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Opposing UN Ambassador Susan Rice is about preventing two African-Americans being the faces of the US.


by Dellareply 5211/30/2012

I mean, opposing her to be nominated by Obama to be Secretary of State.

by Dellareply 111/28/2012


by Dellareply 211/28/2012

Yeah, that about covers it. it's also about her own personal philosophy and how it will impact our foreign policy. A departure from the warmongering Neo Cons.

SoS is also in the line of succession, according to our Constitution. So after the VP, and the Speaker of the House, I think she'd be next.

by Dellareply 311/28/2012

I dunno. I think it's their revenge on Obama for winning. They're just the world's worst losers.

by Dellareply 411/28/2012

Maddow makes a good case that it's the GOP's way of forcing Obama to pick John Kerry instead of Susan Rice to become SOS so his Senate seat will open up and underwear model Scott Brown can fill it.

by Dellareply 511/28/2012

Well, there's that,too, R5. But I just don't see John McCain& Lindsey Graham thinking that strategically, even tho it's a pretty obvious observation.

You know, it's one thing to tout someone you want, leak stuff about Kerry, etc., but another thing entirely to demonize and damage someone's professional reputation, smearing them and having this on-going tantrum. They are way overboard with the way they are lacerating Rice.

I'd read somewhere that Kerry was up for Defense Secretary, altho, I'm not sure if Pannetta has indicated that he is leaving, or when.I like Leon Pannetta. I hope he sticks around in some capacity. He's a good man.

You know, when you transition to another staffing configuration, you need some continuity. So hopefully, some of the good people will stick around in other capacities.

by Dellareply 611/28/2012

Why is everything about race with you people?

by Dellareply 711/28/2012

Here we go again, let's scream "Racist" when things don't our way.

The people who object to Susan Rice as SOS had no problem confirming another African-American, Condoleeza Rice, so we do know it's not a racial issue, unless you manufacture one.

by Dellareply 811/28/2012

I think she's too liberal for the neo-Cons. Keep in mind they have an interest in furthering the military industrial complex. I don't think she does.

by Dellareply 911/28/2012

R7...spoken like a typical, arrogant, clueless, entitled white male.

by Dellareply 1011/28/2012

[bold]Dammit, I want some answers![/bold]

Um, okay. Here.

[bold]Dammit, I want some answers![/bold]

Okay, we gave you some, here's a few more.

[bold]Dammit, I want some answers![/bold]

So here's all the paperwork from Bengazi for the last 3 years.

[bold]Dammit, I want some answers![/bold]

So gringo idiot R8, would you care to explain to the class what this pathetic exchange is about if it's not about race?

by Dellareply 1111/28/2012

Condi was Dubya's whore and the was with the GOP. Of course the right had no problem with her.

by Dellareply 1211/28/2012

It's about sore losers wanting to do what they can to drag the Obama administration down. Politics as usual, in other words.

by Dellareply 1311/28/2012

R3, Rice is an "interventionist" so she's as big a warmonger as the rest of them. Which is why, for the rest of the world - the arena in which the SoS operates - she would *not* be a good choice.

by Dellareply 1411/28/2012

It's about getting Scott Brown back in the senate.

by Dellareply 1511/28/2012

I think the Kerry angle is a bit more likely.

That doesn't mean that the GOP won't use racism to influence the level of fervent opinion on the matter among their own.

by Dellareply 1611/28/2012

Not exactly. It's more an effort to try to create a scandal in the Obama administration. The Republicans resent that they haven't had a really gotcha scandal to turn to so they are trying to create one.

by Dellareply 1711/28/2012

The Republicans are idiots if they thinks this is the way to win back the Mass. seat. By their pushing against Rice, they are only putting pressure on Obama to stand up to him. Now if he doesn't choose Rice it will look like he's caving, and he simply won't do that.

Of course, Republicans can be idiots so that may very well be their motivation. But it's not all Republicans, it's fewer and fewer of them who are supporting McCain and Grahame in this charade.

by Dellareply 1811/28/2012

Three black faces.

Don't forget Eric Holder.

by Dellareply 1911/28/2012

It's not about race. It's about getting Kerry out of the senate and opening up the seat in MA.

You've got to wonder why they're specifically targeting Rice and not Clinton who is the head of the State Dept.

by Dellareply 2011/28/2012

If Kerry leaves the senate, every black person in MA should go to the polls to vote against Scott Brown.

by Dellareply 2111/28/2012

Obama should nominate Kirsten Gillebrand. Then Hillary can take back her old job.

by Dellareply 2211/28/2012

Two things.

It is trivial, stupid and conceivably racist for McCain and Clown Co. to go after Susan Rice over the Benghazi affair.

Susan Rice should not be SoS at this time. Doesn't have the dignity or tact for the position, nor the managerial experience to lead 60,000+ people. She is a young woman and can grow into bigger jobs.

Both these ideas are compatible.

by Dellareply 2311/28/2012

I hope it's neither her nor Kerry.

I know it'll never happen, but I'd love it to be Howard Dean.

by Dellareply 2411/28/2012

Obama should never have appointed Napolitano to Homeland Security. She would have taken McCain's senate seat and we'd be long rid of that pasty old bastard.

by Dellareply 2511/28/2012

It's also about politicians who have become so irrelevant, that they'll grasp at anything to make it look as though they're doing something important.

by Dellareply 2611/28/2012

Did anyone else see that asshole Sen Collins skip over Bush's entire eight years to point to 1998 to blame on Rice? You could not have a more crystal clear example of this Benghazi situation being political than this freaky-voiced turd skipping over the years when hundreds of thousands of people were killed under a Republican.

And Andrea Mitchell completely ignored that angle, instead, showing what a vile, neo con hack she is. Loathe this pockmark-faced, fugly, Tootsie-looking hag.

by Dellareply 2711/28/2012

Again - why is everything about race with you people?

by Dellareply 2811/28/2012

race card alert!!! people are getting REALLY tired of you black whiners

by Dellareply 2911/28/2012

Who are you calling "you people?"

by Dellareply 3011/28/2012

[quote]Again - why is everything about race with you people?

Probably because the "nigger" winning has driven lots of white trash crazy and the delusions they have in their stupid heads regarding what he has done to the country has no resemblance to the reality of what he has done, hence the need to scream at an empty chair.

by Dellareply 3111/28/2012

[quote]showing what a vile, neo con hack she is. Loathe this pockmark-faced, fugly, Tootsie-looking hag.

Other than that, she's an absolute doll.

by Dellareply 3211/28/2012

[quote]Obama should nominate Kirsten Gillebrand. Then Hillary can take back her old job.

Do you realize how silly that sounds? Just typing that would embarrass me.

by Dellareply 3311/28/2012

No. She is being justifiably grilled for repeating a talking point (the video) that was not part of the original CIA assessment. I almost never agree with Republicans, but they are somewhat right here. And playing the race card just plays into their stereotypes. She does have some explaining to do and she should do it.

When old white men justifiably grilled another black woman named Rice over a terrorist attack, were they being racist?

by Dellareply 3411/28/2012

r34- rocks!

by Dellareply 3511/28/2012

As long as we're okay with a SOS who looks like she's wearing a large baseball catcher's cup when she walks, hey, I'm okay with having a brilliant African-American female PBK academic from Stanford named Rice for a real historical, breakthrough appointment.

by Dellareply 3611/28/2012

How would Susan Rice's appointment be historical when we've already had the first black SOS? Condi Rice. Remember her? She won't even be the first female. There would be nothing historical about her appointment.

by Dellareply 3711/28/2012

Condi Rice is brilliant!!!

by Dellareply 3811/28/2012

Condi Rice is brilliant in a fucked up, incompetent sort of way.

She was at the helm when 9-11 happened. She pushed and lied us into an unnecessary war. I would have added "evil" to her resume but I'm sure when you're a GOP, being evil is part of the recruitment criteria.

by Dellareply 3911/28/2012

bullshit, Della

Your post is beneath you.

by Dellareply 4011/28/2012

r39 is a fl amer!

by Dellareply 4111/28/2012

If that's true, OP, doesn't that mean opposing any African-American in any way is always to be racist?

By that reasoning, Patrick Murphy is automatically a racist for opposing Tea Party nutjob Allen West's re-election campaign in Florida.

by Dellareply 4211/28/2012

iT'S ONLY racism when it is directed at demonrats. Hypocrisy is the liberal way!

by Dellareply 4311/28/2012

Hillary refused to do the press conference. Susan was quickly called in to present the talking points which she dutifully did. Now she's been left hanging.

by Dellareply 4411/28/2012

R34, troll-dar the one who thinks you "rock." That's all you need to know about your own "assessment."

Not that it needs to be explained to you again, but considering the hypocritical history of those involved in hyping the story and the fact that they jumped on the story even before we not only knew if anyone was dead, but Rice hadn't even said a single word, we know exactly what's going on here.

The fact that Sen. Collins seems to ignore the deaths between 2000-2008 and went to 1998 is indicative of this being about politics.

Personally, I don't think it has to do with race, but it most certainly is about politicizing yet another tragedy for pol. gain (See:9/11 to get Iraq war). It's what the GOP does. I have no doubt they're praying for a large scale attack in this country, not so we come together, but because it's something to blame on Obama.

by Dellareply 4511/28/2012

R37 One has to be careful with sarcasm in this place.

by Dellareply 4611/29/2012

Uh no, you Demoncrat assholes!

by Dellareply 4711/30/2012

she said dumb stuff and got

by Dellareply 4811/30/2012

All those stupid assed Republicans who wanted to see Barack Obama fail are still running the show in Congress. Things have not changed. If people think they have they are wrong. We will need all the fat cats who own these pigs to tell them they have to do the right thing.

If Obama announces tomorrow that Kerry is his choice for Defense, and thus frees up a vacancy in MA for the GOP to reach for, it won't change a thing.

The fuckng Democrats need to learn from the GOP. Their sense of entitlement even when they lose, their agressive, intractable positions are something worth noting. They are relentless and they never quit.

I'm conflicted. Part of me wants the Dems to get in their faces and act just like them, the other part of me recognizes that someone has to be an adult and the Dems are trying to make things function even tho it's impossible.

by Dellareply 4911/30/2012

I think a big part of it is painting Obama as someone who only achieved success through Affirmative Action. They've been doing it for years. I think its pretty clear, especially when they suddenly are gaga over Kerry. Yes, they want that MA seat, but I think if Kerry was the prime candidate and Rice was never brought up, they'd go after him as well. Their focus seems to be that she's unqualified, therefore Obama is only picking her because she is black. I'd bet everything I own that's the first thing that popped into GOP heads.

by Dellareply 5011/30/2012

Sen Collins is a functional retard, I'm convinced of it. I sat through the DADT hearings in 2010 and she asked THE DUMBEST FUCKING QUESTIONS of anyone there. And that's saying something. Without a prepared statement she truly can't string words together.

by Dellareply 5111/30/2012

I loathe both Rice and Kerry. The latter needs to keep his ass in the senate for the good of the party/country, and Obama would be a fool to nominate him and open the door for that tool Scott Brown to get back in the senate.

I hope it's Chuck Hagel. On foreign policy, Hagel has always been one of the few who genuinely put the interests of this country first. When he was still a senator, he was one of the first to come out against the Iraq war - even before most Democrats.

by Dellareply 5211/30/2012
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