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Have You Ever Got Caught In A Lie?

I just did by my best friend and it really sucks because they're nothing I can say in my defense. I was wrong to lie and I told him as much and apologized but he's still pissed and probably won't trust me as much as he once did.

If you're wondering, the lie wasn't particularly that major. I just told him I was coming to visit him when I knew full well I wasn't going to. I planned to catch the late train to his city but missed it and had to explain to him that I lied about being on the train earlier.

Yes, I know, big deal. But it just makes me look like a liar now and I don't like it.

Has this ever happened to you and did it eventually smooth over???

by Give Me Some Peace of Mindreply 511/27/2012

Anyone who would tell such a ridiculous, stupid lie in the first place deserves what he gets. Your friend is right: you shouldn't be trusted.

by Give Me Some Peace of Mindreply 111/27/2012

You said you were already on a train to his place when you weren't .......and then missed the last train you could actually catch ?? Gotta be honest, sounds like you intentionally set yourself up to be caught in this lie. Why would you even bother ? You could've just said you hadn't caught a train yet, but still hoped to catch a later one.


by Give Me Some Peace of Mindreply 211/27/2012

I've caught friends in stupid lies, that I didn't even care about so I don't know why they lied. Yes I believe I was caught in a lie, maybe two. It's embarrassing but nothing major.

by Give Me Some Peace of Mindreply 311/27/2012

Yes, I know it was stupid. I was just afraid he'd be angry but now I've made him more angry than he would have been by lying. Just a classic case of "What tangled webs we weave".

Now anytime I tell him anything I just know he'll be like "Remember that time you lied before?!" Ugh...

by Give Me Some Peace of Mindreply 411/27/2012

I tried to tap my way out of it.

by Give Me Some Peace of Mindreply 511/27/2012
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