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Kids and Christmas

I don't get it. Why do parents take their kids to pick out toys for Christmas?

Where is the excitement and anticipation of opening gifts on Christmas morning?

I see these parents taking the kids to pick out what they want. Why don't they write a letter to Santa?

Datalouge is absolutely correct in that little Jayden and Britney control the household. Today's parents are fucked up!

by Scroogereply 512/03/2012

Spoiled rotten. My little nephews, ages 7 and 4 are getting a big screen tv (56" or so) for their playroom which is a huge den upstairs in addition to the ping pong table they are getting. The grandparents were asked to go in together for the tv. They already have ipads.

by Scroogereply 112/01/2012

I never knew what I was going to get. But I'll never forget the anticipation. There's nothing like Christmas Eve when you're a kid. (Smile)

by Scroogereply 212/01/2012

No one else wants to chime in?

I thought sure this would be one of those threads that goes on forever.

Thank you both, R1 and R2.

by Scroogereply 312/03/2012

I'll chime in, OP. Who gives a fuck? Indulgent parenting bothers me when I have to deal with the results; e.g., loud, bratty kids in public places. But WTF do I care about some random families' holiday gift-giving practices? Try minding your own business once in a while.

by Scroogereply 412/03/2012

I don't go into stores this time of year, and rarely go to toy stores, so I am unaware of this trend. Maybe it's because the parents take their kids everyplace with them instead of leaving them home with a babysitter.

by Scroogereply 512/03/2012
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