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DL Futurists Have At It.

Give us your predictions regarding the state of the world 15-30 years from now: politics, technology, culture, social mores, etc.

Let's discuss the awesome/terrible future.

End message.

by Please and thanksreply 10001/06/2013

No one will walk. We'll ride in hover carts.

by Please and thanksreply 112/02/2012

Those better be heavy duty hover carts with beefed up shocks 'cause we're already obese as a people.

by Please and thanksreply 212/02/2012

The oil's running out and we'll be living like the Ingalls family if we're lucky.

by Please and thanksreply 312/02/2012

Does anyone think there is any legitimate probability for a world crisis occurring on a level that some of this Doomsday Prepper people think will occur?

Can our modern- day civilized society be rendered into chaos?

by Please and thanksreply 412/02/2012

Big bangs are back!

by Please and thanksreply 512/02/2012

We try this every three months, and the responses peter out after about 50. I'll share my perennial answer, though:

In the 2020's, the economies of China, South Asia, and Southeast Asia will collapse after the manufacturing revolution is complete - Europeans and Americans will be able to print out nearly all goods at home, using the now-ubiquitous 3D printer. Latin America will have a functioning E.U.-style supragovernment, and augmented reality devices will be everywhere. Young people will let their cars drive for them, while elderfolk will whine about 'freedom', causing society's only accidents when they override the automated system. Translation technology will make foreign language teachers obsolete, and climate change will finally be taken seriously as a political issue in many nations.

by Please and thanksreply 612/02/2012

Twitter will evolve into the hive-mind consciousness a la The Borg.

by Please and thanksreply 712/02/2012

The environment is going to wreck havoc on the world in the next 15+ years. Flash storms will be bigger, water levels will rise faster. More warm Decembers in Canada more snowy winters in Florida. The resulting economic turmoil will force the USA to shut down all foreign economic aid and close its borders and the other G7s will follow suit, forcing the old British Empire to start up again as an independent economic block.

The US will default on its Chinese owned debt.

China, short of raw materials, will start using military force to secure new resources.

India and Pakistan will exchange nukes.

Germany will take over most European governments by proxy.

There will be a growing violent back lash against new immigrants, who are though by many US and British nationals, to be the source of lack of jobs. The 1 percent will encourage this as it takes attention away from them - the ones really responsible for it.

Wall Street money will move entirely out of the Western countries, fearing seizure of assets.

Religious fundamentalism will explode as frightened people look away from Corporate Controlled national governments, for solutions.

The Music industry will be flooded with more teenbeat crap music than ever before in all history.

by Please and thanksreply 812/02/2012

From what we're seeing now, America is in a crisis that could last well into the 2020s, and during economic crises' such as these, all out wars can happen (WWII style). With the effort to make green energy a force to be reckoned with, America could have a green "boom" by 2030. With google already test driving self driving cars expect to see them more in the next decade as well.

by Please and thanksreply 912/02/2012

The obese will have their own racial designation, and they will check the appropriate box on government forms. It will be determined that obesity is a marker in human evolution, and its sufferers will be under surveillance 24/7.

It will be determined that obesity is a marker for neanderthal ancestry and the military will find these obese descendants highly desireable for combat service.

Thus, the current building of FEMA camps that willl soon house the obese and get them into tip-top fightin' shape.

by Please and thanksreply 1012/02/2012

Wow, R8, I'm scared!

by Please and thanksreply 1112/02/2012

[quote]wreck havoc

by Please and thanksreply 1212/02/2012

I think all of R6's predictions will come true by the 2020's, but only about half of R8's. There is no way that Wall Street money will flee the West to less stable environments, and I actually think society has had it with religious fundamentalism in Canada and the United States. Yes, the fundies will continue to exist, but they've shot their political wad, and will not achieve the levels of success they once did before.

by Please and thanksreply 1312/02/2012

I believe full, fluffy pubic hair will make a big comeback.

by Please and thanksreply 1412/02/2012

Low lying coastal areas will start to submerge because of rising sea levels. Countries like Bangladesh and the Maldives will suffer first.

by Please and thanksreply 1512/02/2012

Within 30 years there will be no middle class and we will have a revolution . . . not merely an environmental evolution, or a purely economic revolution, or a rhetorical revolution, but a full revolution with armed conflict. If you can't see it coming, you aren't looking.

by Please and thanksreply 1612/02/2012

Visions of the Weimar Republic....

by Please and thanksreply 1712/02/2012


by Please and thanksreply 1812/02/2012

here ya go, OP!

Interesting site to browse - and they're on facebook too....

by Please and thanksreply 1912/02/2012

That link was posted in the last futurist thread too, R19. It really is a great website, although he and his sources are far too pessimistic about the U.S. / too optimistic about China.

by Please and thanksreply 2012/02/2012

methane gas plumes from teh artic will cause a massive species die off, including us.

by Please and thanksreply 2112/02/2012

[quote]Wow, [R8], I'm scared!

So is he. Don't listen to that negative twit.

There will always be good and bad in the future.

by Please and thanksreply 2212/02/2012

This may sound unbelievable, so you'd all better sit down for this:

In the future, young people will be getting tattoos on their faces and necks!

by Please and thanksreply 2312/02/2012

Just a short correction on the U.S. debt default. The dollar is the world's reserve currency (at least for now,) and nation-to-nation debt is large done in U.S. dollars. And guess what? We can print it! Could it possibly be any better?

In other words, we won't ever default. Of course, the trillions we eventually send to China to pay it all off will be worth about a loaf of bread, but it's the thought that counts.

by Please and thanksreply 2412/02/2012

Peak Oil will wreak as much havoc, if not more so, than climate change.

And thanks to Republican/Conservative denial and obstructionism, we won't be prepared for either event, even though they're happening RIGHT NOW.

Economies will collapse. There will be wars, not just for oil, but for fresh water. Religious nut-jobs will point to the "end of the world" as our punishment for "liberalism".

It's going to get pretty bad folks.

by Please and thanksreply 2512/02/2012

Sorry folks, but the planet is in for some nasty environmental damage. Deny it all you want and jump in your SUV.......Its too late to stop it now.

by Please and thanksreply 2612/02/2012

Death is the crumb to which they come, God the division of it, the nothing and no more of it When the procreative doom stops making room- The name of charity by which to be is not to be.

by Please and thanksreply 2712/02/2012

Why are people so obsessed with the idea of God? How bizarre. Why would there even need to be one?

In the future, I hope the atheists and agnostics will be a majority.

by Please and thanksreply 2812/02/2012

Of stupid responses on DL, this thread has some of the stupidest.

by Please and thanksreply 2912/02/2012

China has had its glory day. Nothing but severe shortages, pollution problems and the resulting public violence left.

by Please and thanksreply 3012/02/2012

Which ones are the stupid ones, R29?

by Please and thanksreply 3112/02/2012

When people deny climate change as a threat to the existence of the human species, let met remind you that mother nature has flushed the planet before.

About 65 million years ago, mother nature burnt everything on the planet and then stayed dormant for about 1,000 years before some of the life forms started to reemerge and eventually formed into what we have today.

by Please and thanksreply 3212/02/2012

R32, what does an asteroid hit 65 million years ago have to do with the theory of anthropogenic climate change?

This thread is chockful of stupid.

by Please and thanksreply 3312/02/2012

Why do you think that the term mother nature is earth specific? Mother nature isn't a vegan chick who hangs out above north pole waiting to spank people who don't recycle. Mother nature is a term for what happens naturally in the universe. An asteroid hitting a planet, is a regularly occurring and natural event.

by Please and thanksreply 3412/02/2012

R34, I have no problem with the concept that random acts of the universe affect planet earth. That's how it got created in the first place.

Comparing it to "when people deny climate change" strikes me as a stretch, if you are implying that the actions of humans will have some kind of determinative affect on the fate of earth.

by Please and thanksreply 3512/02/2012

Humans will have giant heads made out of cotton candy and sparkle-y things. We will ride through the air on floating surfboards, and eat hummus imported from Mars.

by Please and thanksreply 3612/02/2012

I love R36. Cannibalism will become de rigueur, especially when the cotton candy faces have such exotic Martian flavors.

by Please and thanksreply 3712/02/2012

Cheryl's pussy will still stink, and I will always be a real cunt.

by Please and thanksreply 3812/02/2012

Wars will be fought over fresh water. Oil won't matter anymore.

Also, there will be all sorts of new "plagues" as viruses and bacteria mutate and become resistant to any drugs. They will cross breed and multiply. Combine this with the lack of fresh drinking water and it's an epic disaster.

by Please and thanksreply 3912/02/2012

Earth will have pink hair. All the trees will be red. No one will ever die here.

by Please and thanksreply 4012/02/2012

Somni - 451.


by Please and thanksreply 4112/02/2012

None of this will come to pass because rising temperatures and carbon dioxide levels will kill off the bees and most insects and plants resulting in about 85% of our population starving to death and the rest having to resort to cannibalism. Earth will look more like Mars than earth.

by Please and thanksreply 4212/02/2012

r42, interesting. I know someone who obsesses over the bee issue.

He can't understand why world gov'ts aren't investing the time to educate their peoples on the reality of what is really happening.

Any more info?

by Please and thanksreply 4312/02/2012

Yes, the bees.

by Please and thanksreply 4412/02/2012

In about ten years the gradual breakup of the United States happens. It will start slow with conservative states opting out of federal government programs. Then it will escalate. People and businesses in those states will begin doing all they can to just disregard paying taxes to the federal government.

It will devolve into a confederacy in name only. Then a true breakup.

by Please and thanksreply 4512/02/2012

No more info other than that we're all going to die horribly.

by Please and thanksreply 4612/02/2012

Is it bees, Eddie?

by Please and thanksreply 4712/02/2012

I can see the future and it's a place - about 70 miles east of here.

by Please and thanksreply 4812/02/2012

Agree with R45. The secessionist movements springing up now in the US are part of a global trend. Who knows is the USA, UK, Spain, Belgium etc. will exist in their current forms? There is even a secessionist movement in Australia to split the western part from the east.

by Please and thanksreply 4912/02/2012

Muslims will unite and invade Western nations. The people of Europe will suffer greatly.

Food will no longer be bought and sold; it will be rationed. Famine and plague will follow.

Martial law will become necessary in many nations.

by Please and thanksreply 5012/02/2012

What a bunch of depressives. Why are most of these predictions so negative? Are you a bunch of apocalypse loving Christians?

by Please and thanksreply 5112/02/2012

They don't realize this yet, but almost everyone under the age of forty today should expect to live to be at least 150.

by Please and thanksreply 5212/02/2012

[quote]They don't realize this yet, but almost everyone under the age of forty today should expect to live to be at least 150.

But the last 80 of those years, they will be homeless

by Please and thanksreply 5312/02/2012

and skinless as the radiation from the sun burns away the flesh due to a depleted ozone.

by Please and thanksreply 5412/02/2012

They're not ordinary bees...

They're KILLER BEES!!!

by Please and thanksreply 5512/02/2012

Flying cars. Pills that provide all your nutrition and eliminate the need for exercise or sleep. Robots who do all the work. Houseplants that grow tasty hamburgers.

by Please and thanksreply 5612/02/2012

A hideous future of haves and have nots. The wealthy will genetically breed their offspring to become gigantic. The wealthiest will be 8 to 9 feet tall. The poor will work as servants and do the things that these wealthy will not or could not do.

We will become a sports/corporate/religious worship society that will have a fee attached to everything that a person will do at that moment. Going into a store, getting a drink from a water fountain, walking in certain areas of a city, all these will have fees attached that you will pay at use.

Hospitals will treat you at home, where a surgical unit will come, fix you there, and then leave. The poor will be warehouse and put in cubicle-like tubes for waiting for surgical service.

Computers will not exist in any form we see now. There will be a small clip that you wear that will make any information screen your computer while you use it. At home the clip will activate a wall. Pointing and gestures will make it work.

Stupidity will be the norm. Science will only be allowed to keep the government in power, advances will be made that keeps all dissent at bay.

by Please and thanksreply 5712/02/2012

In the future, I'll be dead.

by Please and thanksreply 5812/02/2012

The Bush Dynasty, after suffering tremendous losses in a sea battle off the coast of Iowa, will be exiled to the 38 Quadrant (formerly known as The Sudan and Ethiopia).

The exhalted reign of Hillary XIX will then begin.

by Please and thanksreply 5912/02/2012

R41 points towards the future

by Please and thanksreply 6012/02/2012

[quote]Muslims will unite and invade Western nations. The people of Europe will suffer greatly.

Except that they're poorer than The country of Spain, all put together. No fucking way.

by Please and thanksreply 6112/02/2012

For the people after some optimism in this thread, it's possible that the present interglacial (which underpinned the agricultural revolution and hence civilization itself, ca 12,500 years ago) is coming to an end, and we are heading into another ice age.

So, y'know, make sure to use your dryers after every wash, even in summer.

by Please and thanksreply 6212/02/2012


by Please and thanksreply 6312/04/2012

Jennifer Jason Leigh will win a Best Actress Oscar

by Please and thanksreply 6412/04/2012

You won't need computers because you will have a special contact lens that you put in your eye that you can see information in front of you when you request it. This has already been developed. It's hard for me to see the future because I won't be in it, but I can see that severe weather will continue to cause flooding and destruction in areas that have not suffered from this before. Human beings are still too dumb to do anything about obesity and living healthy lifestyles, so they will continue to drop like flies from heart disease and diabetes. Health insurance costs will continue to rise until it reaches a breaking point where many physicians will quit their practices, complaining that they can't make any money. America will get militarily involved in the Middle East again and this will lead to a widespread conflict that we will be lucky to survive. Good luck to my fellow DL'ers! I have no idea what percentage of you will be alive five years from now, but my guess is about half of you! Enjoy your final years!

by Please and thanksreply 6512/04/2012

The tax rate on the rich will return to 91% for the top tier earnings.

by Please and thanksreply 6612/04/2012

And the Oscar goes to Lourdes Ciccone for the musical remake of Song of Bernadette.

by Please and thanksreply 6712/04/2012

The world will OBVIOUSLY still need computers, they will just not be desk top units.

The big thing coming is Quantum Computing, computing with 1s or 0s plus 1 AND 0s. What that means, to the non techs out there, is your home computer is about to increase in speed about 10,000 times over about 1 year. The leading Quantum computer company in the world right now is a Canadian company called D-Wave and they claim to be building one as we speak.

by Please and thanksreply 6812/05/2012

R68, it'll be many, many years before any quantum computing goes mainstream.

by Please and thanksreply 6912/05/2012

The cats will force us to feed them, and serve their every whim.

by Please and thanksreply 7012/06/2012

R61, you know Saudi Arabia's and Kuwaitis oil barons are Muslim right?

by Please and thanksreply 7112/06/2012

I know that, but those countries are NOT wealthy, though the royals themselves might be

by Please and thanksreply 7212/06/2012

America will continue to find me simply A-dork-able.

by Please and thanksreply 7312/06/2012

I love it when our resident conspiracy theorists and Sky-is-Falling crazies come out of the woodwork on threads like these. Their beliefs differ, but their conclusion is always the same: we're all DOOOOOOOOOOOMED!!! Here's how everything will more likely go:

1. In the Western world at least, we're already reached "Peak Oil" -- which is NOT, as the conspiracy theorists believe, the point at which our oil demands exceed supplies, but rather the peak of oil *consumption*. In 15 years a majority of the automobiles sold in the U.S. will either be hybrids, electric, a combination therein, or super-high-efficiency gas engines (nearly as efficient as a hybrid). Furthermore, we will have determined a realistic engine solution for all the 18-wheelers and huge buses that require diesel and get 2 miles per gallon. Personally, I suspect it'll be a combination of natural gas -- a fuel already used, on a limited level, for municipal vehicles, and something we have a seemingly endless surplus of -- and hybrid engines incorporating power from the massive braking forces required on all supersize vehicles. Geopolitically speaking, this will substantially reduce the influence of countries like Russia, Ukraine, Brazil and all of the Middle East.

2. Within 15 years, the U.S. may very well be Democratic-controlled for the foreseeable future. Texas will be the new state that decides national elections, and given that Hispanics will likely outnumber the white population two to one by 2025, it's practically a given that Texas will turn bright blue at some point; the only question is when. Same goes for Arizona, particularly as the right-wing Republican retirees who live there die off.

3. The Middle Eastern country we'll be worrying about in the 2020s won't be Iran, but rather Pakistan, which already HAS nukes (a number of them, actually). Although it's been a longtime ally, those ties will fray as soon as we pull out of Afghanistan in 2014, and the corruption currently in place in the Pakistani government will continue to permeate. That said, it is not at all unfeasible that Israel will take preemptive action against Iran by 2027, up to and including firing a nuke at them. (While Israel has never formally admitted it has nukes, it's a given that they either built them or the U.S. covertly gave them some.)

4. As already noted, it's only a matter of time before we start seeing widespread water shortages in the U.S., a combination of both global warming and vastly increased demand. Southern California in particular will suffer here, as will Phoenix, and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if the last, drastic, final steps in both places will be similar to what drought-stricken Texas has seen in recent years: an elimination of ALL water use in the outdoors for purposes such as watering lawns and golf courses. Say goodbye to the lush landscapes and putting greens enjoyed by the rich, at least in that part of the country; xeriscaped lawns will soon replace everything else.

5. Rising seas will cause endless problems in the long-run, but not in the next 15 years. It's actually really fucking scary if you consider how many of our nation's major cities are located either on or very near an ocean: New York, L.A., Miami, Houston, Washington, D.C., Boston, etc. Miami and Houston in particular are vulnerable since they're effectively flat; at least places like Seattle and SF can partially be saved by people relocating to higher ground. Anyway, in the long run I wouldn't be at all surprise to see massive population shifts to cities on high ground far from the oceans: Dallas, Denver, Salt Lake and Phoenix come to mind.

by Please and thanksreply 7412/06/2012

It is only a matter of time before some terrorist group or front pretending to be a terrorist group uses a nuke.

If any western national government wanted Martial Law, this would be the fastest way to get it.

by Please and thanksreply 7512/06/2012

Isn't there a single positive prediction? But I personally cannot even think of one...

by Please and thanksreply 7612/06/2012

[quote]It is only a matter of time before some terrorist group or front pretending to be a terrorist group uses a nuke.

You've been watching too many reruns of "24." If entire COUNTRIES like Iran and North Korea can barely develop nuclear technology, even with billions of dollars at their disposal, how on earth do you think underfunded terrorists could do it, even on the off chance they could find qualified nuclear engineers?

by Please and thanksreply 7712/06/2012

Phosphate shortage?

[quote]America will continue to find me simply A-dork-able.

Someone much younger is already being groomed to take your place, Zooey.

by Please and thanksreply 7812/06/2012

It's honestly very hard for me to come up with any realistic [italic]positive[/italic] prediction for the future... not at the rate we're going.

by Please and thanksreply 7901/06/2013

There are dozens of positive prediction people could contribute. Here's mine:

Programmable matter ('catoms') becomes commonplace in the 2030's. This raises the standard of living significantly, as families and individuals no longer have to pay for separate appliances.

See? Read more science fiction.

by Please and thanksreply 8001/06/2013

R80, I was referring to [italic]realistic[/italic] predictions. What you describe will certainly not happen in our lifetimes, and probably not ever.

by Please and thanksreply 8101/06/2013

The future is the movie Idiocracy.

by Please and thanksreply 8201/06/2013

Yeah, R82. Combined with maybe some dystopian future like Soylent Green, or worse, a complete collapse of society after the oil runs out (maybe like "The Postman").

by Please and thanksreply 8301/06/2013

Hillary Clinton becomes the first woman Presi--

{off-screen thud}

Woops. Never mind.

by Please and thanksreply 8401/06/2013

Your eldergay is showing, R81. Were you surprised when the Internet made it big? Read the link to see more about programmable matter.

by Please and thanksreply 8501/06/2013

Didn't experts once claim that there would never be airplanes, as it would be impossible to sustain heavy metal objects in the sky? R81 just sounds willfully myopic and pessimistic - there will inevitably be some positive developments, and he can't claim to know with absolute certainty what these will or won't be.

by Please and thanksreply 8601/06/2013

No, I've actually studied physics, and the energy requirements for any "useful" programmable matter as described in science fiction (of which I read a lot) is just not something you're going to see in our lifetimes.

There won't be faster-than-light travel in our lifetimes either.

And commercial fusion energy is always 30 years in the future... it was in the 70s, and it still is now, and it probably still will be in 30 years.

by Please and thanksreply 8701/06/2013

We've all studied physics, dear. Why don't you do some more research (the distraction with fusion energy and FTL travel was cute), and get back to everyone.

by Please and thanksreply 8801/06/2013

Also, a lifetime might be very brief indeed depending on how old you already are, R87...

by Please and thanksreply 8901/06/2013

Programmable matter research at Cornell...

by Please and thanksreply 9001/06/2013

R88, if you want to hold your breath thinking that stuff is right around the corner and people will be using it everywhere... you go right ahead.

But even that stuff is far, far short of the original claim, that programmable matter "like that in science-fiction" will be available routinely and used routinely in less than 20 years.

I'd be willing to bet money you're wrong.

by Please and thanksreply 9101/06/2013

An article on programmable matter from "Scientific American".

Yes, the field is in its infancy, but there's no decent reason to believe that it won't have made significant strides by 2040. (What would people in 1960 have said about the possibility of the Internet?)

by Please and thanksreply 9201/06/2013

R80 said nothing about the programmable matter being like that from science fiction, R91. (Where did you get "like that in science fiction" from?) He only said that it would "raise the standard of living". There's a big difference between multi-purpose appliances and the T-1000.

by Please and thanksreply 9301/06/2013

Who is the nutcase obsessed with "programmable matter"??

by Please and thanksreply 9401/06/2013

Nice try, R91/R94. You forgot to activate the proxy IP.

by Please and thanksreply 9501/06/2013

Humans will become Coprophageous!!

by Please and thanksreply 9601/06/2013

I think R67 a retard, R64. I tend to agree. I'd go as far as wagering that you're psychotic as well. Just a hunch.

by Please and thanksreply 9701/06/2013

R95, what the fuck are you even talking about?

by Please and thanksreply 9801/06/2013

Everyone in the US will have an iRobot, made by Apple.

by Please and thanksreply 9901/06/2013

3D printers.

by Please and thanksreply 10001/06/2013
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