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Cuteness overload!

Thursday November 29, 2012 04:00 PM EST

Dave Salmoni Plays with a 5-Week-Old Lion Cub

For his last Animal Planet show, Dave Salmoni set out in search of dangerous predators. This time around, he's kept his costars decidedly cuter.

"This is Tyson, he's a male lion," the host of Frontier Earth tells PEOPLE. "Tyson's about 5 weeks old."

Showing off the growing cub, whose coat is still dotted with spots, Salmoni explains that the lion will eventually grow to be 550 lbs.

"Right around 14-18 months old, he'll be big enough to protect himself from almost anything but another male lion," he says.

Tyson serves as an example of just one of the many animal species viewers will get to know on Salmoni's latest Animal Planet series, Frontier Earth, which he describes as "a classic look at wildlife."

To see more from the host – including a Timber Wolf – check out the video below: (Video at link)

by Anonymousreply 011/29/2012
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