

public unions


and the latest, hottest thing off the ultra-right wing presses is "fire john boehner". would you believe that, according to them, he's not right wing enough.

I mean, who in the fuck do these people want to lead them? Are the holding out for Voldermort?

by post insidereply 1512/06/2012

Single-payer healthcare is a disaster in every other country. Look how many people I know from the internet who fly into third world countries to escape their national healthcare!

Look at how many Canadians I've read about on the internet who DIE waiting for prostate exams!

Look at how many ILLEGAL BROWN PEOPLE CAUSE DANGEROUS ACCIDENTS JUST SO THEY'LL GET FREE CARE FROM HOSPITALS! Some of them are black and you know what that means!

by post insidereply 1612/06/2012




crop circles

the moon landing hoax

reverend wright

by post insidereply 1712/06/2012

Saul Alinsky!

by post insidereply 1812/07/2012

Socialist Marxist Lenin Hitler wannabe that Obama is, Muslim Kenyan terrorist conspiracy and we need to take our country back for FREEDOM and liberty and stop the trillions in spending and the wealthy paying their taxes will only help the deficit for 5 days.

by post insidereply 1912/07/2012

Evolution is a hoax. Jesus created the world six thousand years ago and nothing has changed since then. The scientists just say that because they're liberals and they want to keep God out of our schools.

by post insidereply 2012/07/2012

Homos killed Everybody!

by post insidereply 2101/17/2013

Poor people and those on minimum wage should just be drowned at birth (or just shipped off to jail, out of MY sight!)

by post insidereply 2201/18/2013

Stop using the word Frau!

Damn 'mos!

by post insidereply 2301/18/2013

Just bought my kindergartner a pistol--searching for one small enough for the baby.

by post insidereply 2401/18/2013

Guns don't kill!

by post insidereply 2501/18/2013

The liberal media is covering up the fact that WMD were found in Iraq.

There never was a president named Richard Nixon.

by post insidereply 2601/18/2013

What the hell does R1 have to do with being a Freeper?

by post insidereply 2701/18/2013

kenyan, muslim, socialist gay commie

by post insidereply 2801/18/2013

Give those 'mos the right to marry and the next thing you know, everyone will want to marry their dogs and cats!

Gay marriage?! What's next? Legal incest?! Legal bestiality?!!

by post insidereply 2901/18/2013

What's the difference between a Freeper and a Tea Bagger?

by post insidereply 3001/18/2013

hILARY is the DeVIL!!1!

i love my guns

I am a proud libertarian who loves my countryand doesn't nbelieve in ANY PUBLIC SCHOOLING

"Libertarians: Republicans Who Like to Fuck Hot Chicks"

by post insidereply 3201/18/2013

"libertarians are into smoking dope too"

by post insidereply 3301/18/2013

All the science I need is in my Bible. The one with the photograph of the WHITE Jesus on the cover.

by post insidereply 3401/18/2013

R30 A couple of teeth.

by post insidereply 3501/18/2013

I need a "safe" place on the DL to judge others

by post insidereply 3601/20/2013

I am sick of having my hard earned money go to welfare cheats.

by post insidereply 3701/20/2013

If you're sick of working for minimum wage then just get a better job! It's easy! And those jobs left at minimum wage they can have well, illegals or no, outsource those jobs! Like you know, toilet cleaning, outsource it!

by post insidereply 3801/20/2013


by post insidereply 3901/20/2013

Christians being murdered at Darfur! What? We were in charge for eight years and didn't do fuck all about it? Oh.

by post insidereply 4001/20/2013

I'm tired of my tax dollars paying for abortions!

Socialism is evil and don't touch my Medicare!

by post insidereply 4101/21/2013

It's time to give America back to the Americans.

The real Americans.

by post insidereply 4201/21/2013

Cold dead hands, baby. Cold dead hands.

by post insidereply 4301/21/2013


Barry 0bama!


Saint Reagan!

by post insidereply 4401/21/2013

MK Ultra!

False Flag!

Here's 500 emails and links to an obscure ebook and youtube lecture that proves my point!

by post insidereply 4501/21/2013

[quote]This was a false flag attack and they are exploiting this massacre to the core and it is sickening. They found 4 pistols inside the school. Not one 'assault' weapon. The 'assault' weapon was found in the trunk of Lanza's car. His brother stated that they haven't talked for years, but yet his ID was on Adam. How did Adam have his brother's ID? His mother did not work for the school. She is not registered and you can look that up yourself. Where is the 2nd gunman that they apprehended in the woods? If somebody can give me straight answers, then I will stop calling this tragedy a false flag.

Yep, anything they don't like that might point to a gun nut is blamed on the government.

by post insidereply 4601/21/2013



by post insidereply 4701/21/2013

r31 is crying over his Romney/Ryan yard sign.

by post insidereply 4801/21/2013

Obama thinks he is a movie star! How dare he have a second inauguration! It's costing me money!

by post insidereply 4901/21/2013

Obama has taken more vacation days than any President in the history of the universe!

(Even though that honor belongs firmly to GWB.)

by post insidereply 5001/21/2013

That's how you know they were behind 9/11. Their constant reference these days to false flag attacks demonstrates that risk taking psychopaths have. History will record that the Republican party has been a conspiracy against the nation for a generation at least.

by post insidereply 5101/21/2013


by post insidereply 5201/21/2013

Miss me yet?

by post insidereply 5301/21/2013


GWB didn't appear today because he'd have to sober up and pull it together. Did you see the photos of him from the White House Portrait unveiling a few months ago? He was very aged and dissipated. He looked like a confused old alcoholic.

by post insidereply 5401/21/2013

If this Christian nation has truly been handed over to the Communist Godless Muhammedans through a stolen election, it is time for Texas to secede from the Union. You know, to preserve the Union. America for Americans (except the Indians.) Sign the Petition Now!

by post insidereply 5501/21/2013

I can't BELIEVE that America elected a community organizer...TWICE!

by post insidereply 5601/21/2013

Why does that Michelle Obama always look so ANGRY?

by post insidereply 5701/21/2013

The problem with Sarah Palin is she is overqualified.

by post insidereply 5801/21/2013

Gay men see every fucking issue in terms of sex. Say ANYTHING ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING. if you suck cock, you get an automatic pass. If you disagree, you re a freeper

by post insidereply 5901/21/2013

I have a huge buttplug up my ass, it help the oral diarrhea I have

by post insidereply 6001/21/2013

[quote]Gay men see every fucking issue in terms of sex. Say ANYTHING ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING. if you suck cock, you get an automatic pass. If you disagree, you re a freeper

May we suggest Mr. Ray's Wig World?

by post insidereply 6101/21/2013

R61 May I suggest, Go To Hell?

by post insidereply 6201/21/2013

[quote]I had my hair cut!

Hey, me too!

by post insidereply 6301/21/2013

Oh R62, very angry. Please get the help you need even though you don't deserve it. It really is rather fucked up to post on a gay site if you have a problem with it.

by post insidereply 6401/21/2013

[quote] if you suck cock, you get an automatic pass. If you disagree, you re a freeper

as opposed to

[quote] if you believe in bearded sky fairies, you get an automatic pass. If you disagree, I'll damn you to a brimstone-filled imaginary place

by post insidereply 6501/21/2013


by post insidereply 6601/21/2013

Obama is going to take away my freedoms and impose Sharia law!!!

by post insidereply 6701/21/2013

Libertards made me fucked up!

by post insidereply 6801/21/2013

Work for a living!

by post insidereply 6902/17/2013

Whoring your brains out to sociopathic criminals is not working R69, who is probably Sean Hannity.

by post insidereply 7002/17/2013

I don't believe in government hand-outs, but I do work for a wall street firm that bilked billions from the public.

by post insidereply 7102/28/2013

Racism would disappear if we stopped talking about race and got rid of affirmative action!

by post insidereply 7202/28/2013

But he's BLAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!

by post insidereply 7302/28/2013

God-fearing, God-loving Christians can post assassination 'jokes' on their Facebook, too.

by post insidereply 7402/28/2013

Can growing up gay cause arrested development?

by post insidereply 7502/28/2013

I can threaten an elected representative with death and call her a nigger cunt because its my constitutional right to do so.

It's just free speech.

by post insidereply 7602/28/2013

I think GW Bush is better educated than any othe president!

by post insidereply 7704/28/2013


Kill Whitey!!

All this for a damn flag?

by post insidereply 7804/29/2013

Vince Foster!!

by post insidereply 7904/29/2013

Satan put dinosaur bones on the earth to confuse us!

by post insidereply 8004/29/2013

Miss me yet?

by post insidereply 8104/29/2013

The Diary of Anne Frank is pornograpic!!


by post insidereply 8204/29/2013

Dey tk r gnzzzz!

by post insidereply 8304/29/2013

I'm a Cunt

by post insidereply 8404/29/2013

The Daughters of Freepers are Taylor Swift fans.

by post insidereply 8504/29/2013

I'm a PnP whore twice a year at parties but sluts go get preggers and get abortions are criminals

by post insidereply 8604/30/2013


by post insidereply 8706/26/2013

The moon creates its own light. The Bible sez so!!!!

(for real, they really believe that)

by post insidereply 8806/26/2013

I freep the whole ding dong day long!

by post insidereply 8907/19/2013

who cares about these worthless kids. Either they are the cretinous spawn of some slack jawed hilljacks, some south of the border scum. UNLIKE ME, I'm priceless

by post insidereply 9009/21/2013

Honestly, if you find any white liberal in this country, you will have found someone who possesses the absolute dumbest ideas in the world. unlike me, I'm brilliant, empty of constructive worth but brilliant!

by post insidereply 9109/21/2013

t’s the Democrats! If they want to end the government shutdown or avoid a debt-limit crisis, all they have to do is make a concession or two. How can President Obama be willing to negotiate with tyrants in Russia and Iran, but not with the House majority?

by post insidereply 9210/03/2013

That’s not fair! We want to compromise. All the Democrats have to do is accept some changes in Obamacare, which is unpopular to begin with.

by post insidereply 9310/03/2013

You’re a little theatrical when you exaggerate the economic cost. As Fox News notes, this is less a government shutdown than a government slimdown. Yes, there is disruption, but essential services are being maintained — and so much has been designated “essential” that the damage is being minimized.

by post insidereply 9410/03/2013

Maybe the Tea Party got out of hand, and maybe this wasn’t John Boehner’s finest moment. But you can’t blame everything on Republicans. This is a typical Washington mess, and they’re all responsible.

by post insidereply 9510/03/2013

Paula Deen was framed!

by post insidereply 9610/03/2013

Paula Deen was never fat!

by post insidereply 9710/03/2013

The woman shot was Obama's Fault!

by post insidereply 9810/03/2013

Hey, OP. How were barackaquishabooboo's technicolor weave and nails?

by post insidereply 9910/03/2013
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