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He was 7, I Was 6, I Was Molested

An actual summary of someone's comments on here.

Cliff Notes

My neighbor was 7, I was 6.

We touched each other.

He was older, so I was molested.

I'm still scarred from the incident.


So this actually constitutes molestation because someone you were playing around with as a child was a year older than you??!

by Mockingbird Lanereply 1012/02/2012


by Mockingbird Lanereply 112/02/2012

OP, tell it to your therapist.

by Mockingbird Lanereply 212/02/2012

You're right, OP. Who ever posted that has reached the wrong conclusion.

by Mockingbird Lanereply 312/02/2012

Aren't these the lyrics to Bang Bang?

by Mockingbird Lanereply 412/02/2012

The night was moist,

by Mockingbird Lanereply 512/02/2012

Speaking as the cynic that I am, has OP decided he is a victim because he has been charged with a sex crime, and as part of his treatment he has learned it is better to be victim than to take personal responsibility for his actions? Alternatively, or maybe in addition to, this sounds like a troll posting.

by Mockingbird Lanereply 612/02/2012

And by OP I am referring to the OP that made the original comment.

by Mockingbird Lanereply 712/02/2012

It recalls the fact that we had a poster who said he had what he thought was consensual sex with his younger brother growing up and the brother now remembers it as abuse and now his whole family no longer speaks to him, even though they were both minors not much separated in age.

by Mockingbird Lanereply 812/02/2012

That wasn't it r8.

by Mockingbird Lanereply 912/02/2012

I was molested. I was 10 and he was a 21 year old priest. I am a very successful person in life. Great home, great job, great wife, great kids.

Then I found out it was legal to sue the Catholic Church and now my life is ruined. I just forgot.


by Mockingbird Lanereply 1012/02/2012
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