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Woman on the subway telling a todler "you aren't listening"

Waiting for the train yesterday, I heard this woman behind me simultaneously pleading and threatening "You aren't listening. You don't pay attention when I tell you things and this is why we are always fighting." It went on and on and on...

I thought some couple was about to break up, or some major drama was underway, so I slowly glance around and it is some narcissistic frau with a three year old boy.

The child is bundled up in a down parka and I swear to God had an ipod nano and ear set.

The woman is acting like she is negotiating some catastrophic issue with her life partner ... THE KID IS 3. Not one day older. It has the attention span of a gnat. But the grandiose frau is going to change the world for her gender one disinterested male at a time. Regardless of his age.

Do women ever realize how ridiculous they get with this "you aren't listening to me" bullshit.

Yes, honey, he is three and it is all about you.

by Anonymousreply 012/03/2012
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