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Sally Field wins NY Film Critics award while Betty Buckley teaches at a community college in Palm Desert!!!

boy there is such a thing as Karma

by Calistareply 612/10/2012

BB is a loser

by Calistareply 112/04/2012

Betty's singing "Ah Men, the Boys of Broadway" (Mary!) Saturday night in Palm Springs. Anyone here going?

by Calistareply 212/04/2012

What does Betty know about boys?

by Calistareply 312/04/2012

oh my.....poor Betty....does no one love the sad old bitch?

by Calistareply 412/10/2012

Oh? I didn't realize the film critics were giving awards for television programmes these days.

by Calistareply 512/10/2012

Betty had Grayson McCooch. She wins.

by Calistareply 612/10/2012
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