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‘Lincoln’ Invited To Screen To U.S. Senate By Majority Leader Harry Reid

EXCLUSIVE: I’ve just learned that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has invited Steven Spielberg to screen Lincoln on December 12th.

But what’s different about this invitation is that Reid is offering to provide the U.S. Senate to Spielberg as the theatre. Reid’s invite only recently went out — and I’m told Spielberg will accept for his movie to play in the historic setting. No one is yet sure if this has ever been done by a movie before.

(Of course, movies play at the White house all the time, and Lincoln is no exception: it screened November 15th for President Obama, Spielberg, cast and crew members at the executive mansion.)

The film’s release was delayed until after the 2012 Election — but DreamWorks still scheduled a special extended 2-minute TV ad during the commercial break right after the first Presidential Debate.

I’m told Reid, a Democrat, is a huge fan of the biopic about the most famous Republican president.

The movie is playing well all across the country, primarily for adult audiences, but in red states as well as blue states. Politicos and pundits on both sides of the aisle have praised the film, which is Oscar-touted.

Now it remains to be seen if Reid’s invite will be politicized — and if the attendance during this lame duck session will be bipartisan. “The irony is that what’s happening with the fiscal cliff isn’t that different from what’s going on in the movie,” one of the film’s insiders reacts to me about the Senate invitation. “Everything is in a countdown mode.”

by Nikki reply 712/11/2012

They'll enjoy this movie. It's a great picture.

by Nikki reply 112/06/2012

Meanwhile, there will be a screening of Les Miserables in the breakroom at the DMV at U street and 23rd.

by Nikki reply 212/06/2012

-----Adding cultural incest drunkeness to POST American thirst ---surely.

by Nikki reply 312/07/2012

Anyone who sits through that willingly needs to be shot. Those films aren't made for public consumption, but to impress the movie industry and wins awards.

by Nikki reply 412/07/2012

Lincoln was invited, too?

by Nikki reply 512/07/2012

Mormons pushing Hetero Lincoln. Gee, what a surprise.

by Nikki reply 612/07/2012

Tomorrow's the day. I hope it's a bi-partisan event.

by Nikki reply 712/11/2012
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