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I just looked in the mirror.

I look like Andy Worhol.

by NYStudreply 1712/03/2012

But at least my hair is real.

by NYStudreply 111/29/2012

Does your face look like a dented peach scone with a vanilla muffin sitting on top if it?

When I think of Andy, I think of high calorie breakfast foods.

by NYStudreply 211/29/2012

Morning is the worst time for a reflection.

by NYStudreply 311/29/2012

After a certain age, your face takes a while to settle. Mine does, by about 11am. That's when I go out for breakfast!

by NYStudreply 411/29/2012

Don't look in mirrors, you will be fine

by NYStudreply 511/29/2012

Sleep on your back.

by NYStudreply 611/29/2012


by NYStudreply 711/29/2012

Unfortunately it is lasting longer than that. I'm becoming the Kim Kardashian of bad mirror moments.

by NYStudreply 812/03/2012

I got my first ever buzzcut today.

It looks weird with my white hair and lumpy skull. I'll get used to it .. I better!

Well, it'll grow back by summer. At least I have (er, had) a full head of hair.

by NYStudreply 912/03/2012

Andy was cute when he was young.

by NYStudreply 1012/03/2012

R10, so was I. I'm now an eldergay! But I will say I looked fetching at Carnegie Hall yesterday. If you ignored my 62-yo date (female).

by NYStudreply 1112/03/2012

Did you mean "Andy Warthog," OP? Try to get it right.

by NYStudreply 1212/03/2012

Warthog?, no, but I'm pained to admit I slept with a sweathog.

by NYStudreply 1312/03/2012

I hope it was Travolta in his prime, OP....

by NYStudreply 1412/03/2012

And not Whore-shak!

by NYStudreply 1512/03/2012

[quote] I'm now an eldergay

Did your reflection hiss back at you?

by NYStudreply 1612/03/2012

R15, **blushing**

by NYStudreply 1712/03/2012
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