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Patty Hearst

Will she one day just snap and start robbing banks again?

by Dottiereply 1112/01/2012

Interesting timing. I finally got around to watching Network last night. I loved the scenes with the mock SLA.

by Dottiereply 112/01/2012

She's had some great work done.

by Dottiereply 212/01/2012

I liked her work in Serial Mom.

by Dottiereply 312/01/2012

She's really screwed up. Always was. She was a spoiled, self-absorbed rich girl before she joined the SLA. The jury that listened to her case didn't believe her story that she was "brain-washed" into joining the lunatic terrorist group and was "forced" into particpating in a bank robbery. They found her guilty because all the evidence pointed to her guilt. She was sentenced to seven years in jail but only did a little over year before that clod Jimmy Carter freed her. The previously pig-hating Patty then went on to marry a POLICEMAN and went back to her spoiled rich girl life. In interviews she comes across as self-serving and arrogant. She is, quite simply, a cunt.

by Dottiereply 412/01/2012

R4=Zakinairia Zulu

by Dottiereply 512/01/2012

One could only hope OP, we need a little excitement and the Pope shows no sign of leaving this vale of tears so let's all cast our eyes upon Ms. Hearst. Haven't seen any pics of her recently, but isn't she about 70 by now? I mean, with her money she can get work done, but sooner or later there comes a point when even that results in something grotesque like Joan Rivers or something.

by Dottiereply 612/01/2012

She's not above slapping a few faces viciously from time to time

by Dottiereply 712/01/2012

It would be cool if she kidnapped some heiress today for maybe Jada and Will's little girl.

by Dottiereply 812/01/2012

My long stretch connection to her:

I rented the apartment where she was kidnapped from in Berkeley.

Hey fuckers, tight market and I needed a place to live.

by Dottiereply 912/01/2012

OK, I finally clicked on the link and stand by what I said about "work done".

by Dottiereply 1012/01/2012

Karen: Grace, we talked about the beret. Patty Hearst couldn't even pull one off and she had money and a gun.

by Dottiereply 1112/01/2012
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