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This is not going to end well. Sources close to the starlet report she begins each day with vodka and continues imbibing all day long, topping it off with cocaine.

by Yikes.reply 12512/07/2012

At this point, jailing her would actually be humane.

by Yikes.reply 111/30/2012

Absolut Lohan

by Yikes.reply 211/30/2012

Wouldn't she get alcohol poisoning on 2 liters per day? I suppose not if she spread the amount over an entire day.. . .

by Yikes.reply 311/30/2012

Drinking that much per day she can't quit cold turkey because she will quickly develop DTs.

She needs to dry out in a hospital gradually.

by Yikes.reply 411/30/2012

I'm not sure I understand why this is a problem.

by Yikes.reply 511/30/2012


by Yikes.reply 611/30/2012

When does she turn 27?

by Yikes.reply 711/30/2012

You can see it in her puffy face.

by Yikes.reply 811/30/2012

[quote]Wouldn't she get alcohol poisoning on 2 liters per day?

Yes. That's more than a half-gallon of alcohol.

by Yikes.reply 911/30/2012

That explains her face.

by Yikes.reply 1011/30/2012

I don't doubt that she has a substance abuse problem but how are we to know that these stories are 100% accurate? I'm sure there are a lot of jealous girls out there who would love to bring her down further.

Also a lot of these nightclub scuffles that she finds herself in are probably started by stupid girls who just want to get their names in the press.

Lindsay is a headcase but I also believe that she's being targeted.

by Yikes.reply 1111/30/2012

Send her to the asylum with the hydrotherapy. She'll be better in no time.

by Yikes.reply 1211/30/2012

" I'm sure there are a lot of jealous girls out there who would love to bring her down further.:

Why would someone be jealous of Lindsay Lohan?

She looks like hell, her career is over and she's a major joke these days.

by Yikes.reply 1311/30/2012

I believe you're as idiot r12

by Yikes.reply 1411/30/2012

[quote]I believe you're as idiot


Bravo for life's little ironies.

by Yikes.reply 1511/30/2012

I feel bad for her. Alcohol addiction is bad enough, being a tabloid joke just makes it worse. Sad waste of talent. I hope she gets help and doesn't end up like amy winehouse.

by Yikes.reply 1611/30/2012

The idiot is r11 not r12

by Yikes.reply 1711/30/2012

[quote] Also a lot of these nightclub scuffles that she finds herself in are probably started by stupid girls who just want to get their names in the press. Lindsay is a headcase but I also believe that she's being targeted.

I agree, but there has to be some way she can manage her life to go out AND avoid this stuff.

by Yikes.reply 1811/30/2012

She needs to put that booze in some grapefruit juice.

by Yikes.reply 1911/30/2012

It's an exciting business!

by Yikes.reply 2011/30/2012

I have zero sympathy for her. People have tried intervention after intervention with her, and nothing has worked.

by Yikes.reply 2111/30/2012

Atta girl!

by Yikes.reply 2211/30/2012

She's still FAMOUS, R13. That's why.

I know it doesn't make sense to you or me. I'm not saying the lady who (probably) started the brawl with her isn't a headcase too, but some people place fame and attention above all.

by Yikes.reply 2311/30/2012

Jeeze, she's young, she's hung, she's having a good time. I like her. Go Linds. You're only young once. Gives you something to talk about in the locker room of old age.

Bunch of Aunt Pitty Pats.

by Yikes.reply 2411/30/2012

k... k... kill meeeeeee!

by Yikes.reply 2511/30/2012

"Young and hung?" She's not Ricky Martin.

by Yikes.reply 2611/30/2012


by Yikes.reply 2711/30/2012

Her imminent death will be like the shart that no one admits they did.

Wipe and fan the air.

by Yikes.reply 2811/30/2012

[quote]Sad waste of talent.

Really? I never saw her do anything too great.

by Yikes.reply 2911/30/2012

I had a friend who drank like this. Always with a 7-11 Big Gulp sized cup filled with vodka all day long. He died at age 28 back in 2006. He was HIV positive too, but still it was the constant drinking that killed him. Lindsay won't see 30 if she continues.

by Yikes.reply 3011/30/2012

She may buy 2 liters a day but I have a feeling her "friends" help her drink them.

by Yikes.reply 3111/30/2012

"Sad waste of talent."

"Really? I never saw her do anything too great."

I thought it was a reference to the vodka.

by Yikes.reply 3211/30/2012

"Lindsay won't see 30 if she continues."

We can hope.

by Yikes.reply 3311/30/2012

[quote]When does she turn 27?

Oh... I finally get this.

Don't you have to be a musician to join this club? Or do who her *albums* "Speak" and "A Little More Personal" count?

by Yikes.reply 3411/30/2012

Atta Girl!

by Yikes.reply 3511/30/2012

Offstage I hate her, but onstage I'm madly in love with her!!

by Yikes.reply 3611/30/2012

I think she's TREMENDOUS!

by Yikes.reply 3711/30/2012

With her popularity I bet her funeral will be sponsored by liquor brands and the drug dealin' union.

by Yikes.reply 3811/30/2012

Hope she doesn't join that club; you know the one where those young stars died at a certain age. Her parents must take part of the blame for the way they raised her. She needs a wise judge to put her away for a time to heal her whole body and mind.

by Yikes.reply 3911/30/2012

So she choosed Kristey McNichol then?

by Yikes.reply 4011/30/2012


by Yikes.reply 4111/30/2012

Somebody arrest R40 who is obviously PUII.

Lindsay is constantly and ostentatiously drinking from plastic water bottles. One bottle found at the scene of her Porsche wipeout was full of vodka, but since it was not IN the car when found, it couldn't be directly tied to her. But WE know, don't we.

The caption on some very recent photo of her pointed out the Poland Spring water bottle she was carrying. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

by Yikes.reply 4211/30/2012

How do you cover up the smell of booze coming out of your pores if you are imbibing that mount?

by Yikes.reply 4311/30/2012

Isn't there a way to commit her against her will? Can't somebody appeal to a court to have her locked in rehab for at least a year? I'm no fan but I don't wish her any harm either. We're obviously watching her committing suicide and she clearly can't help herself. Can't she be declared incapacitated/a threat to herself and others/mentally imbalanced/whatever just so that she can be forced into a long period of rehab and therapy?

by Yikes.reply 4411/30/2012

I had a former tenant - single woman, mid-40s, former dancer with the NYC Ballet - who drank about that much based on the number of empty vodka bottles that accumulated in her rooms after barely two weeks.

After she moved out (as in she fled on rent day after saying she was on her way to the bank and never came back), we found bottles - full, half-full, and empty - everywhere. Dresser, under the bed, in the closet, stashed in boxes of clothes, on the window ledge.

by Yikes.reply 4511/30/2012

Heath Ledger is organizing her welcome party as we speak

by Yikes.reply 4611/30/2012

[quote]Heath Ledger is organizing her welcome party as we speak.

I'm gonna heat up the lasagna.

by Yikes.reply 4711/30/2012

[quote]if you are imbibing that mount?

Hey now!

by Yikes.reply 4811/30/2012

Die! Just fucking die alrady! Do an Amy Winehouse! But at least SHE was talented!

by Yikes.reply 4911/30/2012

R45, I'm sorry if you were stiffed for the rent? but I can understand depression in a mid-40's former ballet dancer. It is so sad when they have to retire. At least she did something productive; make that WONDERFUL (I am a big balletomane) with her life - as opposed to Lindsay Lohan Piece of Human Excrement.

by Yikes.reply 5011/30/2012

Amy and Heath, we let you in because the committee gave you clearance based on talent, oeuvre, and potential. However, this doesn't give you the right to invite Ms. Lohan into our pantheon. She might get in via the controversial Dana Plato Exemption, but that remains to be seen. And frankly, is highly doubtful. Thank you. And please makes sure the lasagna is gluten free.

by Yikes.reply 5111/30/2012

I would say that Lindsay's parents should seek a legal conservator-ship over her like Britney's father did but her parents are more fucked up than she is.

Is there no one in her family who is halfway normal?

by Yikes.reply 5211/30/2012

It's a mistaken belief that vodka is odorless.

Trust me, it isn't.

by Yikes.reply 5311/30/2012

This is Jane Fonda's fault for not straightening her out when she had the chance.

by Yikes.reply 5411/30/2012

[quote]k... k... kill meeeeeee! by: Lohan's Liver

I'm trying, I'm trying!

by Yikes.reply 5511/30/2012

Has there been a Mary-Kate Olsen sighting yet?

by Yikes.reply 5611/30/2012

Is it even physically possible to consume 2 liters daily? I can barely choke down one shot.

by Yikes.reply 5711/30/2012

I can't believe she's drinking 2 liters a day, I suspect that's an exaggeration. I'm just basing it on the fact that she worked for a few months on the Liz movie, plus did press for it, and goes out at night, drives, etc. THAT much alcohol would leave her half-sleeping, half-barfing on the sofa. She wouldn't be functional to the level she is. My ex drank about 1 liter of vodka towards the end of our relationship and he was 5'9 and 180 lbs. Not only did he reek of alcohol, he could barely speak coherently, would lay in his own vomit and didn't remember to eat or drink. I couldn't handle it, there was no helping him though I tried. He needed to want to help himself, which I think he did. Who knows though, I lost touch. My point is that Lohan is probably drinking a lot and drugging too, but I think the amount is an exaggeration and no one can help her unless she wants to help herself.

by Yikes.reply 5811/30/2012

OMG R58 my sympathies. Sounds awful.

by Yikes.reply 5911/30/2012


[quote] My ex drank about 1 liter of vodka towards the end of our relationship and he was 5'9 and 180 lbs. Not only did he reek of alcohol, he could barely speak coherently, would lay in his own vomit and didn't remember to eat or drink.

Amateurs! Unprofessional amateurs!

by Yikes.reply 6011/30/2012

I might put on her the death list for 2013. She is not going to live long.

by Yikes.reply 6111/30/2012

Someone needs to have an intervention for her. Because we all know she's not going to make it into the DL thread of "celebrity deaths that were hard on you"

No one is going to give a shit.

by Yikes.reply 6211/30/2012

She's going to look like a very old woman if she keeps that up, and have sorosis of the liver.

by Yikes.reply 6311/30/2012

She would make a great episode of 'Intervention'

by Yikes.reply 6411/30/2012

[quote]sorosis of the liver

Oh dear.

by Yikes.reply 6511/30/2012

She already looks like an old woman.

by Yikes.reply 6611/30/2012

I used to root for her. I always excused her behavior and her parents are human excrement. But I have given up hoping Lindsay will change. Her next of kin are her parents. Neither of them is competent to intervene. I don't think her siblings are old enough to help her. They also found evidence of cocaine in her car. She was arrested for a reason.

It will take the court to send her to a hospital. It's not going to happen. She should have been an in-patient at a mental institution three or four years ago. I think she's doing coke & drinking and we will soon hear that she's gone.

She'll just be another one of those child stars who were the breadwinners for their family and they burned out by the time they were 20. All her good work is behind her. She was over five years ago or more.

Now she's just another tabloid headline. No one cares about her. She isn't even interesting. She gets drunk or drugged out, she gets in fights, she steals, she has car accidents. Yawwwn.

by Yikes.reply 6711/30/2012

but didn't the court already send her to rehab once?

by Yikes.reply 6811/30/2012

She's been in rehab 5 times in 5 years.

by Yikes.reply 6911/30/2012

She does "Paris Hilton" rehab - it's just for show when she's in trouble. She's never been sober.

Lohan is committing public suicide and since I'm not against suicide, I guess that's fine. I'd rather she did it privately but she can suit herself.

The few years she was talented as a child actor and the few months I felt sorry for her as an adult junkie have long since passed.

Buh-bye, Lilo.

by Yikes.reply 7011/30/2012

I'm a recovering alcoholic with probably too much compassion for people and their addictions, but I'm 100% sick of Lohan.

by Yikes.reply 7111/30/2012

This is bull. It's just the tabs trying to make her look bad. I can't believe you people are so gullible.

by Yikes.reply 7211/30/2012

she needs help from Mel Gibson! That's her only hope!!!

by Yikes.reply 7311/30/2012

Dear God, think of the calories!! THE CALORIES!!

by Yikes.reply 7411/30/2012

Right after I turned 30 I stopped being able to binge drink vodka. My body specifically my stomach just won't take it anymore. Hopefully the same happens to her.

by Yikes.reply 7511/30/2012

I cannot wait for this fucking useless cunt to die. I just hope it's caught on tape!

by Yikes.reply 7611/30/2012

Can u imagine how much money Michael and Dina will make off her death? Selling interviews and photos and writing books? Haggling over the right to her likeness?

It's gonna be disgusting.

by Yikes.reply 7711/30/2012

R39, don't make the assumption she can't get drugs and alcohol in prison. Anyone in prison who has money or friends can get her hands on whatever she wants. Judges and others in the criminal justice system are well aware of that.

by Yikes.reply 7811/30/2012

Is she suicidal? (And, no, I'm not asking about her career.)

by Yikes.reply 7911/30/2012

yeah probably, her flick was panned and hated by just about everyone, and not to mention her legal troubles regarding the car accident, it must be good to be LL's lawyer, lots of legal fees!

by Yikes.reply 8011/30/2012

She's drinking that much plus the blow I assumed the only reason Liz and Dick producers hired her is they know she'll be dead soon, ghoul factor.

by Yikes.reply 8111/30/2012

[quote]... it must be good to be LL's lawyer, lots of legal fees!

Not necessarily. How would her attorneys ever get paid? By HER?? With WHAT???

by Yikes.reply 8212/01/2012

She's knowingly committing suicide, but instead of carbon monoxide or a gun, her weapon of choice is booze.

by Yikes.reply 8312/01/2012

She is completely reckless, acting out the kinds of behavior that people do when they are terrified of reality. Lindsay knows by now, or she ought to, that there's a huge target on her back. Yet she continues to hang out at clubs and party, and get into it with strangers. I'm willing to concede she is hopeless. Bar fights, car crashes, arrests, legal troubles, etc. That's her life.

by Yikes.reply 8412/01/2012

I don't think she will die. She's just going to get uglier, crustier and more desperate for attention.

by Yikes.reply 8512/01/2012

My prediction: abducted by a cult, hand chopped off and replaced by a hooky thingie or leg chopped off and replaced by metal kangaroo leg, motivational speaker for gimpy people.

And you'll always be able to hear her coming.

by Yikes.reply 8612/01/2012

She was one of my picks for our death pool 2012. I was sure that she was the best money in the pool. Ugh. Thanks for nothing Lindsay.

by Yikes.reply 8712/01/2012

Unless she has a 'Cadillac' insurance from the SAG, or has loads of money for pay cash, I don't see how 2-6 months away in an acute psych unit is going to happen. Patients are expensive to house in hospitals, and the longer they are there the worse it makes the hospitals LOS (length of stay) statistics look. Every hospital wants to run lean and show it by their statistics. I'm on several performance related committees in the hospital where I work, hospitals are obsessed with this stuff.

Maybe she'll go to a boutique treatment center, which are like spas, really.

by Yikes.reply 8812/01/2012

She'll only go to rehab or a hospital if a court mandates it or it gets her out of jail time.

[quote]She is completely reckless, acting out the kinds of behavior that people do when they are terrified of reality. Lindsay knows by now, or she ought to, that there's a huge target on her back. Yet she continues to hang out at clubs and party, and get into it with strangers. I'm willing to concede she is hopeless. Bar fights, car crashes, arrests, legal troubles, etc. That's her life.

She's never had to do hard time, even after all of the car accidents, fights, stealing, drug charges, etc. The LA court system is a joke. So why should she change? At most she's spent 2 weeks in prison and had to do a few hours of community service. There have been no repercussions for her actions and she's more notorious than ever.

I'd like to see what she would do if she really had to do a year in prison, which at this point is what she deserves.

by Yikes.reply 8912/01/2012

BREAKING NEWS!!! Lindsay Lohan Punches Girl for flirting with Pop star Max George from The seems he wasn't interested in Lindsay.

by Yikes.reply 9012/01/2012

I'm bored! I'm so bored!

by Yikes.reply 9112/01/2012

r90 I read on the dlisted that the girl wanted to give her a psyvhiv reading Lindsay called her a Gypsy and the girls friend called Lindsay a whore and said Liz & Dick sucked. Thats the story I WANT to believe.

by Yikes.reply 9212/01/2012

Okay, so what REALLY happened?

by Yikes.reply 9312/01/2012

I thought Lindsay liked girls, and Max liked boys?

by Yikes.reply 9412/01/2012

Maybe Brenda Dickson can play Lohan in the LIfetime movie of Lohan's sad little life. BD would be the perfect fit actually....

by Yikes.reply 9512/01/2012

Actually, Phoebe Price should play her in the Lifetime movie. They probably even got those chicken cutlet cheek implants from the same quack.

by Yikes.reply 9612/01/2012

Who's gonna play Dinah?

by Yikes.reply 9712/01/2012

Brenda Dickson in a dual role will play Dina! She can do anything you know.....Her range of queeny and queenier is well suited to both roles.

by Yikes.reply 9812/01/2012

Hollywood is simply sensational!

by Yikes.reply 9912/01/2012

Article in the Post says she went after the woman because she had stolen her sisters purse that had $10,000 in it. Lindsay claimed it was money for her brother's school fees.


Who carries arround that kind of money? If it was for h brothers school, Why wouldn't she write a check?

Dim bitch thinks the rest of the world is as stupid as she is.

by Yikes.reply 10012/01/2012

The only way Lindsay Lohan will turn her life around for the better is to throw her ass in jail.

by Yikes.reply 10112/01/2012

who goes out with $10,000 in cash. And goes to at Nightclub. Drugs?????LidsayLies??????

by Yikes.reply 10212/01/2012

I wish somebody would do an expose on where her money comes from.

Did she ever end up paying that $50,000 bill she owed the Chateau Marmont?

by Yikes.reply 10312/01/2012

R100 - even if Ali did have $10k in her purse, then why in the world would she ever let that purse out of her hands? If this was true - which obviously isn't - then someone that stupid deserves to have it stolen.

And if the purse was stolen, then why wouldn't they immediatlely go find Security?

by Yikes.reply 10412/01/2012

[quote]She is completely reckless, acting out the kinds of behavior that people do when they are terrified of reality.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

by Yikes.reply 10512/01/2012

I think she was somehow able to arrange for the producers of the movie to pay for it after the Marmont went public.

by Yikes.reply 10612/01/2012

Who would be fucking stupid enough to walk around with $10,000 cash?

Oh, wait...

by Yikes.reply 10712/01/2012

I think it's obvious there was no $10,000. This is just Lindsay making outrageous accusations she cannot prove and making herself seem like a victim.

This is like when she was arrested for cocaine police found in her pocket and she claimed the pants were not hers!

She lies at every opportunity.

by Yikes.reply 10812/01/2012

I doubt that TMZ has a source who's sitting there measuring out Lindsay's vodka, but it's within the realm of possibility. Addicts can build up their tolerance to alcohol or drugs to the point that they're ingesting enough to kill an ordinary person.

The truth is that we have no reliable, evidence-based treatments for addiction and only an incredibly small percent of addicts are ever able to achieve 100% sobriety. And, yes, so long as she's able to make a good living as a celebutard with a minimum of effort and a whole entourage cleaning up after her so she can keep earning, what real motivation does she have to change?

by Yikes.reply 10912/01/2012

R109, not true, The Sinclair Method works and is scientifically proven

by Yikes.reply 11012/01/2012

[all posts by right wing shit-stain # a removed.]

by Yikes.reply 11112/01/2012

What a eloquently cynical and compassion-free comment, R111.

by Yikes.reply 11212/02/2012

I was at a screening for an independent film last night and one oft he stars was just in a supporting role in Liz & Dick. When the host announced it, the audience laughed. The actor waved sheepishly and gave a silly-grinned thumbs up to a round of applause.

She's toast.

by Yikes.reply 11312/02/2012

Paging DLs resident psychics. What is your take on LL?

by Yikes.reply 11412/02/2012

[quote]Who would be fucking stupid enough to walk around with $10,000 cash?

Um, someone looking to buy a nice big pile of cocaine?

That sounds like the lame excuse of someone who was just ripped off by a dealer.

As for LL, she's not long for this world. I see her taking her own life?

She turns 27 next July.

by Yikes.reply 11512/02/2012

Lindsay routinely walks around with $10-15K. That's her fee for pap set ups. And it must be IN CASH.

Remember last winter when she was supposed to do an appearance on "Ellen" to promote the Playboy issue she was in (her ONLY scheduled promo requirement). Well, a few days before she was papped in Hawaii in a bikini playing around. She got $15K for that setup. In cash.

And she then said she had the money in a purse she brought to a house party the next day and it was stolen from the car she left it in. She made a huge stink about it at the time.

And the icing on the cake is she was so fucked up during that time that she missed her plane to get ber back in time to do the Ellen taping and missed that interview as a result. Ellen's folks didn't bother to reschedule that drugged out mess.

Now she claims she's missing $10K that was in Ali's purse (where was Ali? She hasn't been papped in months since she was shipped off to Korea to "model" i.e. sold into prostitution). No evidence Ali was even there. Lindsay high and making shit up again. And who would carry around $10K in cash for school payments. Um, send a check to the school make sense?

by Yikes.reply 11612/02/2012

Now her bank accounts have been seized by the IRS

by Yikes.reply 11712/03/2012

At this point R117, she really is at rock bottom. An arrest for assault on Thursday morning, getting charged by the DA's office later that day in California for lying to the cops for crashing her Porsche into a truck last summer. Scathing reviews for her performance in Liz & Dick.

Then reports she's drinking 2 liters of vodka a day.

Now the IRS is after her.

At what point will she wake up and realize rock bottom is here. And she's been there MANY times before but now she's in nothing but shit city.

by Yikes.reply 11812/03/2012

Lindsay Lohan is the new term for being more than box office poison or unemployable in Hollywood.

by Yikes.reply 11912/03/2012

Her mess with the IRS might just be the thing that sends her to jail for awhile.

The IRS suffers no fools and doesn't have to worry about getting her a cell in a federal jail.

This is going to be her worst mess to date. Having the IRS freeze all your accounts means your situation is BAD.

She will never be able to pay off their penalties in her lifetime alone, let alone the jail time she likely has coming.

3 years of tax evasion from someone who lives so (allegedly, it's all probably stolen) luxuriously is big trouble.

by Yikes.reply 12012/04/2012

Dinah will declare all the alcohol, cocaine and other drug purchases as business expenses and Linds will get money back from the IRS!

Or she will sell some lurid sextape from daughter.

by Yikes.reply 12112/04/2012

A poster on Gawker put it perfectly:

She's probably on her second litre of vodka by now. I'd feel bad for her but she brings this all on herself. Who gets arrested for punching some girl in the face at a nightclub, gets slapped with an IRS lien and three misdemeanors brought upon you for lying to the cops while you're on probabion, all in one weeks time. It must be exhausting to be her.

by Yikes.reply 12212/04/2012

please please please let her die soon please please please it would be so delicious

by Yikes.reply 12312/06/2012

[quote] Who would be fucking stupid enough to walk around with $10,000 cash?

Someone who knows their bank accounts are about to be seized by the government. That's who.

by Yikes.reply 12412/07/2012

Holy shit, her life is a mess. (This might actually make a lifetime movie 1000 times better than Liz and Dick.)

Ali went to Korea to model? What? How old is she? Did Diana Jenkins seal that deal?

by Yikes.reply 12512/07/2012
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