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I've been invited to a torah with Mayim Bialik!!!!

Torah! Torah!! Torah!!!

LimmudLA Presents "Our Lives, Our Judaism"

Hosted by: Shomrei Torah Synagogue

This day of learning, music and conversation is a celebration of Judaism and its impact on our everyday lives. The program will conclude with a concert and community wide Hanukkiah lighting. Sessions led by local and regional experts will focus on areas of alternative education, health/lifestyle, spiritual practice, technology, relationships and food. Registrations opens at 12:30; Sessions atart at 1:00pm. See the full program here, with all the sessions, hour by hour. Sessions Include: “Now Go and Learn - Explorations at the intersection of everyday life, creativity and Judaism” Panel with Mayim Bialik (Actress, Writer), Peter Himmelman (Musician), Stephen Tobolowsky (Actor) and Michael Tolkin (Writer) Creating Our Own Reality: "The New Jew's of America" with Bruce Powell and Ben de Toledo New Faces of Religious School with Adrianne Pasternak (Director of Education at STS), Avram Mandell (Director of Education at Leo Beck Temple, Carla Adivi (Director of Jewels) and moderated by Phil Liff-Grieff (Associated Director of BJE) Om Shalom Yoga: Maccabee Warrior Flow with Zack Lodmer Homeschooling - How & Why with Steven David Horwich Just One Night: A Couples Session with Sara Brandes Building a Strong Jewish Education: Are day schools and public schools the only alternatives in the 21st century? with Shep and Shari Rosenman Green your Program with a Garden with Becca Bodenstein and Alexis Bieda Getting Work and Staying Upbeat with Steve Keleman What Teen Leadership Can Teach You with Far West USY’s Andrew Gerson, Michael Sacks, Lillie Shvartsman, Gabriel Kachuck and Matthew Shterenberg A Jewish View of Miracles with Jordanna Flores You Didn't Fail the Diet, the Diet Failed You with Aaron Flores Food Justice and Jewish Values with Becca Bodenstein & Samantha Kaplan Same Sex Relationships in Jewish Tradition with JB Sacks What Would Freud Say? A psychological view on biblical text with Tsafi Lev and Caila Glickman Jewish Melody: Experiencing Jewish Music with Jared Stein and Ben Antin Mussar: Jewish Values for Everyday Living with Ted Riter Converting Unused Land to Grow and Tithe Food with Devorah Brous

Sessions For the Whole Family: Light, Freedom and the Power of a Good Latka!: Chanukkah Stories from George Washington to Goldilocks with Nancy Schwartz Israeli Cooking with the Community with Maytal Gilboa Israeli Dance with Susan North Gilboa

Camp LimmudLA:

Ages 2-6 provided by Shomrei Torah's Early Childhood Education Center While parents are engaged in meaningful learning opportunities, they can rest assured that their children will be cared for at STS. Children will participate in a variety of hands-on, age appropriate Chanukah activities in our preschool classrooms as well as on our state of the art “outdoor classroom.” Children will be cared for by STS ECEC’s loving and experienced staff as well as volunteer students from The New Jewish Community High School.

Ages 7-13 by Habonim Dror Camp Gilboa Habonim Dror Camp Gilboa are pleased and excited to partner with Limmud once again to offer our brand of fun, experiential, and meaningful activities to our 7-13 year old Jewish Learners! This year we will be offering LimmudLA's Jewish youth a wide range of program options, from exploring our Jewish relationships, Identity, and spirituality, to Isreali Dancing, Hannukiah Making, Jewish Symbols Face Painting, and Making Judaism Milkshakes! Who knew Learning could Taste so sweet?!

Programming Partners: Congregation Or Ami Florence Melton Adult Mini-School Habonim Dror Camp Gilboa Netiya New Community Jewish School and TKI Our Space LA Valley Outreach Synagogue/ Jewels

Community Partners: Big Jewish Tent Shalom institute Temple Aliyah Temple Judea West Valley Rabbinic Task Force Valley Beth Shalom/ Next Gen Congregation Am HaYam (Ventura) USY: Far West Region Support for this LimmudLA event is provided by: Ziering Family Foundation, A Support Foundation of the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angel

by Anonymousreply 112/04/2012

Nobody here cares about religion. Any religion. They've caused nothing but problems. I can't fathom how people actually still support organized religions in today's world. The future generations will look back at the past and laugh. Religion was invented to keep sociopaths in line. We don't need that anymore.

...But do have a good time at your celebration.

by Anonymousreply 112/04/2012
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