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Hoarders - 12/3/12 - Terry

Cat hoarder who can't deal with death. 50 farm cats who are now breeding in the house. She keeps the dead ones in the freezer; maybe another 50 frozen cats.

Very little furniture in the house; cats pissing and shitting everywhere.

So much ammonia in the air, a kitten's eyeballs popped out! You read that correctly. ITS FUCKING EYEBALLS POPPED OUT!!! They showed the kitten!

(The other story is just your run-of-the-mill hoarder.)

by SissyFormerExecAsstreply 912/05/2012

They are finding dead cats in ziplock bags in a bedroom closet.

They are euthanizing some cats at the scene.

by SissyFormerExecAsstreply 112/03/2012

I download all the episodes in HD and save my favorites, but I don't like the animal hoarder episodes, and as a cat lover, I'm definitely not going to save this one. They said they might have to euthanize all her cats, they're so sick. Poor kitties.

by SissyFormerExecAsstreply 212/03/2012

49 cats in the house, 31 euthanized.

In the freezer, they found squirrels, chipmunks, cardinals, mice, roadkill, in addition to cats.

by SissyFormerExecAsstreply 312/03/2012

R2 - you don't hoard episodes of Hoarders, do you?

(leaning towards the phone)

by SissyFormerExecAsstreply 412/03/2012

I like how they gave Terry a miniature refrigerator so if she goes back to hoarding dead animals, she won't be able to fit many in it. I knew ditzy Adelle would start hoarding again immediately, the place is probably already trashed again.

by SissyFormerExecAsstreply 512/03/2012

I want Cory Chalmers inside me deeply. You know he could throw a mean fuck.

by SissyFormerExecAsstreply 612/03/2012

I thought it was cruel to give her an urn of the ashes, only to "strongly suggest" that she dump the ashes out. It's like giving your kid an iPhone, then telling him he has to donate it to the local homeless shelter.

by SissyFormerExecAsstreply 712/04/2012

Oh Sissy, I hope you see this message. I tried to post that night with you but it was primetime. I miss watching the show with you and was excited when I saw you.

Terry was mental.

Adele sounded like a bitch of a mother.

The ziplock bags were bad. Flat with hair. But the liquified cat at the bottom of the fridge was downright disgusting.

by SissyFormerExecAsstreply 812/05/2012

R8 - hugs and kisses to you R8!!

What concerned me is that they were trying to fix the place up. The ammonia smell must have permeated te bricks in the chimney.

by SissyFormerExecAsstreply 912/05/2012
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