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Hastings and Poirot were lovers, right?

How come more is not made of their romance?

by Jappreply 1111/30/2012

Hercule Poirot is NOT a fag, and I'm the dame who can prove it!!!

by Jappreply 111/29/2012

Would you really want to know more about the sexual relationships of a fictional tubby little mustached Belgian?

by Jappreply 211/29/2012

R2=looksist bigot!

by Jappreply 311/29/2012

Where did this question come from? Poirot didn't trust anyone enough to be in a relationship, and Hastings was too dull to want to have sex.

by Jappreply 411/29/2012

They were joined at the hip, and other parts, too.

by Jappreply 511/29/2012

I can't imagine Poirot with a lover or boyfriend.

He was so prissy and solitary he seemed more the type to prefer furtive, guilt-ridden encounters with sailors down at the docks. Or the kind of rough trade he'd never let into his elegant little home.

by Jappreply 611/29/2012

Was Marple a lesbian?

by Jappreply 711/29/2012

Marple was an odd pussy.

by Jappreply 811/29/2012

Didn't Poirot have a working class cop fetish? I thought he secretly lusted after Japp and hated himself for it.

by Jappreply 911/29/2012

Poirot loved to troll the cottages. My husband told me he gave spectacular blow jobs but only gave his ass up when needed to get information.

by Jappreply 1011/29/2012

Poirot had to be gay. Come on, the only woman he was fascinated by was a fierce Russian countess who was also a criminal. Hastings seems like the kind of guy who'd get married and then have affairs with other women (or men) on the side once the marriage grows stale.

Miss Marple doesn't ping at all. I'd wager that she got knocked up at a very young age and abandoned the child.

by Jappreply 1111/30/2012
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