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Man Left Pit Bull to Babysit While He Drank at Bar: Deputies

A Palm Coast man has been arrested on suspicion he had his pit bull watch a 10-month-old baby while he went out to drink beer, authorities say.

James R. Irvine, 41, was arrested Saturday and faces one charge of child neglect, according to online jail records. He was held on $1,500 bond.

Flagler County Sheriff’s Office deputies said Irvine's girlfriend left him in charge of her child while she was away at work. After not answering several of her calls that evening, Irvine eventually picked up and said, "I'm watching the game," according to an arrest form.

The woman said she found Irvine trying to get into the house and that he was urinating on himself, according to the report.

He admitted to his girlfriend that he had been having a few drinks, but told her the baby wasn't alone because their pet pit bull was watching it, deputies said.

A bar employee verified that she had served him five Coronas and one Bud Light.

The baby was found crying inside a room with the door shut and the pit bull was sitting outside of it, the report said.

by Florida, naturallyreply 712/05/2012

This thread is useless without pics.

by Florida, naturallyreply 112/05/2012

Sadly the pitbull seems to have had better parenting skills than both man and girlfriend.

by Florida, naturallyreply 212/05/2012

At least it wasn't that baby-raping dog.

by Florida, naturallyreply 312/05/2012

From now on, with these kinds of stories, it's only necessary to indicate if it's NOT Florida. We can just assume it's Florida unless otherwise noted.

by Florida, naturallyreply 412/05/2012

In "Peter Pan", the nanny for the Darling family's children was their dog Nana (in the Disney version, she was a St. Bernard).

by Florida, naturallyreply 512/05/2012

R5 = James Irvine's lawyer

by Florida, naturallyreply 612/05/2012

" five Coronas and one Bud Light."

He should be hanged.

by Florida, naturallyreply 712/05/2012
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